Bhakthi Prarthana – Srimad Narayaneeyam !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Varada, your fortunate devotees those who recite your sacred hymns relentlessly are fortunate to experience the ocean of bliss, immersed in narrating the glorious myths of you, completely absorbed in your thoughts and move around freely are the ones truly accomplished all the desires in their life.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I am completely tormented by the painful illness which is not letting my intelligence to immerse in the delight of veneration of your lotus feet.   Oh! Lord Vishnu, I earnestly pray to show mercy on me, so that I can retire myself into a secluded place and enjoy the bliss of meditating upon your lotus feet by reciting numerous holy names of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Is there anything which is not achievable with your fleeting look?  Oh! Lord, eradication of my afflictions has become insignificant to you, in this world there are many passionate devotees of you liberated from their sufferings, immersed in eternal bliss and remains unattached.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Great sages like Maharishi Narada who is immersed in the constant veneration of your lotus feet, therefore they are free from sorrows and moves freely unnoticed, always engrossed in the invisible flow of eternal bliss.  What else one can desire for?
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I have no doubt in my heart that my sincere devotion to you would grow strongly, that would bear the fruit and bring an end to all my sufferings.  Otherwise the predictions of Maharishi Veda Vyasa and you, and the pronouncement of Veda would become untrue like casual mutterings.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, devotion to your lotus feet is full of sweetness to experience the endless attributes of you, as it progresses it would completely destroy the grief and sorrows, ultimately it would bring the knowledge of Brahmam, a state of eternal bliss.  What else is there to search for?
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I earnestly pray to eradicate all my sufferings, so that my two feet will take the delight to visit your sacred shrine, my hands will experience the happiness of veneration of you, my eyes will enjoy the pleasure in your mesmerizing form, my nose will take pleasure in the fragrance of the sacred Tulsi at your lotus feet and my ears will listen to the glorious myths of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I am extremely worn out due to mental and physical agonies, may your enchanting form which is the supreme bliss would enthuse me, that would bring me in a state of ecstasy with tears over flowing, eventually I may completely forget the afflictions caused by the illness.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I have seen even those who are indifferent to you, leading a happy life.  Oh! Varada, although I am your passionate devotee, I have to undergo various sufferings. Why it is like that? Is not that would bring ill reputation to you?  Oh! Kamsamadhana, I earnestly pray to eradicate all my sufferings quickly and make me a zealous devotee of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, there is no use of complaining, I am determined that to give up my expression of grief until I get your grace.   Oh! Varada, I shall spend my days in veneration of you, will  prostrate to your lotus feet right in front of me, singing and praising your glories and render service to you at the best of my ability.
Padantho Namani Pramadha Bharasindhou Nipathitha:
Smarantho Roopam They Varada ! Kadhayantho Guna Katha: |
Charantho Ye Bhaktha:Thvayi Ghalu Ramanthey Paramamoon
Aham Dhanyan Manye Samadhigatha – Sarvabhilashithan ||
Gadha Klishtam Kashtam Thava Charana – Seva Rasabharepi
Anasaktham Chiththam Bhavathi Bhatha ! Vishno ! Kuru Dhayam |
Bhavath Padhambhoja – Smarana Rasiko Namani Vahan
Aham Gayam Gayam Kuhachana Vivasyami Vijaney ||
Krupa They Jatha Cheth Kimiva Na Hi Labhyam Thanubhrutham
Madheeya Kleshougha – Prashamana – Dhasha Nama Kiyathi |
Na Key Key Lokesmin Anishamayi Shokabhi Rahitha:
Bhavad Bhaktha Muktha: Sugagathim Asaktha Vidhathey ||
Muni Prouda Rooda: Jagathi Ghalu Goodathma Gathaya:
Bhavath Padhambhoja – Smarana Virujo Narada Mukha: |
Charantheesha ! Souram Sathatha – Parinirbhatha Parachith
Sadhanandha Dhvaitha – Prasara Parimagna: Kimaparam ||
Bhavad Bhakthi: Speetha Bhavathu Mama Saiva Prashamayeth
Ashesha Kleshougham Na Ghalu Hrudhi Sandheha Kanika |
Na Chedhyasasyokthi: Thava Cha Vachanam Naigama Vacha:
Bhaven Midhya Radhya Purusha Vachana Prayamakhilam ||
Bhavad Bhakthi Sthavath Pramukha Madhura Thvad Gunarasath
Kimapyarooda Cheth Akhila Parithapa – Prashamani |
Punschanththey Swanththey Vimala Paribodha Dhayamilan
Mahanandha Dhvaitham Dhishathi Kimatha: Prarthyamaparam ! ||
Vidhooya Kleshanmey Kuru Charana Yugmam Dhrutharasam
Bhavath Kshethra Prapthou Karami Cha They Poojana Vidhou |
Bhavan Moorthya Loke Nayanam Adha They Padha Thulasi –
Parighrane Granam Shravanamapi They Charu Charithey ||
Prabhoothadhi Vyadhi – Prasabha Chalithey Mamaka Hrudhi
Thavadheeyam Thadh Roopam Paramarasa – Chidhroopa Mudhiyath |
Udhanjo Romanjo Galitha – Bahu Harsha Shrunivaho
