The Glories of Sri Tulsi - Srimad Devi Bhagavatham !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

S’rî Mad Devî Bhâgavatam – Ninth Skandham – Chapter 24 describes the glories of Tulsi.

Lord Sriman Narayana describes the glories of Tulsi to Sage Narada.  Lord Hari assumed the form of S’ankhachûda and arrived at the doors of Tulsi with the sounds of celestial drums and the triumphant voices of escorts.  Tulsi appeared at the door and offered alms to Vedic Brahmins and poor people.  At this moment, Lord Narayana who was already disguised in the form of her husband - S’ankhachûda landed from His chariot and approached Tulsi into her house.  Lord Narayana gazed longingly at her amazing exquisiteness.  Tulsi Devi was beautifully adorned in precious jewels and her exquisite features and enthralling gorgeousness captivated all the attentions of Lord.  Tulsi Devi welcomed her husband, gladly washed his feet with the tears of joy and happiness paid obeisance to him.  She approached her husband with  lots of affection and requested him to take seat on the jeweled throne and offered him scented betel leaves.  She was beaming with happiness to see her husband safe and sound after a victorious return from the battlefield.  She affectionately enquired about the heroic valur in the fierce battle with Mahâdeva.

Lord Sriman Narayana who was in the appearance of S’ankhachûda spoke in a nectar like voice that the war extended up to one Samvatsara, all the daityas were killed.  Lord Brahma prayed to instill peace and the regained powers were returned to the deities.  After explaining the details of battle, Lord Narayana moved to His private chamber with Tulsi.  Lord Narayana and Tulsi absorbed in their pastimes.  At one moment, Tulsi’s chastity made her question herself about the differences in the passion derived out of their pursuit of journey to Heaven.

Tulsi with lots of vivid emotions questioned Lord Narayana who was camouflaged as her husband and cursed him.  Lord Sriman Narayana took his original form and stood before her.  Lord Sriman Narayana – The Supreme Lord who was ocean blue color in complexion, adorned precious jewels all over his body, clad in dazzling yellow robes, His beautiful lotus eyes were lustrous and he was smiling graciously to Tulsi.  Seeing the most enthralling magnificence of Lord Sriman Narayana, pain stricken, tears overflowing through the cheeks though with a sense of affection Tulsi regained her consciousness.  She questioned Lord Narayana for the misdemeanor of breaking her chastity, she blamed him a stone hearted.  She cursed Lord Narayana to turn out a ‘stone’.

Seeing Tulsi in a state of grief and sorrow, lamenting over the sins she had committed, the most compassionate Lord Narayana narrated the truth that Tulsi was performed severe austerities to attain Lord Narayana in her pastlife and S’ankhachûda was also underwent austerities to obtain Tulsi as his wife.  Lord Narayana felt it was relevant time to offer his devotee with the fruits of austerities she had undergone.  The Supreme Lord instructed Tulsi to leave the mortal body and remain transparent stream Gandaki, the long and beautiful hairs of would turn into shrubs known as basil plant – Tulsi and also blessed that the sacred plant and its leaves are highly auspicious to worship Lord.  Lord Narayana blessed Tulsi that the three worlds would speak the supremacy of her and make the most of her to worship Lord, the presence of her in the river banks of Virajâ, Vrindavan, Bhândîra forest, Champaka forest, Chandana -Sandal Forest in the groves of Mâdhavî, Ketakî, Kunda, Mallikâ,and Mâlatî, in these sacred places bestow the highest religious merits.   Her dwelling places on the banks of rivers make sacred and all the deities would yearn for her presence in their worship. 

Lord Narayana advised Tulsi to leave her mortal body and be a symbol of Sri Mahalakshmi.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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