Sri Vishno: Panchayudha Sthothram !! Lyrics and Its meaning

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Sri Vishnu Panchayudha Sthothram  is a set of glorious verses praising the five fierce weapons of Lord Vishnu, such as Wheel/Sudharshana Chakra, Conch/Panchajanya, Mace/Kaumodhaki, Sword /Gadgam/Nandakam and Bow /Sharngam.     Whoever recites the holy verses praising the Panchayudham of Lord Vishnu would be relieved from all fears, sins, grief and sorrows.
I shall always surrender to the holy Wheel/Sudharshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu which has the brilliance of crores of Adityas, it has the fierceness of thousands of flames and vanquish the demons effortlessly.  I shall always surrender to the holy Conch/Panchajanyam of Lord Vishnu, which reverberates with the mouthful air of Lord Vishnu, which thrashes the ego and pride of the demons and shines like billions of Adityas.  I shall always surrender to the holy Mace/ Kaumodhaki of Lord Vishnu that has the fortunate touch of Lord by his left hand, which shines like Mount Meru and gold in color, which destroys the clan of demons.  I shall always surrender to the holy Sword/Nandakam of Lord Vishnu which shines in the hands of supreme Lord that has dazzling red hue surrounded on it, which will effortlessly behead the demons.  I shall always surrender to the holy Bow/Sharngam of Lord Vishnu; the reverberating noise would remind the triumph of supreme Lord in the minds of deities and its presence would remove the fear from their minds, reminds the stream of arrows against the demons.
Whoever recites the glorious Panchayudha Stothram of Lord Vishnu in the morning hours would be relieved from sins, fears, grief and sorrows, it also reinstate the happiness in the worshipper.   It provides supreme bliss to the worshipper whoever in the midst of woodland or war or enemies or water or fire or in the middle of unforeseen perils or in extreme anxiety would be protected, remains unharmed and delightful. 
Spura Sahasrara Shikhathi Theevram
Sudharshanam Bhaskara Kodi Thulyam
Suradhvisham Prana Vinashi Vishno:
Chakram Sadhaham Sharanam Prapadhye
Vishnor Mukhoththanila Poorithasya
Yasya Dhvanir Dhanava Dharppahantha
Tham Panchajanyam Shashi Kodi Shubhram
Shangham Sadhaham Sharanam Prapadhye
Hiranmayim Meru Samana Saram
Koumodhakim Dhaithya Kulaika Hanthrim
Vaikunda Vamagra Karabhi Mrushtam
Gadham Sadhaham Sharanam Prapadhye
Rakshosuranam Kadinogra Kanda –
Cchedhakshara Cchonitha Dhigdhadharam
Tham Nandakam Nama Hare : Pradheeptham
Gadgam Sadhaham Sharanam Prapadhye
Yajjyani Nadha Shravanath Suranam
Chethamsi Nirmuktha Bayani Sadhya:
Bhavanthi Dhaithyashani Bana Varshi
Sharngam Sadhaham Sharanam Prapadhye
Imam Hare: Pancha Mahayudhanam
Sthavam Padedh Anudhinam Prabhathey
Samamstha Dukhani Bayani Sadhya:
Papani Nashyanthi Sukhani Santhi
Vane Rane Shathru Jalagni Madhye
Yadhdhrucchayapatsu Maha Bayeshu
Idham Padan Sthothramanakulathma
Sukhi Bhaveth Thath Kruthasarva Rakshaka:
|| Ithi Vishno : Panchayudha Sthothram Sampoornam ||
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Sri Shivananda Lahari !! Lyrics & Its meaning 81 - 90

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Pradosham on 24th June, 2014 !! 108 Shivalayas !! Eranakulam Sri Mahadeva Temple !!

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Rishinagakulam/Eranakulam Sri Mahadeva Temple is one of the 108 Shivalays in Kerala consecrated by Lord Parasurama, located in the heart of Eranakulam City, Kerala.  In this temple, Lord Shiva worshipped in the form of a Linga as an embodiment of Lord Gaurishankara.