Yadha Vismaryasam Dhurupa Shama Peeda Paribhavan ||
Maruthgehadheesha ! Thvayi Ghalu Parajopi Sukhina:
Bhavad Snehi Soham Subhahu Parathapye Cha Kimidham? |
Akeerthisthey Ma Bhooth Varada ! Gadha Bharam Prashamayan
Bhavad Bhakthaththamsam Jadithi Kuru Mam Kamsa Madhana ! ||
Kimukthair Bhooyobhi: Thava Hi Karuna Yava Dhudhiyath
Aham Thavadheva ! Prahitha – Vividharththa – Pralapitha: |
Pura: Klipthey Padhe Varada ! Thava Neshyami Dhivasan
Yadha Shakthi Vyaktham Nathinuthi – Nisheva Virachayan ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Excellence of Lord Guruvayurappa & Glories of Devotion - Srimad Narayaneeyam & Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its Meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, we meditate upon your magnificent form, with the marvelous crown excels the brilliance of Lord Surya, beautifully smeared sandal paste on your forehead, stunning eyes overflowing with compassion and a smile of extreme benevolence, perfectly shaped nose, lustrous cheeks in reflection of fish shaped ear stud, gleaming of precious Kousthubha garland around your neck, and various precious jewels, flower garlands and the mark of Srivastsam on your chest.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I shall take refuge on your lustrous lotus feet and meditate upon the glorious form which removes the miseries of your devotees, your spectacular form adorned with various ornaments like Keyuram/ornaments worn on the shoulder,  Angadham/armlet,  Kanganam/gem studded bangles/bracelets and Maharathna Anguliyam/rings made of various precious gems.  The four arms holding the divine weapons of conch, wheel, mace and lotus flower, grand yellow silk attire attached on the waist with a golden waist belt.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Lord Vishnu, your grandeur is greatest among the three worlds, it has the complete essence of charisma, your brilliance excels all those sparkling, sweetness of you excels all the sweetness, and your beauty excels all the beauties.   Oh! Vibho, Your magnificent form is greatest among the wonders in this Universe, is there anyone left without enticed by your charm?
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Achyutha Vibho, Your consort Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi who is the embodiment of prosperity and auspiciousness, attained you in marriage; she is so much of in love with you and your magnificent form, Alas!  It’s painful that she is not inclined to be with her devotees, because of her extreme affection towards you; therefore she has acquired the reputation of fickle minded towards her devotees.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I affirm that your consort Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi is extremely attached to your captivating form, therefore she is unsteady with her devotees. Oh! Lakshmipathey, I also assure that whoever meditates upon you, singing and praising the glories of you with utmost devotion and dedication, Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi attentively listen to the glories of her beloved and reside with them.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, whoever meditates upon the glorious form of you which is overflowing with the nectar like bliss and it’s the combination of supreme consciousness and joy that captivates the minds or listen to your glories that would enthuse the mind filled with ecstasy, excites each and every limb, bathe in the flood of cool tears produced due to the extreme delight.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, , Therefore the great sages  inscribed  that Bakthi Yoga is superior than the Karma Yoga and Gnana Yoga.   Oh! Ramavallabha you are the embodiment of attractiveness, easily captures the mind of your devotees.  Hence, everyone can attain you effortlessly through intense love and devotion.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, the performance of one’s duties and responsibilities without any selfish motive is called Karma Yoga that would provide fruitful results in distant future.  The performance of Gnana Yoga attaining knowledge of Brahmam through the sacred texts and Upanishads is too abstract and extremely difficult task to accomplish for the mind.  Oh! Vibho, Therefore the practice of Bhakthi Yoga requires intense love for you that is always the sweetest and most beneficial as well.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, some follows the path of Karma Yoga with various disciplines for a long time and attain purity of mind, which entitles them to practice either Gnana Yoga or Bhakthi Yoga.  Some may strive hard to practice Gnana Yoga without any feeling of compassion or love, ultimately take many lives to attain the goal.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Devotion to your lotus feet through listening to the glorious myths of you itself is nectar like bliss, in this way it gives supreme knowledge and enlightenment without much effort, its superior than any other Yoga and it provides instant result as well.  Oh! Vibho, Oh! Vathalayadheeshwara,   Oh! Vibho, I earnestly pray to provide us the true love/devotion which is capable to melt our hearts with intense passion towards your lotus feet.
