Srimad Ramayanam !! Sundarakandam !! Part I

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Maharishi Valmiki describes the valorous nature of Anjaneya to cross the vast ocean of 100 Yojana and his tremendous ways to deal with the impediments caused by Mainaka, Surasa and Simhika.   Anjaneya stood high on the Mahendragiri Mountain, the dwelling place of numerous species of animals, rich of natural as well as mineral resources and the residing place of Yakshas, Kinnaras and Gandharvas who has the capabilities to assume any form according to their wish.   Anjaneya revealed his most remarkable gigantic form to the Vanaras assembled and performed initial obeisance to Lord Vayu, Lord Indra, Lord Surya, and Lord Brahma, Rama and Lakshman and all the deities to attain success in his mission.  He sturdily pressed Mahandragiri, the entire trees in the mountain were wane into dust showering its flowers on Anjaneya and on the surface of the mountain, spray waters from different sources gushed out, huge rocks of diverse colors contained rich minerals were smashed into dust, various creatures resided in the mountain were rushed out aimlessly with a horrifying noises, the venomous snakes spew off its poison created smoke.   Vidhyadharas hastily shifted their dwelling places along with their family; Vindhadharas in the sky could hear the words of Rishis, Siddhas and Charanas about the mayhem.  All the Rishis and Siddhapurushas were eulogized the valiant deed of Anjaneya.  Anjaneya swiftly moved through the clouds like a fire ball with great roar, has a close resemblance to Garuda, King of birds dashing with a snake on its mouth.  He spoke to the Vanaras that he will approach Lanka like an arrow released by Rama with the speed of wind, if he does not see Sita in Lanka he will rush to Suralaya/Abode of deities; if he does not find Sita there he will capture Ravana and bring back Sita.  The trees and its branches were fluttered to different places on the surface of the ocean.  Anjaneya’s appearance with all the multicolored flowers covered on his body added the beauty, he shone like an Aditya.   The deities, Gandharvas and Danavas praised the glories of Anjaneya and showered flowers upon him. Lord Surya reduced his sizzling heat and Lord Vayu served his son with warm breeze. Sages, Nagas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, praised the fearlessness of Anjaneya.   Samudrarajan/King of Oceans desired to reveal his gratitude towards Ikshvaku Dynasty, so he advised Mount Mainaka, the protector from Danavas positioned at the entrance of Patala Loka to receive Anjaneya who has undertaken the huge mission to serve Rama with all the honors.  Samudrarajan instructed Mainaka to adopt his massive form and appear before Anjaneya.  As instructed Mainaka assumed a huge form and appeared before Anjaneya and admires his braveness, he earnestly requests to accept his hospitality before the long adventurous journey.  Mount Mainaka insists Anjaneya to consume fruits and sweet drinks to add liveliness to his extensive journey that would provide him immense pleasure to receive a righteous Vanara as his guest of honor.  He narrates the story that has taken place in Kritha Yuga all the trees had their wings to move around freely.  Thus, all the trees were liberally move across the world in different directions at their own will with the speed of Lord Vayu like Garuda.  This caused intense fear among the hermits who resided in the mountain and carried out their austerities.  Lord Indra conducted a 100 Ashwamedha Yaga and attained a ferocious weapon called Vajrayudha, he cut off the wings of all the trees with this malicious weapon.  In this way, he protected the deities and Sages from the trepidation.  Lord Indra viciously approached Mount Mainaka was saved by Lord Vayu with his gigantic force hurled Mount Mainaka into ocean and protected.  Mount Mainaka reverentially requested Anjaneya to accept his hospitality as mark of gratitude and affection.  Anjaneya describes his plight of situation, profusely thanking his kindness and narrates the seriousness of the task he has undertaken, so does not want to waste time on his welfare.  Anjaneya graciously refused the invitation of Mount Mainaka and thanked his courtesy because he does not want to cause any impediments to his duty.  Mainaka wished success in his mission and withdrawn himself into the depth of the sea.  In this way, Anjaneya won over Mount Mainaka with his compassion.