Presiding deity - Thiru Eranakulathappan
Worshipped by – Arjuna, Devala Rishi/Nagarshi, Vilvamangalam Swamigal,
Festivals – Maha Shivarathri, Brahmostavam/Aarattu in the month of Jan/Feb,
Sannidhis – Lord Ganesha, Lord Nandikeshwara, Lord Kirathamoorthi,
The legend has that Arjuna, one of the Pancha Pandavas from the great epic Sri Mahabharath underwent severe penance to propitiate Lord Shiva to attain the most powerful weapon Pasupathasthra.  Lord was pleased at the devotion of Arjuna and the divine couple appeared before him in the form of a hunter & huntress, witnessed a demon Mookasura was assigned by Duryodhana to kill Arjun was disguised in the form of a wild boar made an effort to attack Arjuna.  The hunter shot an arrow at the boar that instantly killed; simultaneously Arjuna also shot an arrow that hit the boar.  However, the heated argument between the hunter and Arjuna continued to affirm their proficiency in the usage of bow and arrow.  Ultimately, it resulted in a battle between Arjuna and the hunter, eventually the all pervading Lord Shiva won the battle. 
Arjuna was badly wounded in the battle made a Linga out of the sand and venerates Lord Shiva with the flowers.  To his surprise the flowers offered on the Linga was falling from the head of hunter and huntress.  Arjuna realized the presence of Supreme Lord Shiva and requested for forgiveness.  The divine couple was satisfied at the dedication of Arjuna, blessed with one of the fiercest weapon Pasupathasthra.  
As years passes by, Devala was afflicted with a curse become Nagarshi witnessed the Linga consecrated by Arjuna.  Nagarshi sanctified the Linga and installed the Linga at Rishinakulam for worship, when he was prepared to leave this place, tried to remove the Linga from the ground, which was already wedged on the ground, eventually, Devala was released from the curse.   Later, this Linga a personification of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Gauri was installed in a magnificent temple constructed for the worship.
Worship of Lord Eranakulathappan and his consort Goddess Sri Gauri is capable to remove all the sins and provides liberation to the worshipper.
This temple remains open from 3.30 AM to 11.00 AM in the morning and 4.00 PM to 8.00PM in the evenings.
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
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Yogini Ekadashi on 23rd June, 2014 !!

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Sri Gopika Gitam !! Lyrics & Meanings

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Srimad Bhagavatha Puranam describes the enthralling verses of Sri Gopika Gitam, narrated by Sage Suka to King Janamejaya.  These beautiful verses reveal the staunch devotion of the young maidens of cow herds/ of Yadhava clan to Lord Krishna.
Oh! Lord Krishna, the Vraja Bhoomi of Yadhavas is ever prosperous due to your glorious birth and the presence of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, hence the people of this sacred land is living a happy life, we Gopis have boundless love towards you and searching for you, earnestly pray for your presence before us.  Oh! Lord Krishna, the luster of your eyes attracts the blooming lotuses on spring seasons in the crystal clear pond, Oh!  King of love, provider of benedictions, and your absence would kill these humble servants of you. Oh! Lord Krishna, you have protected us from the venomous serpent Kaliya, you have saved us from the heavy thunder storm, vanquished the demon Vyoma son of Maya appeared as a bull before you, and eventually you have protected us several times from all those qualms.  