Gnappana !! Lyrics and Its meanings - Part II

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Poonthanam beautifully describes the Geeva Gathi/transition of soul & its life on Earth “a soul after spending its hellish torture for the sins committed in the world of Lord Yama, gets cleansed and takes birth as human again.  Whoever follows righteousness in their life will certainly attain the comforts of Sathya Loka, the Abode of Lord Brahma after their death.  Whoever performs the virtuous deeds will reside in heaven and enjoy their life after death.  Who has no devoutness will undergo hellish torture in the Abode of Lord Yama, takes birth and return to the Earth once again and the cycle of birth and death repeats all over. A soul from the Suraloka/Abode of deities will take birth as King on Earth, one who engaged in the Chanda Karma/evil deeds will take birth in lower caste as Chandala, demons/Asuras who have performed good deeds will take birth as Suras/deities, Amaras/immortals into trees, Aja into Gaja/elephant, Gaja into Agaja, Nari/women into Nara/men, Nari into Ori, a brutal King into worms, flies into Cat etc…This is the way the soul continues its journey after death and allocation of lives on Earth takes place.  We earn abundance of Karma while living life on Earth and tastes the fruit of Karma after the present life and the cycle of birth and death continues,   just like earning wealth throughout our life time and enjoys its fruits in later years.   My salutations to Lord Krishna ! Mukunda ! Janardana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Madhava ! Sachidananda”


Poonthanam narrates the glories of Bharathavarsha/Karma Bhoomi, “The sacred land on Earth/Bharathavarsha is the birth place of Karma where we develop our Karma during our life time and it’s impossible to cleanse the Karma anywhere other than in the Karma Bhoomi.  The mother of the Universe/Earth accomplishes all the desires of righteous and materialistic people as well…Shiva Shiva.  The Prakruthi/nature, consort of Lord Vishwanatha excels like Earth and the deities assume various personifications for the preservation of the same.  Thus the sacred scriptures, Veda Sastras, Rishis & Sages eulogized the Earth which outshine from the 14 lokas such as Sathya Loka, Tapa Loka, Jana Loka, Mahar Loka, Svar Loka, Bhuvar Loka, Bhu Loka, Atala Loka, Vitala Loka, Suthala Loka, Thalathala Loka, Mahathala Loka, Rasathala Loka and Pathala Loka.  Further, Karma bhoomi/Bharatha Varsha spreads its glories into several Yojanas as Jambu Dvipa which stands out from Sapthadvipa such as Jambudvipa, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Krovuncha, Shaka and Pushkara.  My salutations to Lord Krishna ! Mukunda ! Janardana! Govinda! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Madhava ! Sachidananda !

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Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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