Salvadhi Vadham & Great War of Mahabharath – Srimad Narayaneeyam /Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Salva who had some illusionary powers, he have obtained celestial vehicle Saubha as a bon from Chandrachooda/Lord Shiva, was defeated by the Yadhava army at the time of Rumini’s abduction.  Salva vehemently attacked Dwaraka while you were in the city of Kurus.  Pradhyumna with the army of Yadhavas encountered the battle with Salva, and the battle continued for twenty seven days, eventually killed Dhyumantha, minister of Salva .
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have returned to Dwaraka with Balarama, confronted the army of Salva, owner of Saubha and destroyed his army.  He knocked down your Sharnga with his powerful mace, by creating some illusionary power he had pretend to kill your father in front of you, it was unclear but believed that you were puzzled for a moment and it was disapproved by Sage Veda Vyasa.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The Saubha, celestial vehicle was crushed into pieces by your mace and thrown into the ocean and Salva was killed by your powerful weapon Sudharshana Chakra.  Dhanthavakthra ferociously attacked with his mace was killed by your divine weapon Koumodhaki.  Soon Dhanthavakthra also attained Union with you, like the Chedhi King Shishupala.  Your marvelous personification as Lord Krishna was to provide liberty to who had their mind fixed upon you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have returned to Dwaraka,  a deceitful game of dice by the Kurus took place in the assembly, further Draupadhi was mercilessly dragged into the assembly and you have protected her by providing abundance of clothes.  Once again Draupadhi was in a dilemma, at the untimely arrival of Sage Dhurvassa, a part of incarnation of Lord Shankara.  Draupadi was sincerely prayed to you; instantly you have arrived on the spot and ate the leaf remained on the pot and satiated the hunger of Sage and the holy men.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The preparations and strategies of great battle of Mahabharath were made; Arjuna desired your continuous presence and support with him in the battle.   Duryodhana was provided with the huge Narayani sena/ army of you.  You have arrived at Hasthinapur, as a messenger/ peace talker on behalf of Pandavas, was received with great honor by  Bhishma , Drona and prominent members of assembly.  But Duryodhana expressed extreme disregard to you.  You have revealed enthralling cosmic form of you in the assembly of Sages and the entire city was dazed at it, eventually you have returned to Dwaraka.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, As a charioteer of Arjuna/Parthasarathi, you have witnessed Arjuna completely dejected at the war front, wrapped up in extreme grief at the thought of killing his friends and relatives.  You have pacified him “Oh! dear friend, Athman/Soul is eternal, who is slayer and what to slay?  Therefore, give up the fear of annihilation and completely surrender to me and carry out the action righteously.”  Eventually you have brought calmness in Arjuna.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Your ardent devotee Bhishma killed more than ten thousands of warriors in the battle on daily basis, knowing the purpose of your incarnation as to reduce the burden of mother Earth.  Arjuna was completely exhausted after confronting Bhishma in the war for a long time.  You have discarded the vow of not to take the weapon, rushed to Bhishma in a great anger with the divine weapon Sudharshana.  Immediately, Bhishma stood his head bowed down with folded palms before you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, when the battle was at full swing with Drona, Bhagadatta who was seated on an elephant discharged Vaishnavasthram against Arjuna was graciously received by you on your chest.  Arjuna was able to kill Jayadhratha  at the vicious battle with the help of your Sudharshana that was hid the sun rays from the sight.  Arjuna was saved from Nagasthra discharged by Karna, by the force of your toe pressed hardly on the Earth to plunge the chariot.  In this way, you have saved the life Arjuna by cutting off his throne.  What all you did to save Pandavas ?
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Balarama proceeded for a pilgrimage to Naimisharanya at the beginning of the war.  He visited the entire part of the sacred land Naimisharanya, he killed King Sutha for his arrogance and misbehavior, crowned his son as the King.  Later, killed the demon Valkala who was creating impediments for the Yagna and Yaga performed on Full moon and no moon days.  In this way, he had completed his pilgrimage and returned during the end of the great war of Mahabharath, witnessed the prolonged battle between Duryodhana and Bhima, eventually returned to the city of Dwaraka.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Chakrapane,  Ashwaththama, the evil minded son of Drona, killed all the sons of Draupadi while they were in deep sleep.  At your command, Arjuna approached Ashwaththama and pulled back the Brahmasthra discharged by him, eventually his crest jewel from forehead was clipped off.  Ashwaththama released a powerful weapon to the fetus of Uththara, in order to exterminate the clan of Pandavas.  Instantly you have assumed the size of a thumb and entered into the womb of Uththara with your powerful Sudharshana.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Bhishma at his death bead taught the greatest of the lessons about intrinsic worth and righteousness to Yudhishtira.  You have witnessed the same; Bhishma attained the union with Brahmam due to the intense faith on you.  Later, you have made it possible for Yudhishtira to perform three Ashwamedha Yagas, eventually all his aspirations were fulfilled and you have returned to the city of Dwaraka.  Oh! Pavanapurapathey,   we earnestly pray to protect us from all ailments.
