Dakshinayana Punyakalam Begins on 16th July, 2013 !! The significance of Tamil month Adi /Jyeshta - Ashada !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Dakshinayanam/Karkataka Sankrati is the progression in the transit of Sun into another Zodiac sign Cancer.  It marks as the beginning of night for the deities and it continues till the Utharayana Punyakalam/Makara Sankrati.  During the period of Daskhinayanam Lord Vishnu undergoes Yoga nidra/Hari Sayani Ekadashi, Chathurmasya Vrutham, performing homage to ancestors provides highly meritorious rewards. 


The significance of Tamil month Adi /Jyeshta - Ashada :


Fridays/Tuesdays in the month of Adi/Jyeshta - Ashda is treated as auspicious day to worship Goddess Sri Parvati , Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi and Goddess Sri Saraswathi.  It is treated as the most propitious month Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi was born on Earth.  Goddess Sri Parvati underwent severe penance and pleased Lord Shiva; the most pleased Lord pronounced that this month will be highly commendable for the worship of Goddess Sri Parvathi.


Jyeshta - Ashda/Adi month falls during the time of Dakshinayanam, the day Lord Surya begins his journey from North to South.  Hence, the night hours will be long and the day will be short.


Jyeshta - Ashda/Adi month is the beginning of number of propitious days to worship deities.


There are two Ayanas in an year, the Tamil month Thai/ Marghashirsha - Paushya to Ani/Vaishakh-  Jyeshta  is treated as Utharayanam,  day for the deities.  In the Tamil month Adi/Jyeshta -Ashada to Markazhi/Marghashirsha - Paushya is treated as night hours for the deities.


The most important festivals during the month of Adi are the beginning of the month Adi, Adi Perukku, Adi Tuesday, Adi Friday, Adipooram, Adi Amavasya, Adi Pournami, Adi Ashtami, Varalakshmi Vrutham, Adi penance, Adi Kritika etc.  Worship of Goddess Sri Parvati and recital of sacred scriptures like Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, Srimad Devi Bhagavatham etc…provides abundance of merits.


Sri Vidhya worship is conducted in an elaborate manner in the Thiruvanaikka Sri Jambukeshwara temple, one of the Shakthi Peedam of Goddess Sri Parvati as Sri Akilandeshwari.  In this temple Goddess Sri Akilandeshwarai as the disciple attained wisdom from Lord Dakshinamurthi on an Adi Friday, during these days Goddess Sri Akilandeshwari is worshipped as Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, Goddess Sri Parvati and Goddess Sri Saraswathi in the hours of morning, afternoon and in the evening  respectively.

51 Shakthi Sthalam !! Thiruvanaikka Sri Akilandeshwari Temple :


Adi Fridays is a propitious day to worship Goddess Sri Durga.


Worship of Goddess Sri Tulsi on the day of Adi Pournami provides abundance of pieties.    This day commemorates Lord Vishnu personified as Lord Hayagreevah and protected Vedas from the demons Madhu and Kaitabha.  Worship of Lord Lakshmi Hayagreevah provides intelligence and wisdom.

Sri Tulsi Ashtothara Sathanamavali:


 Sri Hayagreevah Ashtothara Sathanamavali:

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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