Soorya Sparddhi Kireeda Moordhva Thilaka – Prodhbhasi Phalantharam
Karunyakula – Nethramardhra – Hasithollasam Sunasa Pudam |
Gandodhyan Makarabha Kundala Yugam Kandojwalath Kousthubham
Thavad Roopam Vanamalya Hara Padala – Srivatsa Deepram Baje ||
Keyurangadha Kanganoththama – Maharathna Anguliyangitha –
Srimad Bahu – Chathushka Sangatha – Gadha Shankheri – Pangeruham |
Kanjith Kanchana – Kanji Lanchitha Lasath Peethambara Alambinim
Alambhey Vimalambuja Dhyuthi  Padham Moorthim Thavarththicchidham ||
Yath Thrailokya Maheeyasopi Mahitham Sammohanam Mohanath
Kantham Kanthi – Nidhanathopi Madhuram Madhurya Dhuryadhapi |
Soundharyothara Thopi Sundara Tharam Thvadh Roopam Ashcharyathopi
Ascharyam Bhuvane Na Kasya Kuthukam Pushnathi Vishno ! Vibho ! ||
Thaththa Dhruk – Madhurathmakam Thava Vapu: Sambrapya Sambanmayi
Sa Devi Paramothsuka Chiratharam Nasthey Swa Bhaktheshvapi |
Thenasya Batha Kashtam Achyutha ! Vibho ! Thvad Roopam Manojjyaka
Prema Sthairya Mayadha Chapala Balath Chapalya Varththodha Bhooth ||
Lakshmi Sthavaka – Ramaneeyaka – Hruthaiveyam Pareshva Sthirethi
Asminn Nyadhapi Pramana Madhuna Vakshyami Lakshmipathey !
Ye Thvadhyana – Gunanu Keerthana – Rasa Saktha Hi Bhaktha Jana:
Theshvasha Vasathi Sthiraiva Dhayitha Prasthava Dhaththadhara ||
Yevam – Bhootha – Manojjya Thanavasudha – Nishyandha – Sandhohanam
Thvad Roopam Para Chidhra Sayanamayam Chethoharam Shrunvatham |
Sadhya : Prerayathe Mathim Madhayathe Romancha Yathyangakam
Vyasinchathyapi Sheetha Bhaspa Visarai: Ananda Moorcchodh Bhavai : ||
Yevam Bhoothathaya Hi Bhakthyabhi Hitho Yoga: Sa Yogadhvayath
Karma Gnana Mayath Bhrushoththamatharo Yogishwarair Geeyathey |
Soundharyai Karasathmake Thvayi Khalu Prema Prakarshathmika –
Bhakthir Ni;Shramameva Vishwa Purushai: Labhya Rama Vallabha: ||
Nishkamam Niyatha Swadharmma Charanam Yath Karma Yogabhidham
Thath Dhoorethya Phalam Yadhoupanishad – Gnanopa Labhyam Puna: |
Thath Thva Vyakthathaya Sudhurgga Matharam Chiththasya Thasmadh Vibho !
