Abhimana Kshetram !! Thiruthangal Thiru Karunellinathar Temple !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Thiruthangal Thiru Karunellinathar temple is one of the Abhimana Kshetram of Lord Shiva located in Thiruthangal, Virudunagar, Tamil Nadu.
Presiding deity – Sri Karunellinathaswami/Karunellinathar/Chokkappan with his consort Sri Chokkiammai
Sthalavruksham – Karunelli
Theertham – Arjuna Theertham
Pancha Pandava during their exile from the Kingdom of Hasthinapur, arrived on the hills of Chathuragiri and mesmerized at the tranquility of this place and settled here.  They found no pond existed, desired to have a pond to offer ablutions and worship Lord.   They earnestly prayed to Goddess Ganga and Arjuna shot an arrow on the ground and water forcefully spurted out from the Earth.  This water source was come to known as Arjuna Theertham, holy dip in the pond is capable to eradicate all sins committed in life.
Worshipped by – Yudhishtira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva
Festival – Maha Shivaratri, Arudra Darisanam, Panguni Uthiram, Markazhi Utsavam, Aippasi Annabhishekam, Chithirai Utsavam, Thirukarthikai, Pournami, Skandha Shashti,  Special pujas on all auspicious days,
Sannidhis – Lord Ganesha, Lord Nandikeshwara,  Lord Subramanya, Lord Dakshinamurthi, Goddess Sri Meenakshi, Goddess Sri Durga,

The legend has that Arumugha Thambiran, an ardent devotee of Lord Subrmanya was lived in Thiruthangal.  He made a practice of visit the temple of Lord Subramanya at Palani every year by walk during festivities.  Years passed by, Arumugha Thambiran found it difficult to walk up to the hill temple of Palani due to old age and ill health.    As usual, he carried out a trip to hill temple Palani without paying attention to poor health, soon he experienced that it was too hard to cross a river to reach the other side.  He felt miserable and was in dilemma, due to extreme tiredness he fallen asleep on the river bank.  Lord Subramanya appeared on his dream and instructed Thambiran to conduct the worship on the place where he stayed, soon Thambiran created a hollow on the ground in order to carry out the rituals and surprisingly he found a pot full of gold.  Further, Thambiran utilized the gold coins for the construction of a magnificent temple which has the close resemblance to the hill temple of Palani for Lord Subramanya on this sacred land.
This temple remains open from 6.00 AM to 11.PM in the morning and 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM in the evenings.
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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