Srimad Ramayanam !! Sundara Kandam !! Part II

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Anjaneya lamented at his wrong prediction about Sita, chaste wife of Rama never consume anything at the grief of separation from her dearest husband or sleep inside the majestic palace of Ravana.  He regretfully left the chamber of Ravana and walked through the entertainment hall where loads of meat Mayura, Varaha, Mahisha, Kukkuta, Shalyan, Krakara, Chakora, Ekashalya, Cchaga, and various types of drinks of Sura, Madhvika, Sharkkara, Pushpa, Phala, were kept in an attractive manner in the vessels of precious metal.  There were men and women of various complexions were carelessly sleeping with their precious jewels spread all around, the cool breeze carried all those amazing fragrances of flowers from Pushpakavimanam, liquor, and meat all through the patio.  Anjaneya meticulously conducted search for Sita throughout the palace in the brilliant radiance, he was unsuccessful in locating Sita.  In a moment, he regrettably thought that he had committed sin of witnessing other’s wives in an inappropriate manner.  Soon, he pacified himself that it was not his intention to observe other’s wives, it was his duty to conduct search in the entire palace and he had no lustful intentions towards anyone not even for a second, those views were neither disturbed nor kindled his desires and it was necessary to conduct search of Sita amongst the group of women in the palace.  Anjaneya sorrowfully conducted further search through the palace.


Anjaneya proceeded through the various amusement places made of flowers, houses of arts and mansions constructed for fulfill sensual pleasure.  Anjaneya frightfully thought that Sita might have left her mortal coil at the horrendous appearance of the demons, soon he was completely disappointed.  He had invested lot of time and hard work to locate Sita, he has not seen her anywhere in Lanka.  Sita was neither in the palace nor in any of the amusement places situated.  For a moment, Anjaneya thought that his entire efforts had gone waste, she might have dead.  Anjaneya was haunted with various depressing thoughts.  He was already carried out meticulous search in the Palace and mansions of demons, Art house, Pleasure house, Gardens, Flower house, Places of amusement, Path ways of huge city of Lanka etc.  He depressingly moved through the houses and streets of Lanka.   He had witnessed demons of various complexions and stature, Vidhyadharas, Nagas, etc..  but unfortunately he did not find Sita anywhere.  He was totally overcome with grief and disappointment.


Anjaneya bleakly remembered that he had completed thorough search on the entire city of Lanka, not leaving any pools, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, mountains etc…Instantly he thought of King Sampathi’s advice  and description about a women in saffron clothing surrounded by the demons.  Anjaneya’s mind raced with various thoughts, Sita must have fallen down from the Pushpaka Vimanam while abducting Ravana or she must have fallen in the deep ocean or she must have committed suicide due to unbearable torture of Ravana or she must have been eaten by the demon or she must have left her coil helplessly calling out the names of Rama and Lakshmana.   Anjaneya was worriedly thought about how to inform Rama about the demise of his gorgeous wife at the hands of Ravana or how to inform Rama that Sita was nowhere to be seen in the Kingdom of Lanka; definitely Rama would give up his life at the most agonizing news.  Lakshmana cannot afford loosing Rama that will cause the death of him.  Bharatha may not survive listening to   unbearably painful news about Rama and Lakshmana.  Eventually Shatrunga will also give up his life at the grief of demise of elder brothers.  Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra will die right away at the most dreadful information about their children.  King Sugriva definitely will die out of grief and the thought of being ineffective in his promise given to Rama.  Ruma, wife of Sugriva who was already grief stricken and gone through various tortures would die instantly at the separation of her husband Sugriva.  Thara who was already heartbroken at the death of Vali and found solace at the company of Sugriva would die of repeated miseries.  Finally, Angada who had handful of sorrows like death of his father Vali and now the death of his mother would kill him too.  At last, none of the Vanaras clan or Ikshvaku dynasty would exists in this universe. Anjaneya painfully thought that he would die of fast or swallow poison, or sacrifice his life in the fire.  He assumed that without finding Sita he has no plans to go back to his clan, let others live in their optimistic thoughts.  Once again Anjaneya was disturbed with various thoughts and became gloomy.



