The legend of Emperor Prithu – Srimad Narayaneeyam/Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, in the lineage of Dhruva there was a famous ruler of Kingdom of Anga, he had a son Vena who was evil natured.  The King was deeply distressed at the wickedness of his son and left to woodland and immersed in the meditation upon your lotus feet.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, although Vena has possessed all the evil qualities in him, due to his immense power he was crowned as the King of the province for the administration in the absence of his father.  Vena was excessively swollen with pride, immediately put an end to all the righteous deeds and rituals of worship of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, a group of sages approached Vena and advised him the righteousness, but the sages were humiliated and used abusive language against you as well, further he declared himself as the prominent ruler on Earth.  The infuriated Sages cursed Vena, instantly he was ruined like a moth in the flame.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Thus Vena was destroyed, the sages were anxious about the administration of the province without a ruler; they feared that it may bring oppression from the wicked people.  They took the mortal coil of Vena from his mother and churned his thighs, amazingly all his sins were vanished and further they churned the arm of the mortal coil, Oh! Vibho, you have personified in your magnificent form as Prithu.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The sages were declared that it was one of the famous personifications of you as Pithru, they eulogized your glories and accomplishments.  Previously, the mother Earth was withdrawn all her resources due to the tyranny of Vena was brought back by you with the shot of an arrow and restored the natural resources once again.
Oh! Suprme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have accompanied by the deities made the Earth like the divine Kamadhenu/Surabhi. The deities like calves crammed with abundance of requirements in appropriate vessels.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Thridhaman/Lord of three worlds, you have performed various sacrifices as Prithu to yourself.  You have decided to perform hundredth of Ashwamedha Yagna was interrupted by distressed Lord Indra.  The Yagna horse was snatched away by Lord Indra was defeated by your son.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Lord Indra continued his mischievous act to take away the sacrificial horse from the sacrificial fire offered by the sages, was restrained by Lord Brahma.  Oh! Madhuripu, at the end of the successful completion of the fire sacrifice by your manifestation as Prithu, you have revealed your magnificent form as Lord Vishnu, slayer of Madhu.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, after attaining firm devotion as a boon from Supreme Lord, you have settled on the river banks of sacred Ganga, imparting the knowledge about the righteousness to the sages assembled for the Yagna, in that crowd you have witnessed Sanaka and other prominent sages before you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, You have dwelled in the woodland and received the ultimate wisdom and knowledge imparted by the Sanaka and other prominent Sages, eventually realized your real nature.  Oh! Vathagehavasin, who personified as Prithu,  I earnestly pray to cure our illnesses at a fast pace.
Jathasya Dhruvakula Yeva Thunga Keerthey Angasya Vyajani Sutha: Sa Venanama
Yadhdhosha Vyadhithamathi: Sa Rajavarya: Thvadh Padhe Nihithamana Vanam Gathobhooth ||
Papopi Kshithithala Palanaya Vena: Pouradhyai: Upanihitha: Kadoraveerya:
Sarvebhyo Nijabalameva Sambrashamsan Bhoo Chakrey Thava Yajana Nyayam Nyarouseeth ||
Samprapthey Hitha Kathanaya Thapasoughey Maththonyo Bhuvana Pathirna Kaschanethi
Thvannidha Vachana Paro Munishwaraisthai: Shapagnou Shalabhadhashamanayi Vena: ||
Thannashath Ghala Jana Bhirukair – Munindhrai: Thanmathra Chira Pari Rakshithey Thadhangey
Thyakthaghey Parimadhitha Dhadhoru Dhandath Dhordhandey Parimadhithey Thvamavirasi: ||
Vikhyatha: Prudhurithi Thapasopadhishtai: Suthadhyai: Parinutha Bhavi Bhoori Veerya:
Venarthya Kabalitha Sabadham Dharithrim Akrantham Nija Dhanusha Samamakarshi: ||
Bhooyastham Nijakula Mukhya – Vatsayukthai: Devadhyai: Samuchitha – Charu Bajaneshu
Annadheena Abhilashithani Yani Thani Swacchandhdham Surabhi Thanu Madhu  Dhuhasthvam ||
Athmanam Yajathi Maghaisthvayi Thridhaman Arabdhey Shathatha Mavajimedha Yagey
Sparddhalu: Shatha Magha Yethya Neechavesha: Hruthvashvam Thava Thanayath Parajitho Bhooth ||
Devendhram Muhurithi Vajinam Harantham Vahnou Tham Muni Vara Mandale Juhushou
Ruddhane Kamala Bhavey Kratho: Samapthou Sakshath Thvam Madhuripu Aikshadha: Swayam Swam ||
Thaddhaththam Vara Mupalabhya Bhakthimekam Ganganthey Vihitha Padha: Kadhapi Deva !
Sathrastham Muninivaham Hithani Shamsan Aikshishta: Sanaka Mukhan Munin Purasthath ||
Vijjanam Sanaka Mukhodhitham Dhadhana: Swathmanam Swayamagamo Vanatha Sevi
Thaththadhruk Pruthu Vapurisha ! Sathvaram Mey Rogougham Prashamaya Vatha Gehavasin ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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