Oh! Lord Krishna, You have taken birth in the Yadhava clan at the request of Lord Brahma to protect the world, you are not the child of these young maidens, but you are the soul of all living beings and an intimate companion of us.  Oh! Compassionate Lord, you are the savior of the people, who seek protection of you and those who are anxious of this material life, you grant plenty of boons to your worshipper, we sincerely pray to place lotus like your hands on our heads.  Oh! Lord Krishna, you are the vanquisher of sorrows of people in Vrajabhumi, you are the stunning personality with captivating smiles who destroys the pride of your devotees, and we earnestly pray to please us with your presence.  Oh! Lord Krishna, you are the destroyer of the sins of your worshipper, your lotus feet are the epitome of beauty that accompanies the cows of Vrajabhumi and danced on the thousands hood of the venomous serpent Kalinga, we earnestly pray to keep your lotus feet on our pretty bosom and give pleasure to us.  Oh! Lord Krishna, the attractive and sweet nectar like words from your mouth makes the wise turn into the state of ecstasy, Oh! Our dearest companion, feed us the nectar from your lips and bring us back to life.  Oh! Lord Krishna, the nectar like your myths are the remedy for all the miseries, grief and pains, that was sung by intellectuals capable to enrich with all the devoutness.  The people whoever sung praising of your glories are truly blessed.  Oh! Lord Krishna, your affectionate look, your playful and secret gestures gives us immense pleasure, we earnestly pray to turn our thoughts into the state of supreme bliss and run wildly in a state of ecstasy.  Oh! Lord Krishna, when you accompany the cattle of Vrajabhumi into woods, supple and soft lotus feet of yours hurts while stride over the thorns and stones, it makes our heart turn restless and anxious as well.  Oh! Lord Krishna, your cloud like beautiful hair locks and face covered in dust while returning from woodland would make us uncontrollably passionate towards you, but you just do not bother about it. Oh! Lord Krishna, place your lotus feet meticulously on our bosom, which grant boons to your worshipper and protects from perils, was venerated by Lord Brahma and a marvelous ornament to the world.  Oh! Lord Krishna, give us the pleasure from the nectar of your lips that would increase the passion, extremely enjoyed by the divine flute of yours, capable to destroy the sorrows and put an end to our yearnings.  Oh! Lord Krishna, during day time when you leave to woods would put us in a state of gloomy, seeing you back through your curly hair locks would make us remember the dull witted Lord Brahama. Oh! Lord Krishna, we have deserted our families, our children, husbands, and brothers, eventually took shelter in you Lord Achyutha, who is the knower of all.  But, Lord Krishna, you too have neglected us who have arrived by the attraction of your melodious flute on that night.  Oh! Lord Krishna, your affectionate glance with most charming smile, your broad chest where Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi resides would make us crave for you and our mind get delighted with the marvelous look of yours.  Oh! Lord Krishna, you are the favorite companion of people of Vrajabhumi and compassionate Lord, capable to destroy all our sins and preserver of the Universe; we earnestly pray to cure our aching heart.  Oh! Lord Krishna, place your lotus feet on our hard bosom meticulously, so that it won’t hurt your feet.  Our heart severely aches at the thought of the troubles suffered by your lotus feet while striding over stones and thorns of woods.
