Sri Mukundamala composed by Sri Kulashekara Alwar !! Lyrics & Meanings 31 - 40

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Oh! Mortals, your body undergoes continuous changes, eventually reaches at a stage of irreparable damage includes various joints get stiffened.  Oh! Fools, is there any medicine? There is no medication available other than the consumption of Krishna Rasayana/ devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.
Oh! Supreme Lord Vishnu whose gorgeous wife is the daughter of King of Ocean and his son is Lord Brahma.  The deities who eulogize Vedas are your associates, liberation & delusion prevailed in this Universe are your pleasure.  Oh! Supreme Lord Krishna, I know you as the son of Sri Devaki and a close associate of Arjuna.
Oh! Supreme Lord Krishna, who is the preceptor of the Universe, I earnestly pray to protect us.  Oh! Lord Krishna, vanquisher of my enemies, I bow down at your lotus feet relentlessly.  Oh! Lord Krishna who is the creator of the Universe and ultimately immerse in him, I would like to remain your sincere servant.  Oh! Supreme Lord Krishna I earnestly pray to protect me.
Oh! Supreme Lord Vishnu, you are the provider of boons easily to your devotees, you are the most compassionate, oh! Lord Purushothama, who is the epitome of virtues, I earnestly pray to show mercy on powerless me and protect from the whirlpool of material life.
Oh! Mortals, prostrate before the lotus feet of the supreme Lord Narayana, venerate the supreme Lord Narayana, recite the holy names of Lord Narayana, and persistently remember the flawless truth of Lord Narayana.
Oh! Lord Srinatha, consort of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, Oh! Lord Narayana, who dwells in the milky ocean, Oh! Lord Vasudeva, son of Sri Vasudeva, Oh! Lord Krishna, who has the complexion of cloud, Oh! Lord Bhakthapriya, who is passionate to his devotees, Oh! Lord Chakrapani, who carries the fierce weapon disc, Oh! Lord Sripadmanabha, who has the lotus emerged out from navel, Oh! Lord Achyutha, who is infallible, Oh! Lord Kaitaba, slayer of demon Kaitaba, Oh! Lord Rama, who is the consort of Rama, Oh! Lord Padmaksha, who has the eyes of lotus, Oh! Lord Hare, consort of Radha, Oh! Lord Murari, slayer of demon Murari.
Oh! Lord Anantha, who has no end, Oh! Vaikundha, who resides in Sri Vaikundham, Oh! Lord Mukunda, Oh! Lord Krishna, Oh! Lord Govinda, who pleases cows and provider of complete control over sense, Oh! Lord Damodhara, whose stomach was tied by the rope, Oh! Lord Madhava, who is the personification of supreme knowledge, although you are easily reachable with various holy names, but many remains silent without uttering the same and eventually drowning into endless grief and miseries.
Oh! Mortals meditate upon the infallible supreme Lord Vishnu; permanently place Him on the middle of the lotus like heart.  Surrender to the supreme Lord Vishnu, who is the provider of protection and attain all the opulence and supreme bliss.
Oh! Lord Madhava, slayer of demon Madhu, Oh! Lord Kshirasagara, who resides in the milky ocean/Ksheerasagara of vast waves along with Goddess Sri, who is reclining on the giant serpent Anantha, my humble obeisance to you!
These glorious verses was composed by King Kulazhekara, who is passionate to Vedic Brahmin, scholars and poets, also a zealous honey bee at the lotus feet of lotus eyed supreme Lord Ambujaksha.
Synopsis: Whoever reads or recites the glorious verses of Sri Mukundamala composed by King Kulazhekara would be blessed with all the virtues, supreme bliss, opulence and devoutness.   Moreover, the piety includes eradication of all the sins committed and ultimately attains liberation at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.