Instantly, Anjaneya remembered the words of Sampathi, he once again paid salutations to Vasu, Rudra, Aditya, Ashwini Kumaras, Lord Indra, Lord Yama, Lord Vayu Lord Chandra, Lord Surya, Maruth Ganas and Sugriva along with Sri Rama and Lakshmana.   Anjaneya elegantly moved towards Ashoka Vatika.  He paid obeisance to all the deities, Lord Brahma, Lord Agni, Lord Varuna and sincerely prayed for the success in his mission to locate Sita.  Anjaneya found a fabulous garden full of trees of Sal, Ashoka, Champaka, Uddhalaka, Mango, Sandal, Santhana, Karnolara, Kimshuka, Punnaga, Sapthaparna, Vakula, creepers of Water Lillies, and flowers of various fragrances.  He witnessed various species of birds gracefully moving through the garden, the whole ambiance of Ashoka Vatika was effervescent and vibrant.  Anjaneya moved thorough the beautiful woodland, the trees were showered flowers upon him as a sign of welcome,  Anjaneya appeared like a mountain of flowers in the middle of Ashoka Vatika with all those beautiful flowers of vibrant colors.  Anjaneya meticulously observed the Ashoka Vatika and its beautiful garden made of precious stones and gems.  Ashoka Vatika shone with all those sparkling metals and gems.  The beautiful ponds embellished with pearls, diamonds, corals, crystals, gold, etc.. Surrounded by enchanting birds of Chakravaha, Swans, peacock, Cuckoos etc…there were full of flowers of various fragrances and beautiful trees bearing fruits stretched all over the place.  At once, Anjaneya noticed a Shimshupa tree and its golden platform, he climbed effortlessly on the huge tree with his well-built figure with the firm belief that Sita Devi would appear before his eyes.  Anjaneya reverentially remembered a chaste woman like Sita would prefer to remain close to Gardens and ponds where she could perform oblations at the time sunset.


Anjaneya was spellbound at the beauty of Ashoka Vatika which has the close resemblance of Chaithraratha, Garden of Lord Kubera and Nandana, Garden of celestial Gandarvas.  Anjaneya observed the entire Ashoka Vatika seated on the Shimshupa tree, instantaneously spotted an unblemished woman in her mucky saffron clothes, surrounded by the demons.  She looks awful to Anjaneya due to anguish, continuous starving and lack of sleep.  She was miserable; her appearance was like a waning moon.  Anjaneya identified her as Sita from her captivating divine physical features, she was in a wretched state due to the separation from her dearest husband, and she was vulnerable shedding tears of utter desolation. Anjaneya noticed the ornaments of Sita mentioned by Rama stretched all over the golden platform.  Anjaneya affirmed that she must be the chaste woman Sita and dearest wife of Rama, whose appearances were same as described by Rama.  Anjaneya’s joy had no bounds, he mentally praised Rama.


Anjaneya appreciates the virtues of Sita as matchless and assumes her as the incarnation of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi and a perfect wife to Rama in all respects.    Anjaneya reverentially remembered the valor of Rama who vanquished Vali,  Kabandha, Virada, Khara, Dushana, Thrishira, 14,000 demons at Janasthanam for the sake of his dearest wife Sita.  If there was a choice to make between the Kingdom or Sita, it would be highly appreciative and reasonable to choose chaste woman Sita, daughter of Janaka the noble and a devoted wife of Rama who was found from the Yaga arena (Ayonija) while fixing the ground by the righteous King Janaka and the eldest daughter in law of King Dasaratha, Emperor of Ayodhya.  Anjaneya sorrowfully thought that the highly virtuous Sita left the Kingdom and its luxuries for her husband, followed him all through the forest like his shadow, served him at her heart’s content and suffering all the agonies and troubles submissively with the memories of her dearest husband Rama, even forgot to notice the beautiful surroundings or the threat from the demons.  She was having minimum jewels on her body, she discarded all the jewels were stretched all over the platform she was seated, she was relentlessly chanting the name of Rama.  She was like a lonely Chakravaha yearning for the company of its beloved; she was in a pathetic state of Chakravaha bird without its companion.  At last, Anjaneya affirmed to himself that it is none other than Sita, devoted wife of Rama.


