Vishnu Puranam - The Rituals !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

According to Vishnu Puranam there are important rituals should be performed during the life span of a man.

The rituals starts exactly from the day of birth.  The Namakaranam - (The naming ceremoney) on the 10th day of Birth followed by Anna Prasnam, Mundanam (Tonsure), Yajopaveetham, Marriage, Gruhapravesam it goes on...and on...Till the end of ones life known as last rites - The death Ceremoney.

Vishnu Puranam also describes the types of marriages performed according to the nature of  Varnas such as Brahman, Divya, Arsha, Prajapathya, Asura, Gandharva, Rakshasa and Paischacha.

Some of the practices are one should worship  Lord, Sages, Brahmin, Cows and Gurus on daily basis.  Be Truthful and respectful  and should not hurt anyone by words or actions.  Should not be envious or jealous at other's prosperity and should not enter into a burning house or climb up the top of the trees.   One should be away from the evildoers and wild animals.   One should put into practice of  closing  mouth while yawning.   One should pray to Lord before  leaving home.  And  one has to follow serveral rituals  before  gettting married.

When the final journey takes place,  as a preparation for the last rite the body  of the deceased should be bathed and garlanded.  The body should be burnt out of the village.  All the funeral rites should be strictly observed for the  peace of departed soul.  The 'Gaya Sraddham' is an another  way one can perform the funeral rites of the departed soul.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Vijaya Ekadashi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Lord Krishna explains to King Yudhishtira about the significance of Vijaya Ekadashi which falls on the Shukla Paksha in the month of Phalgun.

Lord Krishna speaks ' Oh King Yudhishtira - I am delighted to explain to you about the abundance of merits acquire by observing the Vijaya Ekadashi with utmost faith and devotion.  One who worships Lord Hari on this auspicious day would bring success in their all endeavor in their present life and in future births.   It also removes all the sins of the worshipper '.

Once, Maharishi Narada requested his father - Lord Brahma about the significance of Vijaya Ekadashi.  Lord Brahma replied to his Manasa Putra that whoever worships Lord Vishnu and fasts on this auspicious day of Vijaya Ekadashi ensures success all through their life.  Moreover, the sins committed in their life will vanish like cotton balls in the fire.  It provides the worshipper to attain Victory in their venture as its name indicates.


Lord Rama was exiled for fourteen years from his Kingdom Ayodhya.  He arrived at Panchavadi with his Brother Lakshman and His wife Sita Devi.  They lived in Panchavadi like any other ordinary human beings.  During this period, the Demon King Ravana abducted Sita Devi.  At this, Lord Rama was traumatized and he was felt powerless.  Lord Rama resumed his journey with his younger brother Lakshman, on his way he killed Kabandha, met Jadayu - The Pakshi Rajan (The King of the Birds -Eagle).  Jadayu was on the edge of his death explained all the truth about how Sita Devi was mercilessly abducted by the demon king Ravana.  Immediately after Jadayu took last breath and he got salvation at the Lotus feet of Lord Rama.  Later, Lord Rama had friendship with the Monkey King Sugriva.  Lord Rama constructed an army of Monkeys with the help of Sugriva.   The army consists of powerful warriors like Hanuman, Angadha, Nalan, Neelan and Jambavan and many more.  Lord Rama chosen Hanuman as a messenger to preceed to Lanka with His Anguleeyam (Ring) and he were entrusted with the job of safely hand it over to Sita Devi.  Hanuman had to face lot of hindrances on his way to Lanka, like Mainakam - The Mountain, Surasa - Nagamatha, Simhika - The demon, Lankini- who was the protector of Kingdom Lanka.  Finally, Hanuman located Sita Devi in Ashoka Vatika surrounded by the ogre featured Demons.  Hanuman described Sita Devi about the incidents happened in the life of Lord Rama in the absence of her and the friendship He had made with the Monkey King Sugriva.  Sita Devi realized Hanuman as the faithful servant of Lord Rama and handed her 'Choodamani' (an ornament which is used for decorating hair) to give to Lord Rama.  Hanuman as a truthful messanger illustrated what had happenned in Lanka to Lord Rama.

