63 Nayanmars !! Life of Thiru Kazharsinga Nayanar !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
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Kattiya Udaival Uruvi Akkamazhivacha Poo
Thottamun Nedutha Kaiyyam Mutrpada Thunippathendru
Pattamum Aninthu Kadhal Payilperum Deviyana
Mattavizh Kuzhalal Chengaivalayodum Thunitharandrey
Thiru Kazharsinga Nayanar was the righteous ruler of Pallava Kingdom.   During his regime, people were lived a happy and prosperous life.  Thus, he earned lot of fame and won over his enemies.  He was a zealous devotee of Lord Shiva; visited many sacred temples of Lord along with his wife. 
Once, King Kazharsingar along with his Queen made a visit to the temple of Lord Tyagaraja at Thiruvarur with their escorts.  The King was transcended to the world of ecstasy after visualizing the mesmerizing beauty of Lord.  In the meantime, Queen was gracefully moving through the circumambulatory paths observing the enthralling beauty of the environment.  At one moment, her eyes get caught of a beautiful hall and its dais.   At the center of the hall there was heaps of alluring fresh flowers of various fragrances which was kept for making garlands out of it for the worship of Lord.  Instantly, a gorgeous flower fallen down from the dais which was picked by the Queen and smelt it.
Thiru Cheruthunai Nayanar, one of the passionate devotees of Lord Shiva was happened to observe the Queen’s movement.  Thiru Cheruthunaiyar was totally annoyed by her act; he had strict disciplined manners in the worship of Lord and purity of materials used for the worship of Supreme Lord.  It was most frustrating moment for him, he rushed off his feet and cut down her nose for the sin she had committed.  The queen was traumatized at the behavior of Thiru Cheruthunaiyar and withered in pain.  Soon, King Kazharsingar joined at the spot, he was utterly shocked to see his dearest wife shivering and screaming out of pain.  Thiru Cheruthinaiyar explained the state of affairs to the King Kazharsingar.  The King scrutinized the situation and declared that the punishment for polluting the flower which was kept for offering to Lord was the severe sin committed and the verdict followed to chop her hands down for picking the flower kept for the worship.   At once, there were flowers trickled from the sky appreciating the uprightness of King Kazharsingar.  King Kazharsinga Nayanar ruled his Kingdom wisely for several years and finally attained the Abode of Lord Shiva.

In the Tamil month Vaikasi – Barani is widely celebrated as Guru Puja of  Thiru Kazharsinga Nayanar, the day he attained the Abode of Lord Shiva.
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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