63 Nayanmars !! Life of Cheraman Peruman Nayanar !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

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Cherar Peruman Thozhakkandu Sindhai Kalangi Munvanangi
Yarendradiyenai Kondadhadiyen Adivan Nanyena
Cherar Piranum Adicheran Adiyen Yendru Thirunitrin
Vara Vedam Ninaipithir Varundhathegum Yena Mozhinthar

Cheraman Peruman/Perumakodhaiyar was born in the Royal clan of Kodhaiyars located in Kodungallur, a flourished land in the Kingdom of Chera.  Perumakodhaiyar was a zealous devotee of Lord Shiva and a true follower of Shaiva Siddhantha.  His remarkable devotion to Lord inspired him to follow a saintly life. 

During this period the Chera Kingdom was under the regime of Senkonporiyar, who had no heirs to rule his Kingdom.  He decided to follow ascetic life leaving the throne to his successor.  The ministers of Chera Kingdom approached Perumakodhaiyar who was the successive heir to the throne, with a request to rule the Kingdom.  Perumakodhaiyar was leading a life of ascetic; he was reluctant to accept the throne.  Soon with the continuous persuasion of the ministers and at the divine instruction of Lord, Perumankodhaiyar was crowned as the King of Chera Kingdom.  Cheraman Peruman/Perumakodhaiyar was a righteous ruler and he ruled the Kindgom wisely for several years.  He continued to be a faithful servant of Lord, his immense faith and devotion to Lord and righteousness brought abundance of fame and prosperity all through his life.  He found enormous pleasure in worshipping Lord and serving his devotees with due honor and respect.  He envisioned Lord in the smeared holy ash marks of his devotees and honored them without taking into consideration of their status, caste or creed.   This commendable nature of Cheraman Peruman brought huge admirers to him. 

Cheraman Peruman was a passionate worshipper of Lord Nataraja.  At the end of the every worship Lord blesses Cheraman with the sound of his anklets.  Once, he failed to hear the sounds of Lord’s anklet.  The King was deeply distressed at this, thought that he must have committed serious offense which made the Lord to keep still and with a mounted guilt he decided to give up his life.  Soon he was detained by the most compassionate Lord reassuring him that Nambi Arur, a fervent devotee of Lord was praising Lord of Chidambaram in his glorious verses that was taken away Lord’s attention which made him to stay calm.  Once, Bana Bhattar a Tamil poet met Cheraman Peruman in his assembly with the compositions of Lord praising the virtues of Cheraman.  Cheraman shed tears of joy and danced in ecstasy at the boundless compassion of Lord.

Cheraman Peruman visited Chidambaram and completely entranced at the beauty of Lord Nataraja and Goddess Sivakami.  He composed ‘Pon Vannathu Andhadhi’ praising the Lord and there too Lord blessed Cheraman with the sounds of anklets. 

Cheraman Peruman desired to meet Sundarar, one of the prominent Shivaite saints.  But the meeting was not taken place at Chidambaram.  So Cheraman proceeded to Thiruvarur to meet Sundarar and visited the Temple of Lord Tyagaraja.  The two passionate devotees were met and embraced each other.  Cherman Peruman composed ‘Thiru Mummanikovai’ glorious verses on Lord Tyagaraja.  The two devotees led their spiritual journey to Sri Vedaranyeswarar Temple at Vedaranyam.  Cheraman Peruman sung praising the glories of Lord in his composition ‘Thiru Andhadhi’.  They together visited many holy shrines of Lord Shiva and finally arrived at Madurai.  They were welcomed by the Kings of Pandya & Chola and they were accompanied by great saints to many holy shrines.

At the request of Cheraman Peruman, Sundarar arrived at Kodungallur, the birth place of Cheraman.  Before leaving Kodungallur, Sundarar advised his companion to rule the Kingdom wisely and blessed him.   Cheraman was a ardent follower of Sundarar.  On  Sundarar’s second visit to Kodungallur, he proceeded to Thiru Vanchikulam at the will of Lord and attained the Abode of Lord Shiva.  Cheraman Peruman came to know about Sundarar, he shed his mortal coil and followed his saintly companion.

In the Tamil month Adi – Swathi is widely celebrated as Guru Puja Day, the day Thiru Cheraman Peruman attained the Abode of Lord Shiva.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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