Sri Andal Thiruppavai - 10 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sri Andal, who was the daughter of Sri Periyalvar has the names Godha Piratti/Soodikudutha Nachiyar/Bhattar Piran Puthalvi and Thiruppavai Padiya Selvi.  She has composed illustrious Thiruppavai contains 30 verses and Nachiyar Thirumozhi contains 143 verses praising the glories of Lord Vishnu.

In this Pasuram/Verse, Sri Andal denotes the significance of self-surrender to Supreme Lord.  Sri Andal approaching a young maiden whose house was very close to Nandagopa, but she was unresponsive and pretend to be asleep in her bed, Sri Andal prompts her to join for the Markazhi fast but she has already surrendered to Him, so not interested to join with them.   The insensitiveness of the young maiden forced to think Sri Andal that the Kumbhakarna must have contributed her with his sleep before departing from this world, Sri Andal insists her not to remain on the bed at the time of daybreak and join with her for a holy dip.
Notru Chuvarkkam Pukukindra Ammanai !
Matramum Thararo Vasal Thiravadhar
Natra Thuzhaimudi Narayanan Nammal
Potra Parai Tharum Punniyanal Pandorunal
Kootrathin  Vai Veezhndha Kumba Karnanum
Thotrum Unakke Perum Thuyilthan Thanthano
Atra Anandhal Udayai Arungalame
Theytramai Vandhu Thiravelor Empavai
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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