Gnanappana ! Lyrics & Its meanings - Part I

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Gnanappana also known as the ‘The song of Wisdom’  was composed by Sri Poonthanam Namboothiri reveals his true devotion to Lord Krishna.  This glorious composition begins with Guru Vandanam/Salutations to Acharyas.  Poonthanam earnestly prays ‘Oh! Lord Krishna! Mukunda ! Janardhana! Govinda!  Narayana! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Madhava ! Sachidananda ! And all my mentors bless me to chant the holy names of Lord persistently to attain salvation from this life. ‘


Poonthanam describes the pranks of Kala/Time in Kala Leela,  “Oh ! Lord it is not evident to me what was happened till yesterday and it is not quite sure what is going to happen tomorrow.  I am not sure when this mortal body is going to perish and when it is going to depart from this life.  It is one of your Vibhuthi/ plays to keep humans alive and dead without their knowledge and transform a wealthiest into poorer.  My salutations to Lord Krishna! Mukunda ! Janardhana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Aanantha ! Madhava ! Sachidananda ! “


In Adhikari Bedham the poet describes the nature of Brahmam &humans ; some of the people don’t understand your Vibhuthi /Leela happening before them and some are not willing to realize it, some intelligent people understands what’s happening before them are just an illusion/Maya.  We have sacred scriptures and Sastras which propagates the Varna and the results of Karma.  My salutations to Lord Krishna ! Mukunda ! Jananrdhana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha !  Madhava ! Sachidananda and earnestly prays to remain these sacred scriptures and Sastras forever.  Everyone should listen to the sayings of saintly men who are proficient in Vedas and Sastras which describes the eternal truth and easiest ways to attain salvation in this Kali era.  The ultimate truth is that every human is bounded by their own Karma.  In the beginning, the Universe was a brilliant Light/Jyothi Swaroopam/Brahmam was difficult to understand for the individual and it remains the soul in all the living creatures.  My salutations to the Supreme Lord Krishna! Mukunda ! Janardhana ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Govinda ! Madhava ! Sachidananda ! ‘


Poonthanam narrates the Karma Gathi, the various natures of Karma such as Punya/Virtuous Karma, Papa Karma/sinful deeds and Karma mixed with Punya/righteousness and Papa/sins and the mode of life is determined according to the Karma of the individual.  Poonthanam says “Even the learned scholars and intellectuals who has the complete knowledge of Brahmam also remains chained by their own Karma.  Lord Brahma continues his responsibility of creation until the delusion takes place; he creates every living and non living creature in this Universe, it is impossible for Him to cut off the results of Karma and bondage.  We are just a living creature with petite virtuous Karma took shelter in the womb of mother, eventually taken birth bounded with the Karma.  This process repeats and takes birth after birth in a short span of time.  My salutations to Lord Krishna! Mukunda ! Janardana ! Krishna ! Govinda ! Narayana ! Hari ! Achyutha ! Anantha ! Madhava ! Sachidananda ! “

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Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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