Srimad Ramayanam !! Sundara Kandam !! Part III

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The demons surrounded were speaking irrationally to Sita and frightened her.  They admired Ravana’s captivating charisma and his glorious birth in the lineage of Sage Pulastya.   Ekajata spoke highly about Ravana as one of the grandsons of Sage Pulastya, born from the mind of Lord Brahma and son of Sage Vishravass who was the son of Sage Pulastya and encouraged Sita to marry Ravana.  Harijata praised the valor of Ravana as the vanquisher of enemies, who has won against Devasa and Lord Indra.  Prakhasa arrogantly declared that Ravana, a mighty warrior would do anything to attain her and leave all his wives for Sita.  Vikata spoke rudely to Sita about her attitude towards him and highly praised fearlessness of Ravana who had conquered Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas and Nagas.  Durmukhi criticized Sita and praised Ravana’s command over Lord Surya, Lord Vayu, Lord Varuna, seasons, mountains, trees etc… In this way, the demons surrounded were humiliated Sita.


Several demons were approached Sita and tortured her with harsh words.    One of them advised Sita to be with Ravana in his pleasure seeking home and wipe out the thoughts about Rama, which would provide her long life.  They prompted Sita to enjoy the luxuries of three worlds with Ravana after accepting him as husband and forget about Rama who was completely unsuccessful.  Sita was inconsolable with tears over flowing down on her cheeks after listening to the ruthless comments.  Sita graciously replied them that woman from human race are not supposed to marry a demon, she firmly answered them that their depraved idea never takes place, instead she readily agreed to be eaten by them.  Sita courteously answered them that though Rama had no Kingdom to rule, he will remain her husband, Master and Acharya forever, like Lord Surya has the chaste wife Survarchala, Lord Indra has Sacchi, Sage Vashishta has Arundhathi, Lord Chandra has Rohini, Sage Agastya has Lopamudhra, Sage Chyavana has Sukanya, Sathyavan has Savithri, Sage Kapila has Srimathi, Saudasa has Madhayanthi, Kesini has Sagara and Nala has Damayanthi.   Sita proclaimed that she will remain a faithful and devoted husband to Rama of Ikshvau Dynasty.  The demons were annoyed at the decision of Sita, they started harassing with harsh comments and frightening her.   Anjaneya who was sitting on the top of Shimshupa tree witnessed the scenario and he was agitated.   Sita was totally devastated at the callous comments and frightening approach.  Vinatha, one of the demons commanded Sita to marry Ravana who has immense wealth, glories, and powers otherwise she threatened Sita that they will swallow her. Vikata was too agitated raised her fists against Sita and started roaring, she explained about the hidden dangers and even Lord Indra could not save her from the capture of Ravana, Vikata announced that Sita was brought in the Kingdom of Lanka forcefully to remain Ravana’s wife and serve him at his heart’s content, she encourages Sita to grab all those comforts and luxuries from Ravana.  Further Vikata pronounce that if Sita was not yielded to their wish to become wife to Ravana, she will tear off her heart and eat it.   Another demon Chandodhari revealed her desire to eat Sita’s flesh and organs.  Prakhasa expressed her anger to squeeze Sita’s neck; Ajamukhi was enthusiastic to share the flesh of Sita equally.  Shurpanakha was agreed to the wish of Ajamukhi and revealed her desire to have intoxicated drinks after eating the flesh of a human.


