Legend of Daksha & Chithrakethupakhyanam – Srimad Narayaneeyam / Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its Meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Daksha, son of one of the Prachethas was a fervent devotee of you, underwent austerities and worshipped you to obtain progeny.  You have appeared before him in your mesmerizing form, with eight hands and offered him a boon, along with a bride Asikni.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Daksha’s eleven thousands sons were sincerely followed the path of liberation with utmost devotion after receiving divine instruction from Maharishi Narada.  Daksha was deeply distressed at the turn of events and cursed Maharishi Narada that he would not have any permanent place to stay, but Maharishi Narada, foremost devotee of you treated the curse of Daksha as blessing in disguise.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Daksha multiplied his clan through his sixty daughters.  One of his great grandsons Vishwaroopa assisted Lord Indra to win the battle against the demons.  Lord Indra received protection and triumph over the demons by learning the sacred hymns praising the glories of you (Narayana Kavacham) from Vishwaroopa.  Oh! Deva, those glorious verses could bring triumph over all.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, There was a province Shoorasena was ruled by King Chithrakethu, he was desirous of getting progeny; eventually the couple attained a child by the blessings of Sage Angiras.  Unfortunately, the child of King Chithrakethu was killed by his other wives out of jealousy.   King Chithrakethu was inconsolable and was in a miserable state due to the power of delusion.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, compassionate Sage Narada and Maharishi Angiras took King Chithrakethu to the soul of his deceased son.  The soul answered ‘Whose son am I?”  These words dispelled the delusion of King Chithrakethu.  Shortly, Maharishi Narada and Sage Angiras instructed the methods of worship of you to King Chithrakethu.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, King Chithrakethu received sacred hymns from Maharishi Narada and continued strict austerities propitiating you as Lord Adishesha, with the severe austerities in seven days he became the chief of the Vidhyadharas, but he was dissatisfied.  King Chithrakethu continued your worship with severe austerities and same enthusiasm.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have pleased at the devotion of King Chithrakethu and revealed your glorious form as Lord Adishesha, with thousands of hoods which are white like lotus stalk surrounded by the Siddhas eulogized your glories in sacred hymns.  Oh! Sahasrasheersha, you have imparted the knowledge of Athma Thathvam/ knowledge of self to King Chithrakethu and vanished from his sight.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Your passionate devotee Chithrakethu lived many years happily in all the worlds without any bondage.  He led the clan of attractive Vidhyadhari’s without any intense attachment, singing and praising the glories and excellence of you at his heart’s content.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, once Chithrakethu went to Mount Kailash prompted by you, to get rid of all that sensuous attachment remained in him.  There he saw Lord Shankara, slayer of Kamadeva sitting in the assembly of Sages with his consort; Goddess Uma who was seated on his lap.  Chithrakethu ridiculed at Lord Shankara, eventually he was cursed by Goddess Uma.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Chithrakethu was calm, he did not ask for any relief from the curse.  Afterwards, he was born as Vruththasura.  Due to the previous good deeds Vruththasura while battling with Lord Indra, imparted the knowledge of self to him and thereby removed the delusion of even his army, ultimately attained your abode.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Dithi , mother of demons worshipped you to have a son who could kill Lord Indra, instead she gave birth to Maruths who became close associate of Lord Indra.  Oh! Supreme Lord, veneration of you by even an evil minded person would attain favorable reward.  Oh! Pavanalayesha, I earnestly pray to protect us.
