Life of Sri Goswami Tulsidas !! Part I !

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tulsidas was born to Hulsi and Atmaram Dubey in the year 1947, a Saryupareen Brahmin couple lived in a village called Rajapur/Chitrakuta located on the river banks of Yamuna,  Uttar Pradesh.  After residing in mother’s womb for 12 months Tulsidas was born on the seventh day of bright half of Lunar day/Shravan Shukla Paksha.  Shortly, his mother passed away.  There was a belief existed in those days that the child born on this day would bring bad luck to the family, soon he was abandoned by his father.  Later, he was well taken care by a Chuniya/Muniya, a female servant of Hulsi from Haripur and he was lived with her up to 5 1/2years till her death.  After the demise of his foster mother Rambola/Tulsidas was left alone, he wandered aimlessly begging for food.  In these days Goddess Sri Parvati assumed the form of a Brahmin woman and fed him.


The major turn in the miserable life of the child, Rambola/Tulsidas was when Narharidas, a passionate devotee of Lord Rama and a  Sanskrit scholar had a dream in that Lord Rama commanded him to adopt this abandoned child Rambola and teach him the glories of Lord Rama.   Narharidas conducted meticulous search for the child immediately spotted the Rambola of 3 years who was wandering aimlessly.  He took Tulsiram with him to Ayodhya and performed the naming ceremony of the boy and fondly addressed him Tulsiram, keeping in memory of the significance of Tulsi leaves used for the scared thread ceremony.  In due course Narharidas performed the sacred thread ceremony /Brahmopadhesham for Tulsiram, later came to known as Tulsidas.  They lived in Ayodhya for ten months, during these periods Tulsidas learnt profound knowledge in Vedas and scriptural texts.  Further, they moved to the convergent point of the scared river Sarayu with Ghaghara,    Tulsidas attentively listened to the lectures of Naraharidas about the glories of Lord Rama, it enthused an unfaltering devotion in Tulsidas.


Tulsidas met Shesha Santhana, a scholar and followed him to the sacrosanct place Varanasi, there he learned Sanskrit and attained insightful knowledge in the Sutra of Panini, an ancient Indian Sankrit Grammarian.   Tulsidas had the finest grasping power and gained profound knowledge in Sanskrit and his compositions were the perfect examples for his good command over Sanskrit.


Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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