Sita was completely shaken at the torture of the demons, she lost her hopes with tears overflowing she feebly took hold of the branch of Ashoka tree, she fallen down and withered with intense pain and called out the names of Rama, Lakshman, Mother Kausalya and Mother Sumitra.  She recollected the matchless charisma of Rama, his wide and long eyes with the resemblance of lotus petal, his powerful giant physique, his loveliest talks and a great soul.  Sita cursed her life without Rama that was equivalent for her to consume poison, finally decided to give up her life.  She turned out inconsolable like a mad woman, shrunken with extreme grief rolled on the ground helplessly thinking of her heart made of iron or any strong metal which caused her to remain alive in the middle of the heartless demons.   At last, she decided to take away her life with a strong intention not to allow Ravana get closer to her or not to touch him with her thumb of left feet.  She anxiously thought of Rama’s obstruction in releasing her from the capture of Ravana,   Rama, the savior of the Universe had killed 14,000 demons in Janasthanam and Viradha in Dandaka Forest etc… worried about why such a delay in protecting her.   Later, she calmed herself saying that may be Rama was not aware of her whereabouts must have caused the obstacle.  Sita respectfully thought of Jatayu, the King of Birds and his valor to fight against Ravana, finally lost his life due to his old age.  She pacified herself thinking that if Rama was aware of the place where she was detained he would definitely burn the City of Lanka and Ravana with his anger, Lanka will be graveyard soon with the smoke of funeral pyre and vultures all around.  Sita mentally cursed that the Lanka will be destroyed, all the inauspicious things will take place, the City of Lanka will be doomed to destruction and loss its charm and glory,   all the women will turn into widows and shed tears out of tormented grief.  The beautiful City of Lank will turn into ashes at the shot of Rama’s arrow.  She was tormented with utter grief and diverse thoughts about Rama decided to leave her mortal coil.


The entire demons were surrounded Sita and declared their wish to eat her right away.  Suddenly, there appeared Trijada from a sound sleep.  She yelled at them to eat their own flesh and proclaimed that she will not let them eat Sita, the virtuous woman, daughter of King Janaka and daughter-in-law of King Dasaratha.  Trijada narrated the dream which caused her hair stand erect from the body, she was witnessed the destruction of the demons and the triumph of Rama.  Rama was appeared in a celestial vehicle made of the ivory pulled by swans along with Lakshman, the younger brother of Rama.  Rama, who has the brilliance of Lord Surya, was attired in majestic clothes with divine appearance and white garlands around his neck.   Sita was sitting close to Rama with a celestial appearance like a mountain was surrounded by ocean.  Shortly, Rama along with Sita and Lakshman in the Pushpaka Vimanam flew towards north.  Rama has the resemblance of Lord Vishnu.  Ravana was aimlessly wandering on the Earth in red clothes, shaven head and greasy, he was completely under the influence of intoxicated drinks, he was carried in a chariot driven by donkeys towards south, and he was unsteady fallen upside on the ground with an extreme fear.  Ravana was completely out of control with all the dirt and horrible look wandering aimlessly.  Kumbhakarna and all sons of Ravana were also seen in dirt and oil, they were moving towards south on a nasty cart driven by camel.  But Vibhishana was the only one seen with a promising look, in royal attire and white garlands around his neck.  He was on a celestial vehicle elephant accompanied by auspicious instruments and ministers. Trijada explains the appalling state of City of Lanka.   The mansions, places of entertainment; gardens, amusement areas and palaces were in a wrecked state.  The entire city of Lanka was run down by the messenger of Rama, a mighty Vanara.  Trijada advises the group of demons to stay away from Sita, not to harass her anymore with their nasty comments because Rama never tolerates this malicious actions or speeches against his dearest wife.  Trijada encourages everyone to speak politely with gentle words to Sita, the daughter of righteous King Janaka was the only one could save the clan of demons at this moment, Rama never cause misery to anyone and she prophesied that Ravana’s destruction and Rama’s triumph is very closer.  Instantly, Sita’s left arm and left thigh were shaking, a beautiful bird mellifluously started singing as a good omen.  Sita remembered the intolerable speech of Ravana and his final verdict; she turned out grief-stricken once again, besieged with the loveliest moments spent with Rama.  Sita loudly cried out for Rama, Lakshmana Kousalya, and Soumitra, she lamented at her folly of yearning for a golden deer and send out Rama and Lakshman to get hold of the same.  Finally, decided to end her life with poison or weapon, soon realized that there was no one to serve with her needs.  Slowly walked towards a flowery tree with various dreadful thoughts looked down her long plait of her, it was the moment she thought of hang to death and embrace the world of Lord Yama.  Once again Sita thought of all her dearest people and the optimistic omens before her.