Idham Shareeram Parinama Peshalam
Pathathya Vashyam Shladha Sandhi Jarjaram ||
Kimoushadhai: Klishyasi  Mooda Dhurmathey
Niramayam Krishna Rasayanam Piba ||
Dhara Vara Kara Varasutha They Thanujo Virinji:
Sthotha  Vedasthava Suragano Bhruthyavarga:  Prasadha: |
Mukthirmaya Jagadhavikalam Thavaki Devaki They
Mathra Mithram Valaripusutha Sthvaiyyathonyanna Janey ||
Krishno Rakshathu No Jagathraya Guro: Krishnam Namasyamaham
Krishney Namarashathravo Vinihatha: Krishnaya Thubhyam Nama: |
Krishna Deva Samudhitham Jagadhidham Krishnasya Dasosmyaham
Krishney Thishtathi Sarvamedhathakhilam Hey Krishna Rakshasva Mam ||
Thathvam Praseedha Kuru Mayyanathey
Vishno Kripam Paramakarunika: Kila Thvam |
SamsaraSagara  Nimagnamanatha Dheenam
Uddharthumarhasi Hare Purushothamosi ||
Namami Narayana Padha Pankajam
Karomi Narayana Poojanam Sadha |
Vadhami Narayana Nama Nirmalam
Smarami Narayana Thathvamavyayam ||
Srinatha Narayana Vasudeva
Srikrishna Bhakthapriya Chakrapaney |
Sri Padmanabha Achyutha Kaidabarey
Sri Rama Padhmaksha  Hare Murare ||
Anantha Vaikundha Mukunda Krishna
Govinda Dhamodhara  Madhavethi |
Vakthum Samarthopi Na Vakthi Kaschith
Aho Jananam Vyasanabhi Mukhyam ||
Dhyanthi Ye Vishnu Ananthamavyam
Hruth Padma Madhye Sathatham Vyavasthitham |
Samahithanam  Sathatha Bhaya Pradham
They Yanthi  Siddhim Paramascha Vaishnavim ||
Ksheera Sagara Tharanga  Sheekara-
Sara Tharakitha Charumoorthaye |
Bhogi Bhoga Shayaneeya Shayine
Madhavaya Madhuvidhvishey Nama: ||
Yasya Priyou Shruthidharou Kaviloka Veerou
Mithrey Dhijanma Vara  Padma Sharavabhutham |
Thenambujaksha Charanambuja Kshadpadhena
Rajjya  Krutha Krithiriyam Kulashekarena ||
|| Ithi Sri Mukundamala Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sri Mukundamala composed by Sri Kulashekara Alwar !! Lyrics & Meanings 21 - 30

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Lord Gopalaka who is the caretaker of cows, Oh! Lord Krupajalanidhey, who is the ocean of mercy, Oh! Lord Sindhukanyapathey, consort of Goddess Sri Mahalakshi who is the daughter of King of ocean, Oh! Lord Kamsanthaka, vanquisher of King Kamsa, Oh! Lord Gajendra Karunapareena, who is the savior of the elephant Gajendra,  Oh! Lord Madhava, Oh! Lord Ramanuja, younger brother of Lord Rama, Oh! Lord Jagathryaguru, who is the Preceptor of Universe, Oh! Lord Pundarikaksha, who has beautiful lotus eyes, Oh! Lord Gopijananatha, who is the protector of Gopis, I know no one other than you and I earnestly pray to protect me.
Oh! Supreme Lord Krishna, who has the celestial vehicle Garuda, King of birds in order to protect your devotees of three worlds, you are the most precious jewel and savior of your passionate devotees, the jewel which attracts the Gopis with his enthralling gestures, who has the eyes of Chathaka birds.  He is the most striking jewel adorned on the raised bosom of Goddess Sri Rukmini.  I earnestly pray to the most precious crown jewel of all the deities and the best of cowherds to grant supreme bliss.
Oh! Tongue, sing praising the glories of Lord Krishna and his glorious names relentlessly, which is venerated by the Vedas and Upanishads is capable to defeat your enemies, , provides liberation from the repeated cycles of birth and death, drive away the illusion and ignorance, provides countless opulence, alleviate miseries and grief.  This is the hymn which is capable to provide Janma Saphalya/eternal bliss. 