Lord Rama with the help of Monkey King Sugriva and his huge army arrived at the shores of Lanka to fight against the demon King Ravana.  He found that it was difficult to cross the vast ocean, the depth and the deadly animals in the deep ocean made them further helpless.  Lakshman consoled his brother with the information of Sage Bagadhalbya who was agreat scholar would help them to find a way out.  Sage Bagadhalbya was a wise an intellectual scholar who lived four miles away in an island.  As soon as they entered the hermitage of Sage Bagadhalbya, the Sage could visualise the Lord Sriman Narayana in Lord Rama.  He received them with utmost reverence.  Lord Rama described the Sage about his purpose to cross the deep ocean and reach the Kingdom of Ravana. 

Sage Bagadhalbya explains to Lord Rama about the glorious worship of Lord Vishnu on the auspicious day of Vijaya Ekadashi and the methods of worship as a resolution for the whole issue.  Sage continued to explain the process of worship of Lord Vishnu, on the previous day of Ekadashi a pitcher made of silver, gold, copper or mud should be kept ready filled with water and decorated with mango leaves on the top and covered with a lid.  The pitcher should be kept on the the top of rice grains.   After abulations, the pitcher should be decorated with sandal paste and flowers.  On the top of the lid of the Pitcher a small idol of Lord Vishnu should be placed and offerings of fruits should be made to Lord.  The whole day should be spent in chanting the names and glories of Lord Vishnu, follow fasting and abstaining from sleep and keep awake in the night.

On the Ekadashi day, after abulations and worship of Lord Vishnu by offering fruits, incents, flowers, ghee lamp, Bhog, abstain from sleep and worship of Lord Vishnu should be carried out faithfully.  On the Dwadashi day, after abulations the pitcher along with all the offerings made to Lord is taken to the river side.  After prayers the offerings in the form of Fruits & Bhog along with the idol of Lord Vishnu and the pitcher should be donated to a righteous Brahmin.  Sage Bagadhalbya explained to Lord Rama that by observing Vijaya Ekadashi would yield him and his warriors to attain success in all their endeavors.

Lord Rama observed the Vijaya Ekadashi as instructed by Sage Bagadhalbya with utmost faith and devotion.  Consequently he conquered the vast Kingdom of Lanka and killed Ravana and his demon army. 

Lord Krishna continued, whoever listens or reads the glories of Vijaya Ekadashi would attains the merit of Ashwamedha Yagam and whoever observes it would get rid of all the sins committed and attain the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Varaha Puranam - Subha Vrutam !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Varaha Puranam describes Subha Vrutham for the  life long Prosperity.

The austerity begins from the First day of the month - Margashirsha.  Worship of Lord Vishnu on the day of Ekadashi along with Lord Prithvi with utmost devotion and faith, Giving alms to Brahmin, fasting on this day, keep awake in the night are treated as part of the austerity.  On the  day of Dwadashi as a concluding part, 24 Brahmins should be invited and served with food and alms.  Donations in the forms of Apparels, Sandals, Umbrella, ornaments, cow, walking stick also provided to the Brahimins with the alms.  It is believed that whoever observes Shuba Vrutham would be blessed with  prosperity in their entire life.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

A Tribute to Sri Purandara Dasa !! Part VII !!

Jai Sriman Naryana !!

Cheenappa Naikkar heartbreakingly cried to Panduranga at His mercy to pick him from the world of material bondages.  All these years he was running behind wealth, fame and money.  Now he realized who he was.  He had an aversion on himself.  The birth of human life is a blessing of Lord to do all the goodness.  He spent all these thirty years of life doing no good deeds.  He understood thoroughly his intention of birth in this world.  He promised to Lord that he would not leave Him and forget Him even for  a second.  The keerthanas flew from him praising the glory of Lord like a stream. 

