12 Jyotir Linga Kshetram !! Baidhyanath Mandir !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Baidhyanath Mandir is one of the 12 Jyotir Linga Kshetram located in Deoghar, Jharkhand.  This is one of the prominent temples of Lord Shiva with the sub shrines of Ma Ganga, Sri Ram along with Sita, Lakshmana, Bharatha & Shatrugna, Anand Bhairav in blackston/Protector from the evils, Gauri Shankar, Ma Tara/Bhuvaneswari/Kamala, Narvadeshwara with Nandikeshwara/Dhudhanath Mahadev, Ma Kali, Ma Annapurna, Lakshmi Narayana, Neelkand Mahadevi with Goddess Sri Sati, Ma Parvati/Goddess Durga,  Jagat Janani, Ganesh, Brahma, Ma Sandhya, Neelchakra, Mahakala Bhairav, Hanuman, Manasa/Tulsi Chauring housing Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Surya, Saraswathi, Suryanarayana,  and Bagaladevi.


Presiding deity – Lord Baidhyanath with his consort Goddess Sri Annapurni


Theertham – Chandrakoopam,


Festivals – Maha Shivaratri, Sri Rama Navami, Navaratri, Vasantha Panchami, Pournami, Mesha Sankrathi, Ganga Dussehra, Naga Panchami, Ratha Yathra, Ganesh Chathurthi, Karthikeya Puja, Anantha Chathurdashi, Krishna Ashtami, Radha Ashtami, Deepavali, Kalabhairava Ashtami, Hanumath Jayanthi, Dhanvanthari Jayanthi,



The legend has that in Tretha Yuga the demon King Dhashanan underwent severe penance and sacrificed his 9 heads praying to Lord Shiva.  Lord was extremely pleased at the devotion of Dhashanan and honored him with the title of staunch devotee/ Parama Bhaktha of Lord Shiva.  Dhashanan constructed a Swarna Bhavan, a palace made of gold utilizing the wealth of his brother Lord Kubera with an intention to attain Lord Shiva.  But the Supreme Lord who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience does not have a desire of his own returned the Swarna Bhavan to Dhashanan. 


Dhashanan adamantly continued severe austerities to attain Lord Shiva and obtained immense strength.  He returned with enormous power and tried to lift Mount Kailash, but that too was turned out unsuccessful.   Lord Shiva pressed his left leg thumb on the ground and Dhashanan was trapped beneath the Mount Kailash, he cried out pitifully for several years and it spoiled the tranquility of Mount Kailash.  All the Rishis and Sages were found perturbed due to the deafening cries of Dhashanan.  Sage Vageesa instructed Dhashanan to sing Samagana which the most beloved to Lord Shiva.  Dhashanan beautifully sang Samaganam/Shiva Thandava Stotra praying to Lord.    Once again Lord was pleased at the devotion of Dhashanan and honored him with the name ‘Ravana’ (one who cries all the time).  


At Kashi Ravana was blessed with the Dharshan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Parvati.  The compassionate Lord instructed Ravana to compose the musical forms of Veda and the task was performed marvelously by Ravana.  Lord offered him with a boon as reward; Ravana requested an atypical boon to Lord to reside with him in Lanka.  According to the boon, Lord Shiva transformed himself into a Linga with a condition that during their journey to Lanka the Linga will be installed the place where he places on the Earth.  All the deities were disturbed at the arrogance of Ravana and were anxious about the consequences of the absence of Lord Shiva in performing the functions of Trinities.  Ravana carried the Linga and proceeded to Lanka.  At Mount Kailash Goddess Sri Parvati was extremely apprehensive in the absence of Lord, seeing the distressed state of his mother Lord Ganesha promised her that he will return with his father very soon and left Mount Kailash.  Lord Ganesha took the form of a herder of sheep and followed Ravana through the dense woodland and created impediments for his journey to Lanka with the help of Lord Varuna and Lord Agni but none of the acts were worked.  Lord Vishnu advised Ganesha to utilize his intelligence when the powers of the deities were not worked.   He followed Ravana and prompted him to have meal with him.  At one point, Ravana was extremely troubled with thirst and hunger.  He requested the sheepherder for water to quench his thirst; the sheepherder happily provided water in a small mud pot contained enormous size of pond water.  After consuming the enormous quantities of water Ravana had the difficulty in walking with the Linga.  He requested sheepherder to carry the Linga and went for ablutions with a promise to return before sunset.  But, Ravana failed to return in time and the sheepherder placed the Linga on the ground and disappeared.  Thus, the Linga was installed on this sacred land came to known as Baidhyanath Linga.


This temple remains open from 4.00 AM to 3.30 PM in the morning and 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM in the evenings.  There will be changes in the temple timings during the festival season. 

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!


Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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