Anjaneya resumed his journey, all the deities were praised the graciousness of him and blessed him.  All the deities, Gandharvas and Sages approached Surasa, Nagamatha and daughter of Daksha and prompted her to cause an obstruction to Anjaneya’s journey so as to prove his intelligence.  They insisted her to assume the form of a fierce looking ugly demon.  Nagamatha, Surasa appeared in a huge dreadful form before Anjaneya.  She proclaimed that she will devour Anjaneya, it was her nature to gulp down whatever comes on her way.   Anjaneya introduces her as the messenger of Rama and narrates the purpose of crossing the huge ocean in search Sita who is daughter-in-law of Emperor Dasaratha and wife of Rama.  In order to keep up the promise given to his father, Rama with his wife and younger brother left to woodland.  Unfortunately she was abducted by the demon King Ravana while their stay at Dandakaranyam.  Anjaneya promises Surasa that he would serve her need immediately after completing the task of Rama.  He insists Surasa  to wait for his return after locating Sita in the Kingdom of Lanka and provide the nectar like message to Rama.  But Surasa was not willing to take anything into her ears, proclaiming that it was the boon she had received from Lord Brahma to swallow everything comes on her way,  she vehemently approached Anjaneya with her mouth wide opened.  Anjaneya irritatingly increased his size, in this way Surasa and Anjaneya were competitively fought each other for quite some time.  Until Surasa widened her size of mouth up to 100 Yojanas, instantaneously Anjaneya reduced himself into minuscule size and swiftly got out of Surasa’s mouth.   Thus,  Anjaneya served the need of Surasa and enthusiastically bade farewell to her.  Surasa cheerfully took her original form and wished Anjaneya great success in his mission.


Anjaneya took off with great spirits moved through the clouds like the King of birds.  He covered a few yojans and felt his movements were forbidden with an immense force.  There was an evil demon Simhika, Chayagrahi who was capable to seize her enemies with her shadow.  She vehemently moved against Anjaneya and completely blocked his movements.  Instantly, Anjaneya noticed a ferocious demon approaching him with its mouth wide opened.   Her dreadful huge form gulped Anjaneya, shortly she produced a huge voice of cries, Anjaneya ripped off her internal organs with his sharp nails and got out of her stomach successfully.  All the deities, Sages, Rishis, Kinnaras, Yakshas and Gandharvas assembled were admired the braveness of Anjaneya.  After crossing several Yojans,  Anjaneya visualized through the top of the mountains a gorgeous city of Lanka located on the peak of Mount Trikoota that had close resemblance to Amaravati, Capital of Lord Indra.  Anjaneya gradually reduced his giant form into normal.



Anjaneya landed on the Mount Trikoota and watched over the stunning city of Lanka built by the celestial sculptor Vishwakarma.  He astoundingly visualized the enthralling beauty of Lanka surrounded by its rich beautiful nature.  The gardens of varieties of flowers of various fragrances, various trees with attractive fruits, marvelously constructed ponds and streams for entertainment, different species of birds, majestic mansions were gave out a brilliant appearance of Abode of Gods.  The beautiful mansion built with gems and precious stones were surrounded by massive golden wall.  The demons of various sizes and complexions, the servants of King Ravana were roaming around to protect the same.  The grandeur of the city once it was ruled by Lord Kubera, elder brother of Ravana had the close resemblance to the Abode of Lord Shiva Mount Kailash.  Anjaneya closely observed the places and chivalrously remembered that only Angada, Nila, Sugriva and he would be able to cross this mighty ocean.  Immediately, his mind engaged on his duty to perform, he meticulously approached the northern gate as a beginning to his search for Sita.  The demons of vicious forms were wandering all over, suddenly put a halt to his way and thought that it would not be safe to move along with the original form, so decided to wait for the hours of darkness.  He admired the Kingdom of Lanka as unbeatable to deities or demons.  Anjaneya’s mind occupied with various thoughts about how to meet Sita without the knowledge of the demons? Where to meet? How to accomplish the task of Rama successfully? How to protect the mighty task of crossing ocean without any harm? How to operate the task without getting hurt and spoil the entire hard work?  etc..  At last, Anjaneya decided to take a tiny form and enter the palace in the night hours.  He patiently waited for the sunset; his mind was completely wrapped up with the different kind of thoughts.  After sun set, Anjaneya reduced his form into a size of a cat and walked through the majestic pathways meticulously observing the tremendous beauty of the Palace of Ravana.  Anjaneya was mesmerized at the beauty of the huge mansions made of gems, crystals and precious stones,  beautifully constructed pathways, gardens, places of entertainment, ponds etc…made of gold and precious stones.   In the moon light Anjaneya had a clear vision of every nook and corner of the surroundings of the palace. 