Oh! Mind, drink the divine nectar like medicine of devotion to Lord Krishna, It’s the ideal medicine to cure the perplexity of the aspiring sages who constantly engaged in meditation, It is the perfect cure from the torments of demons and restoring peace in the lives of passionate devotees of Lord Narayana in the three worlds.  It is the ultimate medicine to eradicate my fears and attain all the devoutness.

Victories of Lord Narayana, without devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Narayana recitation of Veda and scriptures would be crying in the wilderness, regular observance of austerities without devotion would be futile and remains a process of loosing body weight.   Without the devotion at the lotus feet of Supreme Lord, performance of oblations becomes pouring water into ashes and bathing in the holy pond would be equivalent to the bathing of an elephant.
The most sinful avail the devoutness, if he has ever pronounced the holy names of Lord Narayana, therefore if we never use the power of speech for the above divine deed will definitely has to undergo the miseries of a fetus living in mother’s womb.
Oh! Lord Madhu Kaidabha, slayer of the demons Madhu & Kaidaba, Oh! Lokanatha, Lord of the Universe, I sincerely pray to you to provide me the fruit of my life and bless me to remember you constantly and remain the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant of your lotus feet.
Oh! Lord Purushothama, who is the ruler of three worlds, easily attainable for the ardent devotees through devotion and dedication at His lotus feet, it would be the foolish act to refuse to worship Him and approach other deities for meager rewards.
Oh! Cupid, abandon my heart which is already filled with the thoughts of lotus feet of Lord Mukunda.  You have been already a victim of Lord Shiva’s fury; remember the fierce weapon disc of Lord Murari.
Oh! Tongue, I earnestly request you by folding my palms together to recite the nectar like holy names of supreme Lord Narayana, which are the absolute truth and provides supreme bliss.
Hey Gopalaka, Hey Krupa Jalanidhey, Hey Sindhu Kanyapathey
Hey Kamsanthaka, Hey Gajendra Karunapareena, Hey Madhava |
Hey Ramanuja, Hey Jagathrayaguror Hey Pundarikaksha Mam
Hey Gopijananatha  Palaya Param Janami  Na Thvam Vina ||
Bhakthapaya Bhujanga Garudamani: Thrailokhya Rakshamani:
Gopijana Lochana Chathakam Budhamani: Soundharya Mudramani: ||
Ya: Kantha Manirugmini Ganakucha Dhvandhaika Bhushamani:
Shreyo Deva Shikhamanir Dhishathu No Gopala Choodamani: ||
Shathru Cchedhaika Manthram Sakala Upanishadhvakya Sampujya Manthram
Samsaroththara Manthram Samupachitha Thamasangha Niryanamanthram ||
Sarvaishwaryaika Manthram Vyasana Bhujaga Sandhashta Sandhrana Manthram
Jihvey  Srikrishna Manthram Japa Japa Sathatham Janma Saphalya Manthram ||
Vyamoha Prashamoushadham Munimano  Vruththi Pravruthoushadham
Dhaithyendrarthi Karoushadham  Thrijagatham Sanjeevanaikoushadham ||
Bhakthyathyantha Hithoushadham Bhava Baya Pradhoumsanaikoushadham
Shreya: Prapthikaroushadham Pibamana Sri Krishna Divyaoushadham ||
Amnayabhyasananyaranya Rudhitham Veda Vrathanyambakam
Medhascchedha Phalani Poorthavidhaya: Sarvey Hutham Bhasmani ||
Theerthanam Avagahanani Cha Gajasnanam Vina Yathpadha –
Dhvandhamboruha Samsmruthi: Vijayathey Devasya Narayana: ||
Sriman Nama Prochya Narayanakhyam
Key Na Prapur Vanchitham Papinopi |
Ha Na:  Poorvam Vakpravruththa Na Thasmin
Thena Praptham Garbha Vasadhi Dukhkham ||
Majjanmana:  Phalamidham Madhukaidabarey
Math Prarthaneeya Madhanugraha  Yesha Yeva |
