Sri Madhurashtakam by Sri Vallabhacharya !! Lyrics & Its meaning!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Sri Madhurashtakam was composed by Sri Vallabhacharya, passionate devote of Lord Krishna, conquered learned scholars of Sri Jagannathapuri at a young age.  The King of Jagannathapuri enquired the scholars assembled in the Assembly to detail the supremacy of scriptures, deity, hymns and service, but none of scholars were not in a position to give a satisfying answer to the King.  Ultimately   at the instruction of Sri Vallabhacharya, the questions which required answers by the King was place before Lord Jagannatha, the compassionate Lord composed the following glorious verses to enlighten his ardent devotees.
Yekam Sasthram  Devaki Puthra Gitam
Yeko  Devo Devakiputhra Yeva:
Manthropyekas Thasya Namani Yani,
Karmopyekam Thasya Devasya Seva
{The answers to the question were Gita recited by Lord Krishna is the sacred scripture, son of Devanki is the supreme deity, various glorious names of Lord Krishna is the supreme hymns and the greatest among the service is the Service to Lord Krishna}
Oh! Lord Madhuradhipathey ! Lord Krishna, whose lips are nectar like sweet, beautiful face and the smile, eyes, your compassionate heart and way of walking everything is captivating, everything about you is sweet and matchless; hence the whole world is divine.    Oh! Madhurathipathey ! Lord Krishna, Every word comes out of your mouth is sweet, your myths and the place where you resides is delightful, your movements are sweet and the illusions that you creates as well.  Thus, Oh! Madhurathipathey ! Lord Krishna, everything about you is pleasurable. The divine sounds of your flute is sweet, the dust that appears on your lotus feet is sweet, your lotus hands and feet are sweet, your dance and your associates are charming, ultimately everything about you is attractive.  Oh! Madhurathipathey ! Lord Krishna, your songs are sweet, everything you consumes are sweet, your sleep, your most excellent form and the sandal paste on your forehead are extremely pleasing and everything related to you is incomparable.  Oh! Madhurathipathey ! Lord Krishna, your divine deeds, childhood prank, and play of love, oblations, tranquility and the path of salvation are sweet and everything about you is matchless. Oh! Madhurathipathey ! Lord Krishna, your attractive garland made of berries is stunning, the holy river Yamuna, its water and the ripples, and the lotus in it are striking, and eventually everything about you is admirable.  Oh! Madhurathipatehy ! Lord Krishna, your divine deeds with the Gopis, cowherds and cows are exceptional, your creation & annihilation and your humors, finally everything related to you are most exciting.
Adharam Madhuram Vadhanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Hasitham Madhuram |
Hrudhayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Vachanam Madhuram Charitham Madhuram Vasanam Madhuram Valitham Madhuram |
Chalitham Madhuram Bhramitham Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Vrushno Madhuro Renur Madhura: Panir Madhura: Padhou Madhura |
Nruthyam Madhuram Sakhyam Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Geetham Madhuram Peetham Madhuram Bhuktham Madhuram Suptham Madhuram |
Rupam Madhuram Thilakam Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Karanam Madhuram Tharanam Madhuram Haranam Madhuram Ramanam Madhuram |
Vamitham Madhuram Shamitham Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Gunjja Madhura  Mala Madhura Yamuna Madhura Veechi Madhura |
Salilam Madhuram Kamalam Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Gopi Madhura Leela Madhura Yuktham Madhuram Bhuktham Madhuram |
Dhrushtam Madhuram Shishtam Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
Gopa Madhura Gavo Madhura Yashtim Madhura Shrushti Madhura |
Dhalitham Madhuram Phalitham Madhuram Madhuradhipathey Akhilam Madhuram ||
||  Ithi Madhurashtakam Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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