The city of Lanka was well protected by the mighty demons on elephants and horses like the City of Bhogavati protected by venomous serpents.  Anjaneya was fascinated at the beauty of the city of Lanka made of Gold, Emerald, Pearls, Crystals, Ruby, Diamonds, Sapphires, Cat’s eye etc... There were some auspicious sounds of recital of Vedic hymns and the sounds of promising instruments like drum and clarinet.  The demons were richly attired embellished with golden ornaments all over their bodies.  The rich glittering ornaments produced glow everywhere.  Suddenly Lankini, a horrific demon, guardian of Lanka appeared before Anjaneya, she blocked his way and questioned the purpose of his visit to the city.  She threatened him to tell the truth otherwise he would be punished to death.   She was protecting the Kingdom of Ravana in her invisible form and none could enter the palace without her permission.  Anjaneya was thoroughly annoyed by her arrogance.  He answered her that the purpose of visit to Lanka was to enjoy the marvelous city and the beauty of its surroundings.   Lankini haughtily replied to him that he was not permissible to visit the places where King and Rakshasas lives without override her.  Anjaneya pleaded her that he will not do any harm to this beautiful city, he will return back after a quick visit.  Lakini lost her patience and she furiously hit on the face of Anjaneya.  Anjaneya was controlling his anger thinking of her as a woman should not be assaulted; he lost his control and gave a rock-hard punch on her face.  Instantly, Lankini fell on the ground with a thud.  She painfully addressed Anjaneya and revealed her identity as the protector of Lanka; she had a boon from Lord Brahma that a mighty Vanara would defeat her that would be the sign of the annihilation of Rakshas.  She profusely admired Anjaneya, she whispered that the destruction of Lanka was happened due to the evil mindedness of Ravana by abducting Sita.  She prompted Anjaneya to resume his search for Sita all over Lanka according to his wish; the auspicious city has already stuck by the curse.


Anjaneya entered the city of Lanka placing his left foot, as an indication of intimidation to Ravana.  Anjaneya kept moving through the wondrous city, observing its astonishing sceneries, the beautiful mansion filled with the laughter and happiness, sounds of music and instruments, gorgeous women well dressed in their sparkling clothes, some of the demons were practicing fight, there were mighty demons with their shield on,  group of beautiful women enchantingly moving around with their heavy jewels tangling on their body made unusual sound, there were houses filled with Vedic hymns and rituals, all those stunning visuals made him cheerful, confident and optimistic once again.  Some of the Brahmin Rakshas were performing rituals with all those optimistic looks of matted hair locks.  There were demons with one eye, with no ear, pot bellied with ogre look, twisted teeth, horrific and disfigured appearances, long haired with different weird physical features and complexions.  Anjaneya witnessed the marvelous mansions of  Prahastha, Mahaparsva, Kumbhakarna, Vibheeshana, Mahodhara, Virupaksha,Vidhyujivha, Vidhyunmali, Vajradhamshtra,Shuka, Sarana,Indrajeet, Jambumali, Sumali, Rashmiketha, Suryashatru, Vajrakaya, Doomraksha, Sampathi, Vidhydrupa, Bheema, Khana, Vighana, Shukana, Vakra, Shada, Vikata, Brahmakarna, Damshtra, Roma, Yuddhomatha, Maththa, Dhwajagreeva,  Athikaya, Chaksha, Vidhyudhjivhendra, Hasthimukha, Akambana, Karala, Pisccha, Shonithaksha, Devanthaka, Naranthaka, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Ugravakthra, Ghora, Ghorarava, etc… Finally Ajaneya approached the grand palace of Ravana and its long golden door ways protected by hundredth thousands of mighty demons with fierce weapons.  At last Anjaneya entered the grand inner pathways of Ravana’s palace made of gems and precious stones.  Anjaneya keenly observing all those unique features of the demons moving throughout the wide patio engrossed in their passion.  Some of them were thoroughly enjoying their meal of various species; some of them were totally intoxicated and pouring ridiculous languages.  Some of the demons were sleeping with their wives, some were lustfully following others, some of the women were applying sandal paste on their body, some of them were wrapped up with their lovers and some of them were dancing and singing to the tunes.  Some of the intellectuals with good appearances and virtues were discussing about the scriptures, some of them were good speakers, and these virtuous demons were surrounded by their lovely wives absorbed in sweet talks.  There were gorgeous females of golden complexion inappropriately dressed attracted to males making lovely gestures.  Anjaneya observed attractive women of splendid physical features gracefully walking through the palace.  Unfortunately, Anjaneya did not witness Sita, a good natured, timid and virtuous wife of Rama.  There was no one he come across lamenting at the separation of dearest husband in that grand palace, Anjaneya turned grief-stricken.