Srimad Bhagavathey Dasamaskandhey
|| Gopika Gitam ||
Jayathi Thedhikam Krishna Janmana Vraja:
Shrayatha Indira Krishna Shvashvadhathra Hi |
Dhayitha Dhrushyatham Krishna Dhikshu Thavaka:
Thvayi Dhruthasavasthvam Krishna Vichimbathey ||
Sharadhudhashaye Krishna Sadhujatha Sath –
Sarasijodhara Krishna Shrimusha Dhrusha |
Surathanatha They Krishna Shulkadasika
Varada Nignatho Krishna Neha  Kim Vadha: ||
Vishajalapyayath Krishna Vyalarakshasath
Varshamaruthath Krishna Vaidhyuthanalath |
Vrushamayathmajath KrishnaVishwatho Bhayath
Rishabha They  Vayam Krishna Rakshitha Muhu: ||
Na Khalu Gopika Krishna Nandano Bhavan
Akhila Dehinam Krishna Antharathma Dhruk }
Vigana Sarththitho Krishna Vishwa Gupthaye
Sakha  Udheyivan Krishna Sathvatham Kuley ||
Virachithabayam Krishna Vrushni Dhuryathey
Charanameeyusham Krishna Samsyather Bhayath |
Kara Saroruham Krishna Kantha Kamadham
Shirasi Dhehi Na:  Krishna Srikara Graham ||
Vruja Janarthihan Krishna  Veera Yoshitham
Nijjanasmaya  Krishna Dhvamsanasmitha |
                                          Baja Sakhey Bhavath Krishna Kimkari : Sma No
Jalaruhananam  Krishna Charu Dharshaya ||
Pranatha Dhehinam Krishna Papa Karshanam
Thrunacharanugam Krishna Srinikethanam |
Phani Phanarppitham Krishna  They Padhambujam
Krunu Kucheshu Na: Krishna Krundhdhi Hrucchayam ||
Madhuraya Gira Krishna  Valguvakyaya
Budha Manojyaya Krishna Pushpakrekshana |
Vidhikaririma Krishna Veera Muhyathi:
Adharasheedhuna Krishna Pyaya Yasva Na: ||
Thava Kathamrutham Krishna Thaptha Jeevanam
Kavibhireeditham Krishna Kalmashapaham |
Shravana Mangalam Krishna Shrimadha Thatham
Bhuvi Grunanthi They Krishna Bhuridha Jana : ||
Prahasitham Priya  Krishna Prema Veekshanam
Viharanam Cha  They Krishna Dhyana Mangalam |
Rahasi Samvidho Krishna Ya Hrudhisprusha:
Kuhaka No Krishna Mana: Kshobhayanthi Hi ||
Chalasi Yadh Vrajath Krishna Charayan Pashun
Nalina Sundaram Krishna Natha They Padham |
Shila Thrunamkurai: Krishna Seedhatheethi Na:
Kalilatham Mana: Krishna  Kantha Gacchathi ||
Dhinapareekshaye Krishna Neelakunthalai:
Vanaruhananam Krishna Bibradha Vrutham |
Ghanarajasvalam Krishna Dharshayan Muhu:
Manasi Na: Smaram Krishna  Veera Yacchasi ||
Pranatha Kamadham Krishna Padmajarchitham
Dharani Mandanam Krishna Dhyeyamapathi |
Chanara Pankajam Krishna Shantha Manja They
Ramana Na: Krishna Sthaneyshvarppa Yadhihan ||
Suratha Vardhanam Krishna Shoka Nasanam
Swaritha Venuna Krishna Sushtu Chumbitham |
Ithara Ragavi Krishna  Smaranam Nrunam
Vithara Veera Krishna Nasthey Dharamrutham ||
Adathi Yadh Bhavan Krishna  Ahni Kananam
Thrudir Yugayathey  Krishna Thvamapashyatham |
Kudila Kunthalam Krishna Srimukham Cha They
Jada Udheekshitham Krishna Pakshma Kruddhrusham ||
Pathisuthambaya Krishna Bhrathru Bandhavan
Athi Vilanghyathey Krishna Achyuthagatha: |
Gathi Vidhasthavoth Krishna Githamohitha :
Kithava Yoshitha: Krishna Kasthyajennishi ||
Rahasi  Samvidham Krishna Hrucchayodhayam
Prahasithananam Krishna Prema Veekshanam |
Bhruhadhura: Shriyo Krishna Veekshya Dhama They
Muhurathi Spruha Krishna Muhyathey Mana: ||
Vrujavanoukasam Krishna Vyakthiranga They
Vrujinahanthrlyam  Krishna Vishwamangalam |
Thyaja Manak Cha Krishna Nasthvaspruhathmanam
Swajana Hrudhrujam Krishna Yannishudhanam ||
Yaththey Sujatha Chanaranmburuham  Sthaneshu
Bheetha: Shanai: Priya Dhadhimahi Karkkasheshu |
Thenadavimadasi Thadhvyadhathey Na Kimsvith
Koorpadhibhir Bhramathidhir Bhavadhayusham Na:
|| Ithi Gopika Gitam Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!