Anjaneya closely observed Sita who has the face resembling to full moon was shrunken with utter grief, she was surrounded by the demons of fierce looking nature, Ekakshi (one-eyed), Ekakarni (One-eared), Akarna (With no ear), Sankhu Karna,(Conch shaped ears) Karnapravarana, Masthkocchasa Nasika (who has nose on head), Athikayothamangi, Deergashirodhari (Long necked), Dhwasthakesi, Thadhakesi, Kesa Kambaladharini (The whole body was covered with long hair), Lambakarnalalata, Lambodharapayodhari, Lamboshti, Chumbukoshti, Lambasyam, Lambajanuka, demons of various sizes and physique ( Hruswa, Dheerga, Kumbja, Vikata, Vamana, Karala, Bhugnavakthra, Pingkshi).   They were atrocious in nature and appearances, Vikrutha, Pingala, Kali, Krodhana, Kalahapriya, Mrugashardhoola, Mahisha, Gajoshtra, Hayapadha, Ekahastha, Eka Padha, Kharakarnya, Shwakarnika, Gokarnika, Hasthakarni, Harikarni, Anasa, Athinasa, Thiryangnasa, Vinasika, Gajanasa, Lalotacchasanasika, Hasthipadha, Maha Padha, Gopadha, Padhachoodika, Dheergajiwha Nagasthatha, Ajamukhir, Hasthimukhi, Gomukhi, Sookarimukhi, Athimathranethra, Shoolamudhgarahastha, Karala Dhoomrakesi,  Sadamasasurapriya, etc.. Sita, daughter of  Kinga Janaka was in an extreme distress was  able to be seen under the Shimshupa tree amongst those hideous demons.  Sita’s beautiful face has lost its glow, she looks gloomy and isolated.  Anjaneya felt horrendous after witnessing the miserable state of Mother of the Universe/ Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.    The mere sight of Sita brought immense happiness in him; he sincerely paid salutations to Rama and Lakshmana and safely buried himself behind the cluster of leaves.


It was just before the early dawn, there were the sounds auspicious percussions and Vedic hymns, Ravana woke up with the reverberation of pleasing musical instruments.  Instantly he remembered about Sita with great passion and love.  He could not control his desires; he approached Ashoka Vatika accompanied by hundreds of his women like Lord Indra followed by his celestial Gandharvas.  The gorgeous women folks of Ravana was following him carrying golden lamps and various attractive things like precious vessels full of honey, majestic golden umbrella, etc..  These women had their hair unkempt, ornaments were misplaced, sleepiness due to the excess consumption of intoxicated drinks, their bodies were emitting various fragrances and with the sounds of the heavy ornaments tangling while walking, they followed their dearest husband dutifully.    Anjaneya saw Ravana, mighty King of Lanka majestically attired with all the marvelous ornaments was in avarice, totally intoxicated, tormented by lust, Anjaneya was mesmerized at the charisma of Ravana, Son of Vishravass*.