Prachetha Sasthu Bhavannaparo Hi Dhaksha: Thvath Sevanam Vyadhitha Sargga Vivrudhikama:
Avirbabhoovidha Thadha Lasadhashta Bahu: Thasmai Varam Dhadhidha Tham Cha Vadhoomasiknim ||
Thasyathmaja Sthvayuthameesha ! Puna: Sahashram Sri Naradasya Vachasa Thava Marga Mapu:
Naikathra Vasa Mrushaye Sa Mumocha Shapam Bhakthoththamasthrushiranugraha Meva Meney ||
Shashtya Thatho Dhuhithrubhi: Srujatha: Kulaoughan Dhouhithra Soonuradha Thasya Sa Vishwaroopa:
Thavath Stothra Varmmitha Majapayadhindhra Majou Deva ! Thvadheeya Mahima Ghalu Sarvajaithra: ||
Prak Shoorasena Vishaye Kila Chithrakethu: Puthragrahi Nrupathi Rangiras: Prabhavath
Labdhaika Puthra Madha Thathra Hathe Sapathni – Sanghai Rahamuhyadhava Shasthava Mayaya Sou ||
Tham Naradasthu Sama Mangirasa Dhayalu: Samprapya Thava Dhupa Dharshya Suthasya Jeevam
Kasyasmi Puthra Ithi Thasya Gira Vimoham Thyakthva Thvadharchana Vidhou Nrupathim Nyayungtha ||
Sthothram Cha Manthramapi Naradathodha Labdha Thoshaya Shesha Vapusho Nanu They Thapasyan
Vidhya Dharadhi Pathitham Sa Hi Saptharathrey Labdhapya Kunda Mathiranva Bhajadh Bhavantham ||
Thasmai Mrunala Dhavalena Sahasra Sheershna Roopena Baddhanuthi Siddha – Ganavruthena
Pradhur Bhavanna Chiratho Nuthibhi: Prasanna: Thathvathma Thathva Manugruhya Thirodhadhadha ||
Thvadh Bhaktha Mouliradha Sopi Cha Laksha Laksham Varshani Harshulamana Bhuvaneshu Kamam
Sangapayan Gunaganam Thava Sundaribhi: Sangathireka Rahitho Lalitham Chachara ||
Athyanththa – Sanga – Vilayaya Bhavath Pranunna: Noonam Sa Roupya Girimapya Mahassamajey
Nisshanga Mangakrutha – Vallabha Mangajarim Tham Shankaram Parihasannu Mayabhi Shepey ||
Nissambhrama Sthvaya – Mayachitha – Shapamoksha: Vruththa Surathva Mupagamya Surendhrayodhi
Bhakthyathma Thaththva Kadhanai: Samarey Vichithram Shathrorapi Bhramamapasya Gatha: Padham They ||
Thvath Sevanena Dhithirindhra – Vadhodhyathapi Than Prathyuthendhra – Suhrudho Maruthobhilebhey
Dhushtashayepi Shubha Dhaiva Bhavannisheva Thaththa Dhrushasthvamava Mam Pavanalayesha !
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The legend of Rishabhayogishwara – Srimad Narayaneeyam / Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, King Priyavratha had a son Agnidhra.  Nabhi was born to Agnidhra, performed various Yagna to propitiate you.  Nabhi successfully completed the Yagna and had envisioned Supreme Lord who is the provider of boons to his devotees.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Vishwamoorthey, the sages assembled were eulogized your glories and King Nabhi earnestly prayed for a son like you.  You have appeared in the sacrificial fire and prophesied that you will be born as his child and vanished from the sight.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, as predicted earlier, you have born to King Nabhi and his chaste wife Merudevi.  The divine child born was a bundle of extreme joy for everyone and surprised to witness the uncommon virtues and splendor in him.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, King Nabhi entrusted the ruling of his Kingdom to the divine child Rishabha who is the ruler of three worlds, and left to woodland with his wife Merudevi.  King Nabhi underwent austerities and led an ascetic life, eventually immersed in the worship of you and attained eternal bliss.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Lord Indra mounted with jealousy at the prosperity of the province Ajanabha, brought by the governance of Rishabha, therefore Lord Indra suspended rainfall on the province of Rishabha.   Shortly, Rishabha brought abundance of downpour with his yogic power and made his province flourished land once again.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Lord Indra offered attractive Jayanthi to you in marriage.  Although you were absorbed in Brahmam, you had hundred sons in your wife Jayanthi.  The eldest among them was King Bharatha.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, In the hundred sons of Rishabha and Jayanthi, nine of them were became great Yogis, nine of them were successfully ruled the various regions of Bharathavarsha and the remaining sons were underwent severe penance and with the power of their austerities attained the Supreme Brahmam.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, you have imparted the knowledge of path of salvation through complete renunciation and devotion to your sons and great ascetics.  Afterwards, you have adopted the life of complete desertion and moved around like Jada Athman/Paishachikathva.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, although you have attained complete union with Brahmam, continued to impart knowledge to others.  Even though you were free from affection and dislike, but you had to undergo the treatment of lack of sympathy.  You have wandered all over the Earth in a state of extreme bliss.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa,  you have observed the ways of life of cow, animals and birds, wandered on the earth for long time in complete union with Brahmam.  Ultimately, the mortal coil was perished in the forest fire in the woods of Coorg Mountains.  Oh!  Vathanatha, I earnestly pray to eradicate all our illnesses.
