Kamada Ekadashi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Varaha Puranam describes the glory of Kamada Ekadashi. Lord Krishna narrates the significance of Kamada Ekadashi which occurs on the waxing period of moon to King Yudhishtira which was previously explained by Sage Vashishta to the King Dilip who was the great grandfather of Lord Rama .

There was a city named Ratnapur/Bhogipur was ruled by the Gandharva King Pundarika. His kingdom was one of the favorite places of the celestial dancers and singers.   There lived a gorgeous celestial dancer Lalita and her handsome husband, a celestial singer Lalit. Their love for each other were so intense which made them could not bear the separation from each other not even for a second.   They were extremely happy together.

Once there was a grand entertainment program was organized by King Pundarika in his assembly, all the celestial dancers and singers were present except Lalita.   Lalit was not at all happy to be there on this grand occasion without his wife. The program started in a majestic style and went on with the brilliant performance of the celestial dancers and singers. In the meantime Lalit found his voice was cracking, it was of out of tune, miss-spelling the entire lyrics and distracting everyone’s attention.   Soon after, the whole program ended up in a muddle.   There was a serpent king 'Karkotaka' amongst the audience watching Lalit.   Karkotaka approached the King Pundarika and informed that it was Lalit's irresponsible act  caused the failure of the grand program. The furious King Pundarika cursed Lalit to turn into a cannibal for the excessive lust towards his wife.

Lalit turned out a fierce looking man eater. His wife Lalita felt deeply depressed at the heinous figure of her husband. They left the beautiful city and its comforts behind, started living as forest dwellers.   They wandered throughout the dense forest and found the hermitage of sage Shringi at the Vidhyachal Mountain.   Lalita paid obeisance to Sage Shringi and narrated her painful story.   She earnestly prayed to him to save her husband from the curse.   After listening to her pathetic story, Sage Shringi advised her to observe the Kamada Ekadashi which falls on the waxing period of moon and instructed her that would provide her merits, with the merits earned would help her husband to regain his original form.

Lalitha strictly observed the Kamada Ekadashi, engaged in worshipping and chanting the names of Lord Hari, fasting, keep awakening the whole night etc... as per the advises of the sage Shringi.   On the day of Dwadashi, she sincerely prayed to Lord to release her husband from the curse with the merits she had gained through observing the Kamada Ekadashi. Soon after her prayers were answered, she turned back and witnessed her handsome husband once again.   Their joy of the couple had no bounds and lived happily ever after.

Lord Krishna continued whoever listens or narrates the glories of Kamada Ekadashi and  observe the same at one's own capacity would attain the merits. Whoever observes this Ekadashi with utmost faith and devotion would attain the highest of merits, virtuous offspring and gets rid of all the sins including Brahma Hathya.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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