People from all over the village assembled around Naikkar.  All were surprised to see him in a state that they had never seen.  He was crying and singing praising the glory of Lord.  The people surrounding him started to pass cheap comments on him and started to mock him.  He did not pay any attention to them.  The devotion and faith to Lord made him behave like a mad man.  Each and every keerthana were filled with a lot of emotions.


Immediately, Naikkar turned back to his wife and instructed her to bring their children.  Naikkar took his Tampura in his hand and revealed his intention to leave his home and his wealth behind.  His wife Lakshmi Bai reminded him about the wealth he had earned  all  these years.  But Naikkar was not willing to listen to any of her comments about the wealth.  Lakshmi Bai wanted to give off all their wealth as charity before leaving home.  Naikkar insisted her that if they stop for a second, the desire for fame and material things would spoil their devotion to Lord.  Lakshmi Bai sincerely followed her husband.  He promised her that they were going to get rid of the clutches of material world.

He took his tambura, his wife took all their children and left the place  singing the glory of  lord  without looking back.

'Thamburi Meetinava Bavadhi Dhatidava
 Thalava Dhatidava Suranudu Sevidava
Gejjaya Kettidava Kalaredeya Meettidava
Gayana Padidava Harimuruti Nodidava
Vithalana Nodidava (Purandara) Vaikunthake Odidava'

He wanted to go to Pandharipuram.   His urge to have a Sadguru took him to Vyasarayar.   Vyasarayar had eminent disciples like – Kanaka Dasar, Vadhiraja, Krishnadevarayar etc..  In olden times, when Naikkar used to visit the Palace, he had to cross Vyasarayar’s Mutt.  People earnestly adviced Naikkar to visit the Sadguru and get his blessings.  But he just ignored all their advices, with the thought that a Sadguru could not  add wealth in his life.  Though Naikkar passes through adamantly, Vyasarayar felt  Maharishi Narada in him. 

Naikker came running and fell on the feet of Vyasarayar with guilt.   Vyasarayar was the composer of the famous Krithi – 'Krishna Nee Beganey Baro'.  Vyasarayar hugged him and he visualized everything that had happened in Naikkar’s life.  Seeing the tremendous change in him, Vyasarayar  gave him the name ‘Purandara Dasa’.   From that day onwards, Naikker came to be known as  ‘Purandara Dasa’.    Dasar in one of his compositions sang about the glory of his Guru.  Nothing is equivalent to Guru Kataksham and   Nothing  divine will  take place in  life without the blessings of Guru.   Jyana,  Tapasya , Devotion, Faith  and Intelligence are  possible only with the Blessings of  a Guru.   Guru is the Acharaya who  takes us  to Lord. 

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishno: Gurur Devo Maheswara;
Gurur Sakshath Parambrahma, Thathsmai Sri Guruvey Nama:

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

A Tribute to Sri Purandara Dasa !! Part VI !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

As soon as Cheenappa Naikkar entered home, he started screaming at his wife - Lakshmi Bai enquiring about her diamond nose ring.  Lakshmi Bai was really scared to see Naikkar in a furious state.  She was standing near the Tulsi Plant, praying to Lord .  Her eyes were filled with tears.  She never wanted to lie to her husband.  She lied to her husband that, since it was Friday, she had her oil bath so in order to keep the diamond nose ring safe, she kept it aside.  

She cried to Lord ‘ Why  did you put me in this situation? I have done a good deed without my husband’s consent. Was that wrong? ‘  Her fingers searched for something in the sands of Tulsi plant.  Alas ! a sharp light sparkled through the sands of Tulsi plant - A diamond Nose ring.  She happily took it  and gave it to Naikkar.  This time Naikkar got confused.  He was expecting the answer that Lakshmi Bai  had given the nose ring as alms to the Brahmin.  Instead, She picked up her diamond nose ring and handed it to him.  