Salvo Bhaishmi Vivahe Yadhu Bala Vijitha Chandhra Choodadhvimanam
Vindhan Soubham Sa Mayi Thvayi Vasathi Kuroon Thvath  Puri Mabhya Bhangksheeth |
Pradhyumna Stham Nirundhan Nighila Yadhu Bhadai: Nyagraheedh Ugra Veeryam
Thasyamathyam Dhyumantham Vyajani Cha Samara: Saptha Vimshathyahantha: ||
Thavath Ramashali Thvaritha Mupagatha: Ganditha Praya Sainyam
Soubhesham Tham Nyarundha: Sa Cha Kila Gadhaya Sharngam Abhramshayath They |
Mayathatham Vyaheemsith Api Thava Puratha: Thath Thvayapi Kshanardham
Najjyayeethyahurekey Thadhidha Mavamatham Vyasa Yeva Nyasheedhith ||
Kshipthva Soubham Gadha Choornitha Mudhakanidhou Mangkshu Salvepi Chakre
Noth Kruththe Dhantha Vakthra: Prasabham Abipatha – Nnabhyamunchath Gadham The |
Koumodhakya Hathosou Api Sukruthanidhi: Chaidhyavath Prapadhaikyam
Sarvesham Yesha Poorvam Thvayi Dhruthamanasam Mokshanarththo Avathara: ||
Thvayya Yathedha Jathe Kila Kurusadhasi Dhyoothake Samyathaya:
Kranthanthya Yajjyasenya: Sakaruna Makrudha: Chelamalam Anantham ||
Annantha – Praptha – Sharvamshaja – Munichakitha – Dhroupadhi – Chinthithodha
Praptha: Shakanna Mashnan Muniganam Akrudha Thripthi Mantham Vananthe ||
Yuddhodhyogedha Manthre Milathi Sathi Vratha: Phalgunena Thvameka:
Kaouravye Dhaththa Sainyai: Karipura Magamo Dhoothya Kruth Pandavarththam |
Bheeshma Dhronadhi Manye Thava Ghalu Vachane Dhikruthey Kouravena
Vyavrunnan Vishwaroopam Muni Sadhasi Purim Kshobhayithva Gathobhoo: ||
Jishnosthvam Krishna ! Sootha: Ghalu Samaramukhey Bandhu Ghathe Dhayalum
Ghinnam Tham Veekshya Veeram Kimidhamayi Sakhe ! Nithya Yekoyamathma |
Ko Vadhya: ? Kothra Hantha? Thadhiha Vadhabhiyam Projjadya Mayyarppithathma 
Dharmmyam Yuddham Charethi Prakruthimanayadha: Dharshayan Vishwaroopam ||
Bhakththosam Sedha Bheeshmey Thava Dharani Bharakshepa Kruthyaika Sakthe
Nithyam Nithyam Vibindhathyayutha Samadhikam Praptha Sadhe Cha Parththey |
Nishasthra Thva Prathijjyam Vijahadharivaram Dharayan Krodhashali
Vadhavan Prajjjalim Tham Natha Shirasamadho Veekhsya Modhadha Paga: ||
Yuddhe Dhronasya Hasthi Sthirarana – Bhaga Dhaththeritham Vaishnavasthram
Vakshasyadhaththa Chakrasthagitha Ravimaha: Prarddhayath Sindhurajam |
Nagasthre Karna Mukthe Kshithimava Namayan Kevalam Kruththa Moulim
Thathre Thathrapi Parththam Kimiva Nahi Bhavan Pandavanam Akarsheeth ? ||
Yuddhadhou Theerthagami Sa Ghalu Haladharo Naimisha Kshethra Mrucchan
Aprathyuththayi Soothakshaya Krudhadha Sutham Thathpadhe Kalpayithva |
Yajjyagnam Balvalam Parvani Paridhalayan Snatha Theertho Rananthe
Sampraptho Bheema Dhuryodhana Rana – Mashamam Veekshya Yatha: Purim The ||
Samsuptha – Dhroupadheya – Kshapana – Hathadhiyam Dhrounimethya Thvadhyuktha
Thanmuktham Brahmamasthram Samahrutha Vijayo Moulirathnam Cha Jagrahe |
Ucchithyai Pandavanam Punarapi Cha Vishayuththara Garbhamasthrey
Rakshannagushta Mathra: Kila Jadaramaga: Chakrapanir – Vibho ! Thvam ||
Dharmougham Dharmma Sunorabhi Dhadhadhakhilam Chandhdha Mryuthyu: Sa Bheeshma:
Thvam Pashyan Bhakthi Bhumnaiva Hi Sapadhi Yayou Nishkala Brhama Bhooyam |
Samyajyadha Ashwamedhai: Thribhirathi Mahithai: Dharmajam Poornakamam
Sampraptho Dwarakam Thvam Pavanapurapathe ! Pahimam Sarva Rogath ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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