Sri Parasurama Jayanti !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Lord Parasurama was born to Sage Jamadagni and Renuka, was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Satya Yuga.  There was a King Kritaveerya in the lineage of lunar dynasty.  King Kritaveerya had a son Karthaviryarjuna, an ardent devotee of Lord Dattatreya.  Karthaviryarjuna attained extra-ordinary boons with his devotion and it added his arrogance.   He turned out powerful, tyrannical and haughty. Once, King Karthaviryarjuna and his men were went out for hunting in woodlands and arrived in a beautiful serene place.  There they found the hermitage of Sage Jamadagni.  King Karthavirjaruna and his men were tired of hunger and thirst.  They were approached the hermitage, Sage   Jamadagni received his guests with due honor and respect.  Sage Jamadagni earnestly invited his guests for lunch. The divine cow Kamadhenu who was sent by Lord Indra for assisting Sage with the Yagna/Yaga procedures was grazing in front of the hermitage.  He requested Kamadhenu to help him in preparing meal for the royal guests.  Kamadhenu        enthusiastically assisted Sage Jamadagni to prepare ceremonial lunch for the guests.        Soon the guests were served with a sumptuous meal.  King Karthaviryarjuna was surprised to notice the whole procedures and enquired Sage about how could he serve these large number of guests with the extravagant meal.   Sage Jamadagni revealed the reality that it was the grace of Kamadhenu made him serve his guests with delicious meal and pointed at the divine cow grazing in front of his hermitage.

After listening to the glories of the divine cow Kamadhenu, King Karthaviryarjuna had a strong selfish desire to get custody of her.  He became too irrational, he readily offered Sage Jamadagni with many precious jewels and gifts in place of Kamadhenu.  But Sage Jamadagni gracefully refused all the precious gifts offered to him.  The most infuriated King Karthaviryarjuna ordered his men to get hold of the cow and forcefully taken to his capital Mahishmati.  Sage Jamadagni was totally distressed and lamented over her absence, whilst Parasurama was assigned with the job of collecting woods and materials for Yagna procedures.  Shortly, Parasurama arrived at the hermitage and alarmed to see his father brokenhearted.  He learned from his father what had happened in his absence.  He was mounted with anger, got hold of his axe and left the hermitage searching for King Karthaviryarjna and his men. 

Parasurama had a fierce battle with the King Karthaviryarjuna and his men.  He mercilessly chopped off King Karthaviryarjuna’s warriors.  Finally, King Karthaviryarjuna appeared before parasurama and in the ferocious battle King Karthaviryarjuna lost his thousand arms and killed instantly.  The remaining warriors and his sons were run off from the battle field. Parasurama victoriously brought back the divine cow Kamadhenu from their custody and respectfully handed to his father Sage Jamadhagni. 

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Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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