Naikkar hurried to his shop to meet the Brahmin.  To his  great dismay,  he realised that the  Brahmin to whom he had told to wait was not there .    He hurriedly opened the jewel box where he had kept the diamond nose ring safely.  But to his amazement, the nose ring was not there.   He ran back to home in panic, confused and worried.  He explained everything to Lakshmi Bai and cried.  Naikkar looked at the diamond nose ring in great awe.   Suddenly a bright light whizzed through his eyes. In that, he could envision  Lord  Vishnu in His reclining posture instructing Maharishi Narada.   

‘Narada, your time has arrived to take birth as a human being on the Earth.  You will be born as an ordinary human being to re-establish righteousness and spread the Devar Nama praising the glory of Lord.’  At the instruction of Lord Vishnu, Maharishi Narada cried and pleaded ‘ Lord I  am born to Praise your glory, but  I dont want to go to Earth.  I am your servant in Vaikundham to praise your Glory.  Please don’t let me take birth in this world as an ordinary human being and keep myself away from you.  I don’t want to get attached to this material world and forget the glory of my Lord.’ 

Lord Vishnu replied ‘ In case, if anything as such happens, I will be there to bring you back  and save you from the material world’. 

The vision of the Lord disappeared suddenly.  Chennappa Naikkar  with great pain  and heavy heart started weeping,  thinking over the life he had wasted all these  thirty years without engaging himself in any of the righteousness.  His eyes over flowed with tears and it was a  heart breaking sight indeed.   He cursed his fate blabbering to himself ‘ I have spent all my life without knowing the fact that Gopala Ratnam is  Buvanaika Ratnam’.

Mosahothey nallo nanu

This was the first composition of Sri Purandara Dasa.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

A Tribute to Sri Purandara Dasa !! Part V !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

It was mid afternoon, the   poor Brahmin felt hunger and thirsty went in search for  food.  He walked through the streets and found a big house with nine Kalashams on the rooftop  which revealed the richness of the householder.  There he  Saw a woman ( Lakshmi Bai) on the patio performing   Lakshmi pooja and  Tulsi pooja.

Baghyadha Lakshmi Baramma  Nammamma
 Nee sowbaghyada  lakshmi baramma

The Brahmin with his unsteadily steps  entered Lakshmi Bai's house.  At that moment,  Lakshmi Bai was about to finish her prayers.  She could hear a weak  voice calling  behind  her.  She saw a poor old Brahmin , with  injuries and the blood oozing from his wounds.  Lakshmi Bai rushed to him and humbly requested him to come in. The Brahmin informed her about what had happened to him.  He told the purpose of his visit to her place.  After hearing him, Lakshmi Bai with abundance of happiness rushed inside the house in search of money.  Cheenappa Naikkar never gave his wife a single penny to keep in her custody.  He keeps money and the jewels in a box tightly locked.    She was anguishly wandering through the house in search of money.    She really wanted to help the poor Brahmin after hearing his painful story.   Soon  Lakshmi Bai came up with  an idea. She removed her  diamond nose ring and gave it to the Brahmin.  The poor Brahmin was happy and forgot his hunger after seeing the valuable nose ring in his hand.   He blessed  Lakshmi Bai  heartily and left home.

The Brahmin rushed to  Cheenappa Naikkar's  shop with all the energies regained.    After seeing him, Naikkar really got angry.  This time , the poor Brahmin  did not ask for any alms.  He carefully opened the knot in his Angavastram (Dhothi) in the same old style.   Naikkar started screaming at him without knowing the purpose.  The Brahmin instructed him to stop yelling as he had brought something precious in exchange for money.  He demanded Naikkar  to see the thing which he has brought and exchange the same.  He also added that one kind hearted woman had given him her invaluable diamond nose ring as alms.    The Brahmin handed the nose ring to Naikkar.  After seeing  the nose ring, Naikker was thunder struck. At once he recognized  that  it was his wife Lakshmi Bai's jewel.  He was shocked and confused of thinking that  how did she do this without informing him.   The Brahmin continued  praising the woman and  described about the home where she was living.  Though Naikkar was a miser, he never took back what was given by him  as charity.   Naikkar with a lot of worries, instructed the Brahmin to wait in his shop  and said that he would be back in a few minutes to provide him  the money in exchange for the nose ring.   He kept the  nose ring  locked safely  in his jewel box and walked home hastily.............

