108 Divya Desams !! Thiruvahindrapuram Thiru Deivanayaga Perumal !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thiruvahindrapuram/ Swyamvyaktha Kshetram is one of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu located in Thiruvahindrapuram which 6kms west of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu.   This is one of the oldest temples built during the 11th century; Kings of Pandya, Chola, Chera and Emperor of Vijayanagara were made abundance of contributions to this temple.

Presiding deity –Moolavar Sri Deivanayaka Perumal/Devanathan/ Achuthan with his consort Goddess Hemambujavalli Thayar/Vaikundha Nayaki, Utsavar Sri Devanathan/Moovaragia Oruvan (manifestation of Trinities) with his consort Goddess Sri Bhargavi.

Mangalasasanam – Thirumangai Alwar (Periya Thirumozhi)

Pushkarani – Chandra Theertham, Sara Theertham, Shesha Theertham, Bhoo Theertham, Garuda Nadhi

Holy dip in Shesha Theertham and Garuda Nadhi is capable to fulfill all the desires and provide Salvation.

Vimanam – Suddha Satwa Vimanam/Chandra Vimanam

Significance – Oushadhagiri hill and the shrine of Lord Hayagreevah at the hill top are the most significant place to worship.  Lord Anjaneya hauled up Sanjeevani Hill contains herbs to save the life of Lakshman, while doing so a small portion of the herbs of rich medicinal values were dropped on this hill.  

Swami Desikan was awarded with the honor Sarva Tanthra Swathanthran after constructing a well by himself and an idol of him on this sacred land.

Worshipped by – Arjuna

Prathyaksham to – Lord Chandra and Garuda Alwar

Sthalavruksham – Vilvam (Bael)

Sannidhis – Lord Rama with Lakshman, Goddess Sita & Anjaneya, Lord Gopala, Lord Hayagrivah (Yoga), Lord Ranganatha, Andal & Alwars, Ahindrapuranatha with Adishesha, Thiru Nammalvar, Thiru Kulasekhara Alwar, Thiruppana Alwar & Thirukkacchi Nambi, Swami Desikar, Lord Lakshmi Narayanan, Lord Anjaneya, Manavala Mamunigal.

Festivals – Desikar Satrumurai, Chithirai Brahmostavam, Dolostavam, Vasanthostavam, Thai Poosam, Purattasi Utsavam , Theerthavari Utsavam,

There were a few interesting myths associated with this temple.  The deities and demons had a battle under the guidance of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.  Lord Vishnu revealed his Trinity form which includes Lord Shiva & his consort Goddess Parvati, Ekadasha Rudras (manifestation of Lord Shiva in 11 forms), Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi on his chest, Lord Brahma revived from his Navel, Sages, deities and Brahmin from the attractive face of Lord, Kshatriyas from his shoulder and arms, Maharishi Veda Vyasa from his thigh and Shudras from his feet.    Lord Shiva was mesmerized at this spectacular form of Lord Vishnu and requested him to remain on this sacred land.  

Another legend has that Lord Shiva underwent severe penance praying to Lord Devanatha before initiating the battle with the demon Tripurasura.  The most pleased Lord appeared before Lord Shiva and provided guidance to lead the battle against the demon.  Lord Shiva with Lord Brahma as Charioteer, Goddess Earth as Chariot, Lord Chandra and Lord Surya, Mount Meru, Serpent Vasuki, Vedas and Lord Vishnu proceeded to the battlefield.  At the end of fierce battle the entire clans of demons were vanquished from the Earth.  In the meantime Lord Shiva was brushed off by the ocean; Lord Devanatha played his melodious divine flute to pacify the ocean and rescued Lord Shiva.

After the fierce battle Lord Vishnu felt thirsty, instantly Garuda and Adishesha dashed to fetch water for Lord.    Adishesha with his long tail battered on the earth and the water gushed out from the grounds were offered to Lord.  Lord was pleased at the performance of Adishesha and blessed that the water source would be known as ‘Shesha Theertham’.  Meanwhile Garuda rushed to bring water from Viraja Nadhi.  He arrived in Madhuvan and found that a Sage was in deep meditation with Viraja Nadhi in his vessel/Kamandalu.  Garuda hurriedly approached the Vessel and tilted towards Oushadagiri where his dear Lord was patiently waiting for the water.   But, Garuda was deeply disappointed to note that Adishesha has already served the Lord.   In order to cheer Garuda, Lord blessed him that the water brought by him would be known as Garuda Nadi which is equivalent to the holy river Ganga.  Holy dip in these sacred ponds would wash off the sins committed and provide salvation. 

Sage Brighu worshipped Lord Vishnu to attain Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi as his daughter.  Lord was pleased at the devotion of Sage Brighu and blessed him.  Consequently Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi was appeared as dazzling girl child on a Lotus flower; Sage Brighu brought up this stunning girl child with lots of love and affection.  He named her Bhargavi, as years passed by Bhargai grown into a striking young maiden with immense devotion to Lord Sriman Narayana.  She completely absorbed in his thoughts and desired to have Lord as her husband.  As a result, Lord Sriman Narayana approached Sage Brighu to ask for his daughter’s hand to marry.  Sage Brighu was not in a state to bear the separation from his adoring daughter Bhargavi.  As a solution for the above Lord suggested Sage Brighu should reside with them forever.  In this temple Lord Sriman Narayana can be seen in the sanctum sanctorum with Goddess Bhargavi and Sage Brighu. 

Worship of Lord Hayagrivah at the Oushadhagiri hill provides knowledge & wisdom, clarity of speech and proficiency in all art forms.

This temple remains open from 6.30AM to 12.00PM in the morning and 4.00PM to 9.30PM in the evenings.

Contact Person - Sri Narasimha Bhattar Swamin - 04142 288999 / 287277, 9443444778
78 - Riverside Street,
Cuddalore District - 607401.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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