Ravana thrown lustful intense gaze at Sita, she was completely distraught sitting in the middle of the several demons.  As soon as he approached, Sita covered her beautiful features under her cloth.  Anjaneya noticed the Mother of the Universe was utterly miserable state, though she had no ornaments on her body to embellish and in a muddy saffron robe, she was having the brilliant appearance of lotus flower covered with mud.  Ravana talks absurdity praising the venerable beauty of Sita.   He was ridiculously praising his virtues, charm, braveness and powers etc… to magnetize Sita.   He validates himself to Sita that he was the greatest amongst the demons to abduct Sita and affirms that it was the blameless deed of a demon.  Ravana pleads her to be cheerful and promises her that he won’t touch her without her will, he requests her to leave all the depressed feelings, dirty robes, meditation upon her husband Rama, single plait of beautiful bunch of hair and fasting etc.  He beseeches her to love him and gain all the most beautiful things in the Universe like magnificent clothes and jewels, luxurious life and affluences.  He prompted her to grab the opportunities before her and reside with him.  He lustfully narrates her as the epitome of beauty created by Lord Brahma and compels her to become his wife.  He outrageously informs her about his willingness to shower all his wealth and glories upon her and readiness to offer some of the cities to King Janaka*.   He prompted Sita to leave her ascetic life and accept the magnificent the clothes and jewels and embrace his fame and wealth.   Ravana disapproves Rama that he was not equal to him in any of the austerities, valor, fame, wealth etc… and derisively states his way of life in the forest and sarcastically comment that it was doubtful whether he alive or not.    Ravana boast his mighty powers and emphasize his cleverness to abduct her just like Hiranyakashipu abducted Keerthi, one of the wives of Lord Indra.


Sita placed a grass before her and faintly started to speak after listening to the atrocious comments of Ravana.   She gracefully starts advising him not to fall for her and explains about the glorious family she was born and married to the virtuous Rama from Ikshvaku Dynasty famous for righteousness.   Sita advice him about the prerequisites of an ideal King should be virtuous and perfect control over senses, Sita pronounce that Ravana lacks the virtues required for a King and the result will be too dreadful,   the majestic city Lanka will doom into destruction very soon.  She reveals her majestic status as sunshine with sun, her righteous husband Rama Lord on Earth is equivalent to Aditya and a perfect match for her.  She encourages Ravana to have companionship with Rama that would protect him and his Kingdom.  Rama, a compassionate Lord on Earth never leaves whoever surrenders to him,  Sita persuade him to seek protection of Rama to save himself and his Kingdom from further annihilation.  Vajrayudha of Lord Indra may spare Ravana, but Rama gets furious nothing could stop the reverberating sounds of his divine bow and arrow.   Sita vehemently declare that her husband Rama, the Lord on Earth is the destroyer of evils is the personification of Lord Vishnu as Vamana, the dwarf who has taken away all the prosperities of the demons with his three mighty footsteps.   Rama and Lakshmana will be in Lanka in any moment to extinguish Ravana and his mighty demons.


Ravana was annoyed at the callous and harsh words of Sita.  He was driven out of lust to resentment, threaten her that his desire for her not to allows him to kill her or humiliates her.  He declared two months time to change her mind and to be with him as his wife, otherwise she will be killed and served as breakfast for him.  Sita was horrified at the cruel verdict of Ravana, the deities and celestial women surrounded her were grieved over the judgment of Ravana.  Sita frantically expresses her anguish that none of the demons accompanied to him were opposed the shameful act of Ravana, in fact none of them were desired the welfare of him.  She expresses her grief and declares herself as virtuous as Sachi, blameless wife of Lord Indra, she proudly announce that she was capable to burn him with her power of chastity the moment she was humiliated, the chaste wife of Rama and eldest daughter-in-law of Ikshvaku dynasty was so much devoted to her husband in adding glories to him.   Ravana turned haughty; his facial appearance turned vicious ordered the demons of various complexions and dreadful physical features assembled to torture Sita or with the sweet coated words to succumb her to his desires.  Ravana terrorizes Sita with his absurd comments.  One of the women Danyamalini embraced Ravana and pacified him not to approach a woman who has no desires for him that would give him no pleasure other than pain and   openly criticized that Sita had no fortune to be with him and enjoy the wealth and fame of Ravana.  Eventually, Ravana and the women folks returned to palace. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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