Anjaneya who was closely watching all the movements of Sita, sitting on the Shimshupa tree, he was equally anxious about her.  Anjaneya recollected the messages he had wished to inform Sita that he was assigned by the Monkey King Sugriva and Rama of Ikshvaku Dynasty to locate her.  As a messenger it was important for him to analyze the strength of the enemy.  Anjaneya decided to calm Sita who was already tormented with extreme grief at the separation from her dearest husband, there was not enough time in hand because Sita has already decided to take away her life.  But Anjaneya does not want to appear before the sight of the demons; it will spoil the entire purpose of crossing the ocean of 100 yojanas.  There was not enough time left to inform Rama about the miserable state of Sita, Rama may get irritated at the irresponsible act of not bringing any news of Sita and he may burn Anjaneya with the eyes like fireball.  Anjaneya who was proficient in Sankrit and languages of humans has adopted a small form.  Anjaneya thought that if he speaks in Sanskrit like a Brahmin before Sita, she may think that it was Ravana who is capable to assume any form and will get alarmed, moreover it is impossible for a monkey to speak in Sanskrit, definitely she may get terrified at the appearance of monkey and this would provoke her to scream out of fear.  The demons gathered around her would attack Anjaneya with vicious weapons, definitely it would cause a huge turmoil, finally the task of Rama will be ruined and Sita will be killed in the hands of demons.   A perfect messenger should be able to have crystal clear idea about the plan, time and place.  He should have a clear understanding about when and where the plan is to be executed.  Anjaneya occupied with serious notion about how to get connected with Sita and draw her attention towards him.  At last, Anjaneya sitting on the branch of Shimshupa tree mellifluously eulogized the glories of Rama in his sweet tone of voice.


“There was a righteous King Dasaratha in the Ikshvaku Dynasty, who was equally powerful as Lord Indra.  King Dasaratha had four sons and the eldest was Rama a young charming prince, virtuous, valiant, protector of honorable people and destroyer of enemies.  He was exiled from the Kingdom of Ayodhya with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman at the command of his beloved father King Dasaratha.  During their expedition Rama conquered 40,000 demons at Janasthanam, Khara and Dhooshan at Dandakavanam.   The demon King Ravana of Lanka was frantic at the death of his brothers Khara & Dhooshan as retaliation of the above act Ravana abducted Sita, the dearest wife of Rama.  Rama was extremely hurt at the revenge of Ravana moved through the forests of Kishkindha in search of Sita and met the monkey King Sugriva.  At the command of Sugriva thousands and thousands of monkeys were engaged in the mission of locating Sita on the different parts of the Earth.  It was at the instruction of Sampathi I have crossed the ocean of 100 Yojanas to locate you and you are the one well matched with the descriptions given by Rama.”


Thus, Anjaneya narrated the purpose of his visit in crystal clear words.  Sita was astonished at the above words; she regained her vigor searched for the possessor of the extremely propitious voice and message.  She lifted her face with liveliness and looked here and there searching for Anjaneya.  At last she located Anjaneya, son of Lord Vayu who is famous for his unparalleled intelligence and charisma was seen amidst the leaves and flowers, like Lord Surya on the top of a mountain.


Sita witnessed a brilliance through the leaves attired in white clothes, she was shocked at the sight of a monkey and whispered ‘Rama, Rama, Rama, Oh Lakshmana’ in a meek voice and wept bitterly.  It was treated as unenthusiastic omen to witness a monkey in dream; once again she lost her hopes and became gloomy.  She regained her consciousness and convinced that it was not a dream, she had no sleep for several days and absorbed in the thoughts of Rama caused her mistaken.  Instantaneously she offered salutations to Brihaspathi /Acharya, Lord Indra, Lord Brahma, Lord Agni with a sincere prayer that the message heard should be true.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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