Thavath Premathmaka Bhakthireva Sathatham Swadheeyasi Shreyasi ||
Athyayasa Karani Karma Padalanyacharya Niryanmala
Bodhey Bhakthi Padhedhavapyu Chithatham Ayanthi Kim Thavatha |
Klishta Tharkkapadhe Param Thava Vapu: Brahmakhya Manye Puna:
Chththardhrathvam Mruthey Vichinthya Bahubhi: Sindhyanthi Janmantharai: ||
Thavath Bhakthisthu Katha Rasamrutha Jari Nirmmanjanena Swayam
Sidhyanthi Vimala Prabhodha Padhavim Alesha Thasthanvathi |
Sadhya: Siddhikari Jayasthyathi Vibho ! Saivasthu Mey Thvadh Padha
Prema Proudi – Rasardhratha Dhrutha Tharam Vathalayadhishwara ! ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Grandeur of Lord Guruvayurappan – Srimad Narayaneeyam !! Lyrics & Its Meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Gurupavanapure, who is the nature of supreme bliss and supreme consciousness and incomparable in nature, you are free from the limitations of Time & Space, and illusion.  Although your nature were attempted to explain by various sacred scriptures, but it remained indistinct, oh! Vibho, how fortunate are we?  You are the Brahmathathva which is not easily understandable by nature; realization of you is the highest of pieties/Purushartha, which shines right in front of Gurupavanapuram.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, in this way, some of the rarest things becomes easily reachable to everyone.  It’s pathetic and unfortunate to go after worldly pleasures with the speech and mind.  Oh! Gurupavanapuradhisha, who is the super soul of all the living beings in the Universe, we shall surrender to you with utmost devotion and dedication and we earnestly pray to eradicate all our sufferings.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, you are the pure form of Shuddha Sathva that is not mixed with the other two Gunas of Rajas and Thamas.  Maharishi Veda Vyasa repeatedly describes in various scriptures that you are born with Sathva Guna comprises of subtle elements, sense organs and action.  Therefore your idol is unblemished, which reveals supreme bliss and eternal Brahmam that is visible for the fortunate ones; it is delightful to ears and mind as well.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Bhooman, Your personification is eternal and perfect which provides unlimited nectar like bliss, and many liberated souls are merged in your mesmerizing form, which is the pure ocean of Brahmam, with the waves of ultimate joy.   Your personification has ascended with the Suddha Sathvam of Brahmam, therefore it can be termed as Nishkala Brahmam.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Aja , You are not predisposed for any activities, you perform action with no motive, you perform the act at your will to create, as a cause for the manifestation of ‘Prakriti’/nature, as if it has not existed before the creation of new cycle.  Thus, the pure form of Prakriti does not obstruct the splendor of you.  Oh! Vaikundha, your eternal glories remains forever.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Maruthagaranatha,  We meditate upon your glorious form excels the beauty of rain bearing dark clouds and alluring bunch of blue lotus flowers.  You are the epitome of beauty before the virtuous who, envisioned your Poornapunya Avatharam due to their meritorious reward, the place where Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi resides in extreme joy without any inhibition.  You are the rainstorm of nectar like bliss to the people who venerates you.  Oh! Supreme Lord, we shall always meditate upon your glorious form.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Ajitha, I was forced to think that your fun of creation is extremely painful sport; it causes endless sufferings to the living creatures.  But, I am not thinking that anymore, because if there were no creation how could it is possible for the humans to envision your mesmerizing form which is delightful for the eyes and ears? How could be possible to soak in the nectar like supreme bliss?
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You are always approachable to your devotees who venerates you, you will get easily pleased and provides them unlimited boon unasked, in the form of wealth and fulfill their desires and even liberation.  Oh! Hare, you are the provider of unlimited blessings like Parijatha tree.  Alas! Some people with mounted desires may wish for the futile and insignificant tree in the garden of Lord Indra.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, We prostrate before you, Oh! Shourey, you offer liberation to your devotees out of compassion, while other deities fulfill the desires of their devotees, while other deities perform their function with the powers vested in them, you are the very art of ruler of yourself and others as well.   Oh! Supreme Lord, You are incomparable, therefore all the fortunate souls find immense pleasure and extreme bliss in you and your abode of incomparable attributes.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, you are the supreme one to Lord Shankara and other deities, your valor excels the prowess of the entire Universe.  Your glories are sung by sages; Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi permanently resides on your chest.  Oh! Murahara, slayer of the demon Mura, You are omnipresent but remains unattached, therefore the term ‘Bhagavan’ is well applicable to you.