Priyavrathasya Priya Puthra Bhoothath Agneedhra Raja Dhudhitho Hi Nabhi:
Thvam Dhrushtavanishtadhamishti Madhye Thavaiva Thushtyai Kruthayajjya Karma ||
Abhishtu Thasthathra Munishwaraisthvam Rajjya: Swathulyam Sutha Marthyamana:
Swayam Janishyeha Mithi Bhruvana: Thirodhadha Barhishi Vishwamoorthey ! ||
Nabhi Priyayamadha Meru Devyam Thavamashatho Bhoodh Rishabhadhi Dhana:
Aloka Samanya – Guna Prabhava – Prabhavitha Shesha Jana Pramodha: ||
Thvayi Thriloki Bhruthi Rajyabharam Nidhaya Nabhi: Saha Meru Devya |
Thapovanam Prapya Bhavannishevi Gatha: Kilanandha Padham Padham They ||
Indhrasthvadhuth Karsha – Kruthadha Marshath Vavarsha Nasminna Janabha Varshey
Yadha Thadha Thvam Nijayoga Shakthya Swavarshamena Dhyadhadha: Suvarsham ||
Jithendhra Dhaththam Kamaneem Jayanthim Adhodhvahannathma Rathashayopi
Ajeejanasthathra Shatham Thanujan Yesham Kshitheesho Bharathogra Janma ||
Navabhavan Yogivara Navanye Thvapalayan Bharatha Varsha Gandan
Saika Thvasheethisthava Shesha Puthra: Thapo Baladh Bhoosura Bhooyameeyu: ||
Uktha Suthebhyodha Munindhra Madhye Virakthi Bhakthyanvitha – Mukthi Margam
Swayam Gatha: Parama Hamsya Vruththim Adha Jadhonmaththa Pishacha Charyam ||
Parathma Bhoothopi Paropadhesham Kurvan Bhavan Sarva Nirasyamana:
Vikaraheeno Vichachara Kruthsnam Mahim Ahinathma Rasabhileena: ||
Shayuvratham Go Mruga Kakacharyam Chiram Charannapya Param Swaroopam
Dhavahruthanga: Kudakachale Thvam Thapan Mamapakuru Vathanatha ! ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The legend of Emperor Prithu – Srimad Narayaneeyam/Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, in the lineage of Dhruva there was a famous ruler of Kingdom of Anga, he had a son Vena who was evil natured.  The King was deeply distressed at the wickedness of his son and left to woodland and immersed in the meditation upon your lotus feet.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, although Vena has possessed all the evil qualities in him, due to his immense power he was crowned as the King of the province for the administration in the absence of his father.  Vena was excessively swollen with pride, immediately put an end to all the righteous deeds and rituals of worship of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, a group of sages approached Vena and advised him the righteousness, but the sages were humiliated and used abusive language against you as well, further he declared himself as the prominent ruler on Earth.  The infuriated Sages cursed Vena, instantly he was ruined like a moth in the flame.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Thus Vena was destroyed, the sages were anxious about the administration of the province without a ruler; they feared that it may bring oppression from the wicked people.  They took the mortal coil of Vena from his mother and churned his thighs, amazingly all his sins were vanished and further they churned the arm of the mortal coil, Oh! Vibho, you have personified in your magnificent form as Prithu.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The sages were declared that it was one of the famous personifications of you as Pithru, they eulogized your glories and accomplishments.  Previously, the mother Earth was withdrawn all her resources due to the tyranny of Vena was brought back by you with the shot of an arrow and restored the natural resources once again.
