63 Nayanmaras - Life of Thiru Naminandi Adigal !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!


Neendu Punaivar Adiyarukku Nedunal Niyathi Agavey
Veru Veru Vendruvena Ellaney seithu Mevuthalal
Yendru Chirappin Manippuril Irunthar Thondarkk Kaniyenum
Peru Thirunavukkarasar Vilamba Perra Perumayinar

Thiru Naminandi Adigal was born in a village called Thiruemaperur located on the banks of River Cauvery in Tiruvarur.  This village was prominent place for the performance of Vedic rituals and the people of the village were zealous devotee of Lord Shiva and Shaiva Siddhantha.  Thiru Namminandi Adigal was born in a Brahmin family; he was well versed with the Veda Sastras and he was a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva.  He was an ardent devotee of Lord Achaleswarar/Araneriappar and his consort Goddess Vandarkuzhali Ammai located in Thiruemaperur in the Kingdom of Chola.

Naminandi Adigal worshipped Lord Achaleswara and His consort Goddess Vandarkuzhali Ammai in this temple; he lit the lamps of the temple and found immense pleasure in visualizing the enchanting beauty of Lord in the brilliance of the earthen lamp.  Once, he had the earnest desire to light the lamp in the entire praharams of Lord, unfortunately the oil required for lightening the lamp was insufficient.  So he decided to borrow some oil and approached a villager who was staying round the corner of the temple.  He knocked the door of the villager; unfortunately it was the house of a Jain follower.  He listened carefully to Naminandi Adigal and started pouring harsh words on him.  He derisively passed comments on Adigalar and asked him to light the lamp with water.  Naminandi Adigalar, who was already burnt his egos in him, he was not moved an inch at the contemptuous remarks of the Jain follower.  Adigalar was tormented purely at the thought of lack of oil to light the lamp and serve the Lord.  He solemnly prayed to Lord, he could listen to a mysterious voice authoritatively instructing him to bring water from the nearby pond and lighten the lamp.  He followed the voice sincerely; he brought water from the pond and carefully poured them on the earthen lamp, stuffed in with the cotton thread and lit the lamp.  The earthen lamps were started to glow brilliantly as ever at the supreme grace of Lord.   Naminandi Adigal continued this practice for several days.  All the Jains were alarmed at the devout act of Adigalar.  This incident made the people’s faith in Jainism shattered to a great extent.  Thus Naminandi Adigalar restored the belief in Shaiva Siddhantha and devotion to Lord Shiva in this sacred land successfully.

Naminandi Adigal’s devout act captured the attention of the Chola King who was on the throne; he provided immense wealth for the temple’s reformation and services.  Tiruvar is a sacred land of Lord also known for temple festivities.  Naturally the temple authorities were decided to celebrate the festival Panguni Uthram in a grand manner.  As a part of the celebration, the presiding deity has taken for a village procession to Thirumanalai, where the devotees of different caste and creed were assembled to worship Lord.  Nayanar accompanied the procession that night he got home drained and drifted to sleep immediately.  His chaste wife noticed the difference in him and enquired him about his daily worship of Lord before go to sleep.  He was reluctantly answered her that the crowd assembled in the procession made him impure, he instructed her to bring water to bathe so that he could resume his worship.  She went to fetch water for her husband.  Soon Nayanar was drifted back to sleep.  He had a dream in that Lord enlighten him with the knowledge that the people who were born in Tiruvarur are his ‘Ganas’, so Nayanar need not be concerned about any impurities.  Nayanar woke up abruptly with a frisson and great realization.  He deeply regretted at his notion about the caste and creed and resumed his worship.  In the early dawn, the couple arrived at the temple in Tiruvarur; Nayanar visualized the Ganas of Lord in whoever they met on their way.  He was in a blissful state, he prostrated before them praising the glories of Lord.  He continued his self-less service to the devotees of Lord.  Later, Saint Thirunavukkarasar sung praising the self-less nature of Naminandi Adigal in one his compositions.  Finally, Naminandi Adigal attained the Abode of Lord Shiva in Tiruvar.

In the Tamil month Vaikasi – Pusam is widely celebrated as ‘Guru Puja’ day of Naminandi Adigal, the day he attained the Abode of Lord Shiva.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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It was the Achaleshwara temple and not Valkimanathar temple.

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