Thvadh Bhruthya Bhruthya Paricharaka Bhruthya Bhruthya
Bhruthasya Bhruthya Ithi Mam Smara Lokanatha ||
Nathey Na: Purushothamey Thrijagatham Yekadhipey Chethasa
Sevasya Swasya Padhasya Dhathari  Surey Narayaney Thishtathi |
Yam Kanchith Purushadhamam Kathipaya Gramesa  Malparthadham
Sevayai  Mrugayamahey Naramaho Mooka Varaka Vayam ||
Madhana Parihara Sthithim Madheeye
Manasi Mukunda Padharavindha  Dhamni |
Hara Nayana  Krishanuna  Krishosi
Samarasi Na Chakra Parakramam Murarey : ||
Thathvam Bhruvanani Param Parasmath
Madhu Ksharantheeva Satham Phalani |
Pravarthaya Pranjalirasmi Jihvey
Namani Narayana Gocharani ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sri Mukundamala composed by Sri Kulashekara Alwar !! Lyrics & Meanings 11 - 20

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Lord Vishnu, You are the only savior of the people in the vast ocean of Samsara, who repeatedly going through the miseries and agonies of birth & death and the winds blown of material bondages & material life.  Oh! Supreme Lord, you are the protector while they struggle in the peril of water current of sense gratification with no ferry to help them and an intense desire to help their Sutha/sons, Duhithri/daughters,  and Kalathra/wives.
Oh! Mind; don’t get alarmed about the fear of how to cross the mighty ocean of worldly bondages.  There is only one way to save yourself with firm devotion, surrender to the lotus eyed Lord Narayana, slayer of Narakasura, He will carry you and protect you to cross the fathomless ocean of worldly bondages.
Oh! Supreme Lord Krishna, I am drowning in the vast ocean of worldly bondages with the mighty waves of illusion and winds of lust, hauling in the the whirlpool of bondages like wives, children and brother as its wild sea creatures.  Oh! Provider of benedictions, show mercy on me and provide a place in your boat of firm devotion at your lotus feet.
In the presence of Supreme Lord Narayana, Universe becomes a speck of dust, waters in the oceans becomes droplets, fire becomes a spark, wind turns out a faint sigh and the expanse of space becomes a tiny hole.  Lord Rudra, Lord Brahma and all the deities becomes a symbol of you.  A small particle of dust from the lotus feet of supreme Lord is enough to conquer the world.
Oh!  People, listen to me carefully about the cure of liberation from the repeated cycles of birth and death, which was highly recommended by the Sages, Yogis and Rishis who had attained eternal wisdom like Yajyavalka.  It is the Supreme Lord Krishna and staunch devotion to Him is the blissful medicine for the liberation from the cycles of birth and death.  Just taste it!
Oh! Mortals, listen to my words carefully, you are drowning into the vast ocean of worldly bondages which has nothing to offer other than grief and misfortune.  I will briefly advice you the ways to attain the supreme bliss, put aside your various efforts to gain knowledge, surrender yourself to Supreme Lord and constantly engage in chanting the glories of Lord ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’.
The supreme Lord Narayana, who rules the three worlds, He is the provider of salvation to His passionate devotees, how can we so thoughtless by putting our efforts in search of various deities who cannot provide the eternal bliss.
Oh! Supreme Lord Narayana, I earnestly pray to protect our lives, I prostrate before you, and my prayers are quivering with grief, my eyes are overflowing with tears.  Everyday worship of your lotus feet provides me the elixir of nectar of Dhyanamrutha, Oh! Sarasiruhaksha, protect our lives.