Oh! Suprme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have accompanied by the deities made the Earth like the divine Kamadhenu/Surabhi. The deities like calves crammed with abundance of requirements in appropriate vessels.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Thridhaman/Lord of three worlds, you have performed various sacrifices as Prithu to yourself.  You have decided to perform hundredth of Ashwamedha Yagna was interrupted by distressed Lord Indra.  The Yagna horse was snatched away by Lord Indra was defeated by your son.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Lord Indra continued his mischievous act to take away the sacrificial horse from the sacrificial fire offered by the sages, was restrained by Lord Brahma.  Oh! Madhuripu, at the end of the successful completion of the fire sacrifice by your manifestation as Prithu, you have revealed your magnificent form as Lord Vishnu, slayer of Madhu.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, after attaining firm devotion as a boon from Supreme Lord, you have settled on the river banks of sacred Ganga, imparting the knowledge about the righteousness to the sages assembled for the Yagna, in that crowd you have witnessed Sanaka and other prominent sages before you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have dwelled in the woodland and received the ultimate wisdom and knowledge imparted by the Sanaka and other prominent Sages, eventually realized your real nature.  Oh! Vathagehavasin, who personified as Prithu,  I earnestly pray to cure our illnesses at a fast pace.
Jathasya Dhruvakula Yeva Thunga Keerthey Angasya Vyajani Sutha: Sa Venanama
Yadhdhosha Vyadhithamathi: Sa Rajavarya: Thvadh Padhe Nihithamana Vanam Gathobhooth ||
Papopi Kshithithala Palanaya Vena: Pouradhyai: Upanihitha: Kadoraveerya:
Sarvebhyo Nijabalameva Sambrashamsan Bhoo Chakrey Thava Yajana Nyayam Nyarouseeth ||
Samprapthey Hitha Kathanaya Thapasoughey Maththonyo Bhuvana Pathirna Kaschanethi
Thvannidha Vachana Paro Munishwaraisthai: Shapagnou Shalabhadhashamanayi Vena: ||
Thannashath Ghala Jana Bhirukair – Munindhrai: Thanmathra Chira Pari Rakshithey Thadhangey
Thyakthaghey Parimadhitha Dhadhoru Dhandath Dhordhandey Parimadhithey Thvamavirasi: ||
Vikhyatha: Prudhurithi Thapasopadhishtai: Suthadhyai: Parinutha Bhavi Bhoori Veerya:
Venarthya Kabalitha Sabadham Dharithrim Akrantham Nija Dhanusha Samamakarshi: ||
Bhooyastham Nijakula Mukhya – Vatsayukthai: Devadhyai: Samuchitha – Charu Bajaneshu
Annadheena Abhilashithani Yani Thani Swacchandhdham Surabhi Thanu Madhu  Dhuhasthvam ||
Athmanam Yajathi Maghaisthvayi Thridhaman Arabdhey Shathatha Mavajimedha Yagey
Sparddhalu: Shatha Magha Yethya Neechavesha: Hruthvashvam Thava Thanayath Parajitho Bhooth ||
Devendhram Muhurithi Vajinam Harantham Vahnou Tham Muni Vara Mandale Juhushou
Ruddhane Kamala Bhavey Kratho: Samapthou Sakshath Thvam Madhuripu Aikshadha: Swayam Swam ||
Thaddhaththam Vara Mupalabhya Bhakthimekam Ganganthey Vihitha Padha: Kadhapi Deva !
Sathrastham Muninivaham Hithani Shamsan Aikshishta: Sanaka Mukhan Munin Purasthath ||
Vijjanam Sanaka Mukhodhitham Dhadhana: Swathmanam Swayamagamo Vanatha Sevi
Thaththadhruk Pruthu Vapurisha ! Sathvaram Mey Rogougham Prashamaya Vatha Gehavasin ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!