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sri Hayagreeva Ashtothara Shatha Namavali: !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Om Hayagreevaya Nama:
Mahavishnuvey Nama:
Kesavaya Nama:
Madhusoodhanaya Nama:
Govindaya Nama:
Pundarikashaya Nama:
Vishnavey Nama:
Vishwambaraya Nama:
Haraye Nama:
Adithyaya Nama:
Sarva Vageesaya Nama:
Sarvadharaya Nama:
Sanathanaya Nama:
Niradharaya Nama:
Nirakaraya Nama:
Nirisaya Nama:
Nirupadravaya Nama:
Niranjanaya Nama:
Nishkalangaya Nama:
Nithya Thrupthaya Nama:
Niramayaya Nama:
Chidhanandaya Nama:
Sakshiney Nama:
Saranyaya Nama:
Sarvadhayakaya Nama:
Shrimathey Nama:
Lokathraya Dheeshaya Nama:
Shivaya Nama:
Saraswatha Pradhaya Nama:
Vedo Dharthrey Nama:
Veda Nidhaye Nama:
Veda Vedyaya Nama:
Purathanaya Nama:
Poornaya Nama:
Poorayithrey Nama:
Punyaya Nama:
Punya Keerthaye Nama:
Parathparasmai Nama:
Parasmai Jyothishey Nama:
Paresaya Nama:
Parakaya Nama:
Parasmai Nama:
Sakalopanishadh Vedhyaya Nama:
Nishkalangaya Nama:
Sarva Sastra Kruthey Nama:
Akshamala Jyanamudra Yuktha Hasthaya Nama:
Varapradhaya Nama:
Purana Purushaya Nama:
shreshtaya Nama:
sharanyaya Nama:
Parameshwaraya Nama:
Santhaya Nama:
Dhanthaya Nama:
Jithakrodhaya Nama:
Jithamithraya Nama:
Jaganmayaya Nama:
Jaramruthyuharaya Nama:
Jeevaya Nama:
Jayadhaya Nama:
Jadyanasanaya Nama:
Japa Priyaya Nama:
Japasthuthyaya Nama:
Japakruthey Nama:
Priyakruthey Nama:
Prabhavey Nama:
Vimalaya Nama:
Vishwaroopaya Nama:
Vishwagopthrey Nama:
Vidhi sthuthaya Nama:
Vidhaye Nama:
Vishnavey Nama:
Shivasthuthyaya Nama:
Shanthidhaya Nama:
Kshanthi Parakaya Nama:
Shreya: Pradhaya Nama:
Shruthimayaya Nama:
Shreyasam Pathaye Nama:
Eshwaraya Nama:
Achyuthaya Nama:
Anantharupaya Nama:
Pranadhaya Nama:
Prthvipathaye Nama:
Avyakthaya Nama:
Vyaktharoopaya Nama:
Sarva Sakshiney Nama:
Thamoharaya Nama:
Ajyana Nasakaya Nama:
Jyaniney Nama:
Poorna Chandra Samaprabhaya Nama:
Jyanadhaya Nama:
Vakpathaye Nama:
Yoginey Nama:
Yogisaya Nama:
Sarva Kamadhaya Nama:
Maha Mouniney Nama:
Maha Yoginey Nama:
Mounisaya Nama:
Shreyasam Nidhaye Nama:
Hamsaya Nama:
Parama Hamsaya Nama:
Vishwa Gopthrey Nama:
Virajey Nama:
Swarajey Nama:
Sudhha Spatika Sangasaya Nama:
Jada Mandala Samyukthaya Nama:
Adi Madhyantha Rahithaya Nama:
Sarva Vageeswareshaya Nama:
Jai Sriman Narayana !!