51 Shakthi Sthalam/Shakthi Peedam !! Sri Kanyakumari Temple, Kanyakumari !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Ambey Ma !!

Sri Kanyakumari Temple is one of the 51 Shakthi Sthalam/Shakthi Peedam of Goddess Sri Parvaty located on the confluence of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.  This is one of the oldest temples of Goddess Sri Parvaty built during the 8th century by the Kings of Pandya Dynasty.  The rulers of Vijayanagara, Nayak and Chola Dynasty were made abundance of contributions to this temple.  This is one of the prominent temples of Goddess Sri Parvaty famous for its exquisite paintings and stunning architectural work.



Presiding deity – Sri Devi Kanya Kumari/Bhagavathy Amman


Worshipped by – Lord Parasurama


Theertham – 11 Theerthams


Sannidhis – Goddess Vijaya Sundari, Goddess Bala Sundari



Significance – The diamond nose ring of Goddess Sri Kanyakumari on the exquisite black idol in the sanctum sanctorum is visible from any distance.



Festivals – Navaratri, Vaikasi Car Festival, Adi Festival,



The legend has that Goddess Sri Kanyakumari’s marriage to Lord Shiva was decided by Sage Narada and midnight hour was chosen as auspicious time for the wedding of the divine couple.  The procession of bride-groom arrived little late on this sacred land.  Meanwhile Lord Shiva heard the rooster cries and returned to his place thinking that the propitious time for the wedding was over.   Unfortunately, marriage was not taken place as decided earlier and the grand arrangements for the wedding were gone astray.   The most disheartened Goddess Sri Kanyakumari decided to remain virgin forever. 



In the meantime, the demon Banasura underwent severe penance and obtained extra ordinary boons.  Immediately he turned into haughty and harassed the life of deities and sages.    The deities approached Lord Vishnu to save them from the mayhem caused by the demon.  Lord Vishnu advised them to worship Goddess Sri Adi Shakthi in her virgin form as Sri Kanyakumari.  All the deities prayed to Goddess Sri Kanyakumari, the most pleased Goddess Sri Adi Shakthi vanquished the demon Banasura and reinstated the righteousness on the land.  

The legend has that there was a time the Mount Himalaya and its surroundings were under the abstract control of the demons.  They harassed the life of deities and sages, they all appealed to Lord Vishnu.   As instructed by Lord Vishnu, all the spiritual energies of the deities turned into a flame and as desired by the deities and Sages Goddess Sri Sati was rose from the flame and she was brought up by Daksha Prajapathi.  Later, she married to Lord Shiva against the will of her father.


A Grand Yagna was conducted by Dakshaprajapathi ended in disaster, his own daughter Goddess Sri Sati had to sacrifice her life in the sacrificial fire. This catastrophic incident brought trepidation amongst the deities. Inconsolable Lord Shiva carried the lifeless body of Goddess Sri Sati and wandered on the Earth for several years. The functions of Trinities to protect the Universe were shattered. All the deities were frightened about the terrible consequences and appealed to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu’ dice chopped off the lifeless body of Goddess Sri Sati into several parts to diffuse the grief of Lord Shiva and each part fell into the different parts of the Earth. The places where the body parts of Goddess Sri Sati fallen on the Earth were turned into ‘Shakthi Sthal/Shakthi Peedam’.



This temple remains open from 4.30 AM to 12.oo PM in the morning and 4.00 PM to 8.00PM in the evenings.

Jai Ambey Ma !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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