Akshaya Tritiya on 24th April, 2012 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days, which falls on the third day of bright half of Lunar month Vaishakh. 'Ugadi' in the month of Chaitra and 'Vijaya Dashami' in the month of Ashwin are also treated as equally auspicious. 'Akshya' in Sanskrit means 'undiminished'.

According to the Puranas and Sacred scriptures there were many significant events took place on this auspicious day.  The first and foremost amongst them was Tretha Yuga begun on this auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya and  Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation as Sri Parasurama  was taken place on this day.  Maharishi Veda Vyasa with the help Lord Ganesha started composing the great epic Mahabharath and Sri Balarama Jayanthi (Lord Krishna's brother - Eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) also celebrated on this day.

This is one of the most auspicious day for worshipping Lord Vishnu and His glories. The worship of Lord Vishnu on this day eradicates all the sins committed and unshackle from all sorrows and miseries. Charity of food and clothing on this day brings abundance of merits.

It is believed that worship of Lord Kubera (Lord of Wealth) on this day brings undiminished wealth and prosperity all through the life.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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