Whoever worships Lord Madhava with firm devotion and head bows down constantly at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna would carries the dust from the lotus feet, the eyes which envisioned Lord Hari would abandons the darkness, unadulterated intelligence shines like moon or conch, tongue which constantly engages in the praising the glories of Lord Narayana would shower the elixir of nectar.
Oh! Tongue, sing and praise the glories of Lord Keshava, Lord Murari who is the slayer of the demon Mura, Lord Sridhara, who is cherished by Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. Oh! Hands, relentlessly serve the lotus feet of Lord Srihari, Oh! Ears, listen to the glorious legends of Lord Achyutha, Oh! Eyes gaze upon the splendor of Lord Krishna, Oh! Legs, visit the holiest lands of Lord Hari, Oh! Head, bow down at the lotus feet of Lord Adhokshaja and Oh! Nose, smell the fragrances of Tulsi at the lotus feet of Lord Mukunda.
Bhavajaladhigathanam Dhvandhvatha Hathanam
Suthaduhithru Kalathra Thrana Bharardhithanam |
Vishama Vishayathoye  Majjathamaplavanam
Bhavathu Sharanameko Vishnupotho Naranam ||
Bhavajaladhim Agadham Dustharam  Nisthareyam
Katha Mahamithi Chetho Masmaga: Katharathvam |
Sarasijadhrushi Dhevey Thavaki  Bhakthireka
Narakabhidhi Nishanna Tharayishyathya Vashyam ||
Thrishna Thoye Madhana Pavanodhootha Mohormimaley
Dharavarthey Thanayasahaja Graha Sanghakuley Cha |
Samsarakhye Mahathi  Jaladhou Majjatham Nasthridhaman
Padhambojey Varadha Bhavatho Bhakthinavam Prayaccha ||
Mahraksham Ksheenapunyan Kshanamapi Bhavatho Bhakthiheenan Padhabjey
Mashrousham Shravyabandham Thava Charithamapasyanya Dhakhyanajatham |
Masmarsham  Madhavathvam Api Bhuvanapathey Chethasapahnuvanan
Mabhoovam Thvassaparya Vyathikara Rahitho Janma Janmantharepi ||
Jivhey Keerthaya Keshavam Muraripum Chetho Bhaja Sridharam
Panidhvandha Samarchayachyutha Katha: Shrothradhvaya Thvam Shrunu |
Krishnam Lokaya Lochanadhvaya Harer Gacchangri Yugmalayam
Jigra  Grana Mukunda  Padha Tulasim Moordhan Namadhokshajam ||
Hey Loka Shrunutha Prasoothi Marana Vyadhechikitsamimam
Yoga Jyasamudhaharanthi Munayo Yam Yajjyavalkyadhaya: |
Antharjyothirameya Ekamamrutham Krishnakhyamapeeyatham
Thath Peetham Paramoushadham Vithanuthey Nirvanamathyanthikam ||

Hey Marthya : Paramam Hitham Shrunutha Vo Vakshyami Samkshepatha:
Samsararnnava Mapadhoormi Bahulam Samyak Pravishyasthitha: |
Nana Gnanamapasya Chethasi Namo Narayanayethyamum
Manthram Sapranavam Pranama Sahitham Pravarthayadhvam Muhu : ||
Prithvi Renuranu: Payamsi Kanika: Phalguspulingonala:
Thejo Nishvaswanam Maruthanutharanm Randhram Susukshmam Nabha: |
Kshudhra Rudra Pithamaha Prabhruthaya: Keeda Samasthasura:
Dhrushtey Yathra Sa Thavako Vijayathey Bhoomavadhoothavadhi: ||
Baddheynanjalina Nathena Shirasa Gathrai Saromodhgamai:
Kandena Swaragadhgadhena Nayaney Nodhgeernna Bashpampuna |
Nithyam Thvaccharanaravindha Yugala Dhyanamrutha Swadhinam
Asmakam Sarasiruhaksha Sathatham Sampadhyatham Jeevitham ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!