Anjaneya entered the well protected palace of Ravana and mesmerized at the heap of wealth and classy chambers and unexplainable beauty of it.  The grand kitchen filled with the utensils of Gold and the continuous supply of honey and meat of various species of animals.  Anjaneya noticed Ravana’s the most gorgeous chamber that was unparallel in nature filled with all the luxuries and most classy things in the universe.  Anjaneyas witnessed the Pushpaka Vimanam, celestial vehicle of Ravana made of precious stones and gems drawn all his attention.  It has unique nature to carry numerous passengers and travel according to the wish of passenger at any distance, it has the capability to increase and decrease its size according to the requirements.  In a moment he was completely felt lost and gloomy for not seeing Sita anywhere in the Palace.  Maharishi Valmiki describes the splendor of Pushpakavimanam created by Vishwakarma and its matchless character magnanimously.  Every single part of this celestial vehicle was created with extreme thoughtfulness and the materials used were unique collected from various parts of the universe.


Anjaneya walked through the spacious inner hall of several Yojans inside the marvellous palace of Ravana searching for Sita.  Anjaneya have witnessed the most precious and classy things all through his ways.  He could see the most delicious meals and drinks served attracted him, the men and women dressed in various types of lavish clothes assembled were under the influence excessive drinks, some of them were gambling and some of them were sleeping, the entire place gave out an appearance of vast ocean with various attractive aquatic animals and deadly creatures.  Anjaneya was mesmerized at the beauty of the palace, for a moment he was compelled him to think of Abodes of Lord.  Gorgeous women were moving around gracefully in their lavish clothes and precious jewels adorned all over their body.  Ravana was having pleasurable times with the beautiful women surrounded in his grand chamber filled with fragrances, looks like the moon surrounded by the stars.  Anjaneya witnessed the stunning women surrounded him were totally miss placed their attire and jewels, some of them were sleeping with their instruments in their hands, some of them were intoxicated and speaking  weird languages while asleep, some of them were sleeping like swan, there was a cluster of beautiful women sleeping on one another’s lap.  Ravana majestically lying in a huge classy bed of precious metals decorated with gems and precious stone, all the beautiful women from the superior classes of Brahmanas and Gandharvas were captured by him either with his strength or charisma was immersed in lustful acts with him.  These women were highly intellectual, possessed all the qualities for a virtuous wife and a lover.  Anjaneya felt awful at the thought of searching Sita in an inappropriate place, affirmed to himself that chaste wife of Rama, the honorable women on Earth will remain unblemished forever.


Anjaneya witnessed Ravana, extremely attractive with beautiful earrings, long arms and legs, excellent physique, attired in most beautiful clothes, sandal paste and fragrances smeared all over the body with exquisite jewels was resembled like Mount Mandara.    Anjaneya moved closely to watch Ravana, the tusk mark of Airavatha (Lord Indra’s celestial vehicle, white elephant) was visible on his arm and the mark of hit of Vishnu’s dice, the best women in the Universe was serving his needs.  Ravana was sleeping; his mouthful of air has the special fragrances of Vakula, Punnaga, Chutha etc..  was dissolved in the atmosphere.  The beautiful women were exhausted sleeping with their various musical instruments like Maduka, Pataha, Mridangam, Veena, Flute, Padma, Dindima, Adambara, etc.. and no one was bothered to sleep properly with their clothes or jewels on their body.  Suddenly, Anjaneya noticed an extremely beautiful woman with most beautiful clothes and precious ornaments sleeping in a classy posture.  Anjaneya mistook it was Sita, he delightfully kissed his tail and he was in a rapture occupied himself in all kinds of monkey acts.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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