Sri Andal Thiruppavai !! Pasuram - 7 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sri Andal, daughter of Sri Periyalvar has the names Godha Piratti/Soodikudutha Nachiyar/Bhattar Piran Puthalvi and Thiruppavai Padiya Selvi.  She composed illustrious Thiruppavai contains 30 verses and Nachiyar Thirumozhi contains 143 verses praising the glories of Lord Vishnu.


In this Pasuram/Verse, Sri Andal persistently engaged in her mission to wake up the young maidens and join with her in the worship of Lord.  Sri Andal enquires the Gopis how it’s possible for them to remain unresponsive and be asleep after listening to  the earsplitting noise of chirping of birds outside their chambers informing the arrival of daylight, deafening noises of the symmetric movement of churning rods while churning the curd by the Gopis, exhilarating fragrances of flowers adorned in their beautiful plait of hair of the Gopis and the refreshing musical sound produced by the various ornaments and bangles of Gopis while the churning process take place. Sri Andal invites the young maiden to join with her sing praising the glories of Lord Keshava who vanquished the demon Kesi.
Keesu Keesu Endru Engum Aanaich Chaththaan
Kalandhu Pesina Pechcharavam Kettilaiyo Pey Penne
Kaasum Pirappum Kalakalappa Kai Perththu
Vaasa Narum Kuzhal Aaychchiyar Maththinaal
Osai Paduththa Thayiraravam Kettilaiyo
Nayaga Pen Pillaay Narayanan Moorththi
Kesavanai Paadavum Nee Kettey Kidaththiy
Dhesamudaiyai Thiravelor Empavai
Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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