Mohini Ekadashi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Surya Puranam describes the glory of 'Mohini Ekadashi' which falls on the waxing period of the moon in the month Vaishakh.  Lord Krishna explains to King Yudhishitira about the glory of the Mohini Ekadashi and the merits observed by fasting and worshipping Lord Hari on this auspicious day.

Lord Rama while living an awful life without Sita Devi in the forest, met  Sage Vashishta and enquired a means to overcome  the distress and  miseries in his life.  Sage Vashishta was overwhelmed at the request of Lord Rama and replied that chanting His holy names that makes one's life blissful.  Sage Vashishta explained the significance of  Mohini Ekadashi for the benefit of mankind.  Sage continued, worship of Lord Sri Hari on this day eradicates all the sins, miseries and 'Maya' (illusion) in one's life. 

There was a city named 'Bhadravati' on the sacred river banks of Saraswati, ruled by the righteous King Dyutimana of moon dynasty.   There was a merchant named Dhanapala lived in this city, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Hari.  He spent his wealth appropriately on building Dharmashalas (Guest House), Pond, Well, Garden, Schools, Charitable institutions, Construction of Temples and renovating the same, Construction of Roads and Market Places, Charity of food and clothing etc... He engaged himself in pious activities and spending money wisely for all types of charitable work.  He led a peaceful life engaged in worshipping Lord Hari.   He had five sons, they were: Samana, Dyutimana, Medhavi , Sukriti and Dhristabuddhi .   Dhrishtabuddhi was a wicked one engaged in all immoral activities.  He was extremely ill natured had illicit relationship with unchaste women, drinking and gambling, killing and torturing living entities, association of bad people etc.  He was  leading a miserable life, had no faith in rituals and prayers, no respect towards elders, forefathers, Gurus, guests or Brahmins.  Soon he proved himself to be the most disgraceful son to his pious father.  He abundantly spent his father's wealth on sinful deeds.   His father - Dhanapal was terribly hurt at his depraved son and his activities, finally threw him out of the home.  Soon Dhrishtabuddhi turned out an object of hatred by everyone in the family. 

Dhristabuddhi continued to live with his sinful deeds by selling his own valuable clothes and ornaments he had with him.  Shortly this also came to an end; he found no means to have any pleasures or food or daily requirements.  His close associates and friends started leaving him behind as he was pauper and worthless.  Dhrishtabuddhi out of hunger and fear of living isolated life, started to steal valuables and get caught many a times by the King's men, finally released by them hearing the piousness of his father.  He was running out of luck, once the King's men caught him for a major crime and produced before the King.  King ordered to banish Dhrishtabuddhi from his Kingdom. 

Dhrishtabuddhi continued his wretched life wandering through the woodlands.    One day he found the Hermitage of Sage Kaundinya due to the pious deeds in his previous birth.  It was in the month of Vaishakh, Sage Kaundinya was returning after his bath in the holy river Ganga.  Dhrishtabuddhi happened to touch the drops of water falling from the wet clothes of Sage Kaundinya.  Immediately Dhrishtabuddhi relieved out of his sins, with folded hands he revealed his pathetic story and  identity to the Sage Kaundinya.  He humbly earnestly requested the Sage to instruct him the ways to get rid of sins committed in his life.

After listening to the disheartening stories of Dhrishtabuddhi, Sage Kaundinya advised him to observe 'Mohini Ekadashi' which falls on the waxing period of the moon in the month Vaishakh .  As per the advice of the Sage, Dhrishtabuddhi sincerely observed the ekadashi and got relieved out of his sins. And Dhrishtabuddhi attained the highest of merits in his life 'Salvation'.

Lord Krishna continued, whoever observe 'Mohini Ekadashi' with utmost faith would attain the merits that could bring abundance of merits includes  'Punya Theertha Snanam' ( dip in the holy waters).  It removes ignorance and illusion, provides knowledge and Eternal Bliss. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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