Gnappana !! Lyrics & Its Meanings - Part 5 (Final)

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Poonthanam describes the significance of chanting the glorious names of Lord  “ Keep thou free from any kind of worldly attachment and remember the glorious names of Lord with utmost dedication and devotion, be cautious and remember the time allotted to live on Earth, be gracious to all the living beings, forget miseries and disgrace, get rid of embarrassment and with tears over flown prostrate before the saintly people, immerse yourself in the downpour of devotion and dance to the tunes like an intoxicated, as we continue the journey of life like the way mentioned above, eventually  the Prarabhdha Karma will come to an end.  As we complete the prearranged Karma, the mortal coil falls into ground leaving no trace of the soul which  meets the blissful ‘Brahmam’ and merge with it.  Once thou realize that the desires have left and not capable for salvation, do not feel thou abandoned, just listen to the glories & holy names of Supreme Lord.   My Salutations to Lord Krishna ! Mukunda ! Janardhana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Ananda ! Madhava ! Sacchidananda !  Even if thou born with a lower status/Varnam or born in a learned class who are expert in Vedas (except deaf & dumb) listen or chant any one of the countless holy names of Lord, it is definite that it would bring salvation and unite the soul with the Brahmam,  chant or listen to the glorious verses at least once in a day or when you are in a happy or contented mood or unknowingly in your dream or just for the funny side of it or for somebody else and it’s affirmed by the illustrious Sage Veda Vyasa composer of the 18 sacred scriptures and sub scriptures, Sridhara Acharya, Bhagavad Gita and Veda.  Chant the glorious verses with utmost devotion and dedication in that way immerse in the blissful Brahmam.   My salutations to Lord Krishna ! Mukunda ! Janardana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Sachidananda ! “


Gnappana/ The song of wisdom/ The pot of Wisdom is the glorious verses about Supreme Lord which is capable to provide spiritual power and salvation for whoever desires for it.  I earnestly pray to the Supreme Lord Krishna for forgiveness for all that errors committed and shower blessings on us.

Please check lyrics here:

 || Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya
Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya Narayana Jaya ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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