Sri Govindashtakam by Sri Adi Shankara !! Lyrics & Its meaning!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
My humble salutations to Supreme Lord Govinda, the provider of perpetual bliss and who is incompetent without His female energy Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, He is the eternal Truth, He is the ceaseless Wisdom and Ether, effortlessly sneak among the cowherds creating an illusion of His marvelous presence in various forms and non-existence as well.   My salutations to Lord Govinda who is the epitome of supreme bliss, The Supreme Lord on Earth, divine child of Yasodha who is scared of punishments upon childhood pranks of eating mud, playfully revealing fourteen worlds in his little mouth, He is the pedestal of the three worlds which are visible and invisible as well.  My salutation to Lord Govinda who is the epitome of supreme bliss, a true ascetic, destroyer of enemies of deities thereby reduce the burden on the Earth, remover of grief & sorrows, delightfully consume  butter and the Earth as well, shines in the serene minds and remains peaceful always.  My salutation to Lord Govinda, the Lord of Supreme bliss who protects the living beings in his mischievous cow herd form, protect the cowherds and their  cows while they were impishly vanished by Lord Bhrama, protected the Gopis and cowherds from the peril and made them blissfully resides under Mount Govardhana that was lifted by his little finger.  My salutations to the Supreme Lord Govinda who has various holy names, resides beyond the reach of ignorant.    My salutations to Lord Govinda who is the epitome of supreme bliss, who appeared in his marvelous form before each Gopis assembled, whose dazzling face is covered with the dust raised by the hoof of the cows.  My salutations to Lord Govind who is beyond imagination but attainable only through sincere devotion and dedication, his prominence is imaginable only through the gems like realization.  My salutations to Lord Govinda, Lord of Supreme bliss who took away the attires of the Gopis and settled in a tree while the Gopis were having ablution in a pond, later they were ordered to approach with no shame to destroy their sorrow and passion, Supreme Lord who is the source of eternal wisdom and has the body that was unaffected by the senses.  My salutations to Lord Govinda, who is the epitome of supreme bliss, attractive, cause of all the causes, who is defeated Kala/Time and remains primordial, who gracefully dances on the hood of serpent Kaliya in the river Kalindi/Yami/Yamuna, who has black complexion and destroyer of evil effects of Kali era and He is the cause for the movement of wheel of Kala/Time.  My salutations to Lord Govinda, who is the source of supreme bliss, worshipped by the deities in the sacred land of Brindavan/Vrajabhumi , whose beautiful smiles are prettier than the flowers of Jasmine which incessantly provides happiness to his associates, whose lotus feet is worshipped by the great Sages and Rishis, He is the ocean of virtues worshipped by all.  Whoever meditate upon Lord Govinda by reciting the glorious names Govinda, Achyutha, Madhava, Vishnu, Gokulanayaka, Krishna etc.. and drench in the glorious myths of Lord Govinda would be relieved from sins, thereby attain supreme bliss at the lotus feet of Supreme Lord Govinda.
Sathyam Gnanam Anantham Nithyamanakasham Paramakasam
Goshta Pranganaringana Lolamanayasam Paramayasam |
Maya Kalpitha Nanakaramanakaram Bhuvanakaram
Kshmamanadha Manadham Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Mrustnamatsi Hethi Yasodha Thadana Shaishava Santhrasam
Vyadhitha Vakthra Lokitha Lokaloka Chathurdhasha Lokalam |
Lokathraya Pura Moolasthambham Loka Lokamanalokam
Lokesam Paramesam Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Thraivishta Paripuviragnam Kshithibharagnam Bhavarogagnam
Kaivalyam Navaneethahara Manaharam Bhuvanaharam |
Vaimalya Spuda Chethovruththi Visheshabhasa Manabhasam
Shaivam Kevala Shantham Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Gopalam Bhu Leelavigraha Gopalam Kula Gopalam
Gopi Lekhana Govardhana  Dhruthi Leela Lalitha Gopalam |
Gopirnnigadhitha Govinda Spudanamanam Bahu Namamnam
Gopi Gochara Dhooram Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Gopi Mandala Goshtibhedham Bhedhavastha Mabhedhabham
Shashvadh Goghura Nirdhoothoth Krutha Dhooli Dhusara Sowbhagyam |
Shraddha Bhakthi Grihidhananda Machinthyam Chinthitha Sadhbhavam
Chinthamani Mahimanam Pranamatha Govindham Paramanandham||
Snana Vyakulayoshi Dhvasthra Mupadhayaga Muparudam
Vyadhisandhiradha Dhigvasthra Hyupadhathu Mupakarshantham |
Nirdhootha Dhvaya Shoka Vimoham Buddham Buddheranthastham
Saththamathra Shareeram Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Kantham Karana Karanamadhi Manadhim Kalamanabhasam
Kalindi Gatha Kaliya Shirasi Muhurnruthyantham Sunruthyantham ||
Kalam Kala Kalatheetham Kalithashesham Kali Doshagnam
Kalathrya Gathi Hethum Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Vrindhavana Bhuvi Vrundharaka Gana Vrundharadhyam Vandheham
Kundha Bhamala Mandhasmera Sudhanandham Suhrudhanandham |
Vandhya Shesha Mahamuni Manasa Vandhyanandha Padhadhvandham
Vandhya Shesha Gunabhdhim Pranamatha Govindham Paramanandham ||
Govindhashtakametha Dhadhithey Govindharppitha Chetha Yo
Govinda Achyutha Madhava Vishno Gokula Nayaka Krishnethi |
Govindhrangi Saroja Dhyana Sudha Jaladhouthasamasthagho
Govindham Paramanandhamrutha Manththstham Sa Samabhyethi ||
|| Ithi Shri Govindhashtakam Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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