Sandhranandava Bodhathmakam Anupamitham Kaladheshavadhibhyam
Nirmuktham Nithya Muktham Nigama Shatha Sahasrena Nirbhasyamanam |
Aspashtam Dhrushtamathrey Punaruru – Purusharthathmakam Brahma Thathvam
Thath Thavath Bhathi Sakshath Gurupavanapure Hantha ! Bhagyam  Jananam ||
Yevam Dhurllabhya Vasthunyapi Sulabhathaya Hastha Labdhe Yadhanyath
Thanva Vacha Dhiya Va Bajathi Batha ! Jana: Kshudhrathaiva Spudeyam |
Yethey Thavadhvayam Thu Sthirathara Manasa Vishwa Peedapahathyai
Nissheshathmana Menam Guru Pavanapuradheesham Yevashrayama: ||
Saththvam Yath Thath Parabhyam Aparikalanatho Nirmalam Thena Thavath
Bhoothai Bhoothendhriyaisthey Vapurithi Bahusha: Shruyathey Vyasa Vakyam |
Thathsvacchathvath Yadhacchadhitha Parasukha Chidgarbha Nirbhasa Roopam
Thasmin Dhanya Ramanthey Shruthi Mathi Madhurey Sugrahey Vigrahey They ||
Nishkambhey Nithyapoorney Niravadhi Paramanandha – Peeyusharoopey
Nillinaneka – Mukthavali Subhagathamey Nirmala Bhrama Sindhou |
Kallolallasa Thulyam Ghalu Vimalatharam Saththvamahu Sthadhathma
Kasmanno Nishkalasthvam Sakala Ithi Vacha: Thvath Kalasveva Bhooman! ||
Nirvyaparopi Nishkaranamaja ! Bhajase Yath Kriyameekshanakhyam
Thenaivodhethi Leena Prakruthi – Rasathi Kalpapi Kalpadhi Kale |
Thasya: Samshuddhamamsham Kamapi Thathirodhayakam Sathvaroopam
Sa Thvam Dhruthva Dhadhasi Swamahima Vibhavakunda ! Vaikunda ! Roopam ||
Thath They Prathyagra Dharadhara – Lalitha – Klayavali Kelikaram
Lavanyasyaika Saram Sukruthi Janadhrusham Poorna Punyavatharam |
Lakshmi – Nisshanga Leela – Nilayanam Amruthasyanddha – Sandhoha Mantha:
Sinchith Sanchithakanam Vapuranu Kalaye Maruthagara Natha ! ||
Kashta They Shrushti Cheshta Bahuthara Bhava Ghedhavaha Jeevabhajam
Ithyevam Poorvamalochitha Majitha ! Maya Naiva Madhyadhi Janey |
No Chejjeeva: Kadham Va Madhura Tharam Idham Thvadh Puschidhra Sardhram
Nethrai: Shrothraishcha Peethva Paramarasa Sudhambhodhi Poorey Rameran ||
Namranam Sannidhdhaththe Sathatham Api Purasthai – Ranabhyarththi Thanapi
Arththan Kamanajasram Vitharasi Paramanandha – Sandhram Gathim Cha |
Iththam Nisshesha Labhyo Niravadhi Kaphala: Parijatho Hare ! Thvam
Kshudhram Tham Shakravadidhruma – Mabhilashathi Vyarththam Arththi Vrajoyam ||
Karunyath Kamamanyam Dhadhathi Ghalu Pre Swathmadhasthvam Visheshath
Aishwaryadheeshathenye   Jagathi Para Jane Swathmano Eeshwarasthvam |
Thvayucchairara Manthi Prathi Padha Madhurey Chethana: Speetha Bhagya:
Thvam Chathmarama Yevethyathula -  Guna Ganadhara ! Shourey ! Namasthey ||
Aishwaryam Shankaradheeshwara Viniyamanam Vishwa Thejoharanam
Theja Ssamhari Veeryam Vimalamapi Yasho Nisphruhaischopa Geetham |
Anga Sanga Sadha Srirakhila Vidhasi Na Kvapi They Sanga Varththa
Thadhvathagara Vasin ! Murahara ! Bhagavad Shabdha Mukhya Shrayosi ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!