108 Divya Desams !! Thirunandipura Vinnagaram Sri Jagannatha Perumal Temple !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Thirunandipura Vinnagaram is one of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu situated 5 km south west of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This is one of the oldest temples also known as ‘Dakshina Jagannath’ /Sembakaranya Kshetram built by Chola King Nandhi Varman.

Presiding deity – Sri Jagannatha Perumal/Nathanathan/Vinnagara Perumal/Srinivasan with his consort Goddess Sri Sembakavalli Thayar

Prathyaksham to – Emperor Sibi and Lord Nandikeshwara

Pushkarani – Nandhi Pushkarani

Vimanam – Mandara Vimanam

Mangalasasanam – Thirumangai Alwar

Festivals - Vaikasi,Vaikundha Ekadashi,

There are a few interesting myths associated with this temple. Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi underwent severe penance in this sacred land to attain Lord Vishnu as her husband.

Lord Nandikeshwara proceeded to Sri Vaikundham to have dharshan of Lord Vishnu. Though Nandikeshwara was stopped by the Nithyasuris – Dwarapalakas – Jaya & Vijaya, he did not pay attention to their words. Hence, the most infuriated Dwarapalaks cursed Nandikeshawara for his act of disregard. At the divine instruction of Lord Shiva Lord Nandikeshwara arrived in this sacred land and continued severe penance praying to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu pleased at the devotion of Nandikeshwara and appeared before him. Nandikeshwara earnestly prayed to be known this land after him; hence this sacred land has got its name Nandhipura Vinnagaram.

Another legend has that Emperor Sibi was a righteous ruler well known for his kindheartedness. Lord Yamadharma Rajan and Lord Indra played a trick on Emperor Sibi in order to examine his generosity. A Pigeon was being chased by an eagle came for rescue and solemnly prayed to Emperor to save its life form eagle. The Emperor was deeply moved at the plight of situation of the pigeon and promised to save. Soon the eagle also arrived at the place with fierce hunger. Now, the Emperor was in dilemma because he wants to save the life of pigeon at the same time the eagle should not get starved. Finally, the Emperor was agreed to offer flesh from his own body to save the pigeon from its danger and serve the eagle with its need. Further, he seated on a balancing plate with pigeon on the other, to offer his flesh equivalent to the weight of the pigeon. But, any amounts of flesh were not equivalent to the weight of the pigeon; finally Emperor Sibi had to offer his entire body to Eagle. Lord Indra and Lord Yama were pleased at the dedication and commitment of the Emperor Sibi. Lord Sriman Narayana witnessed the splendid incident and was pleased at the graceful deed of Emperor Sibi and blessed him with immortality.

This temple remains open from 6.30AM to 12.00PM in the morning and 4.00PM to 8.00PM in the evening.

Contact Person – Sri Jagannatha Bhattar Swamin – 9245886740
Sengalipuram Post, Kudaivasal (Via),
Thiruvarur, Thanjavur.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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