51 Shakthi Sthalam !! Mangad Sri Tapas Kamakshi Temple – Thiruverkkadu - Chennai !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jai Ambey Ma !!


It was First Friday in the Tamil Month Avani; we made a visit to Mangad Kamakshi Temple in the early morning and we reached the temple around 5.30AM. Mangad Sri Tapas Kamakshi Temple is located between porur and poonammallee on the Suburbs of Chennai.  The very name ‘Mangad’ derived from Mangrove.   Previously, this place was bursting with gigantic forest.  Goddess Sri Kamakshi underwent severe penance standing in the middle of ‘Panchagni’ in this temple, hence the presiding deity has came to known as Tapas Kamakshi. 

The surroundings of the temple were lively with the street vendors of pooja materials.  It was nice to see cheerful faces around selling colorful flower garlands, lemon garlands and many more.  I have already got a silk Pavadai and a lemon garland to offer to Sri Kamakshi.  The whole atmosphere inside the temple was incredible and did not find much crowd in the early hours.  We proceeded through the vast praharam to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.  We could see nearly 100 people were waiting on the queue.  While standing on the queue for some time, we just turned our heads to see the crowd…Good Lord…The queue was so long in the sense  further 800 people were added on the queue.  As the queue started to move gradually, the much awaited time has come for us to have dharshan of Goddess Kamakashi.  I offered Silk Pavadai and Lemon Garland to the priest.  Initially he asked me to get ticket for offering Pavadai.  I explained my helpless situation once again move through the huge crowd to get ticket from the counter.  I earnestly prayed to consider the matter seriously.  Finally he agreed and offered the Pavadai and garland to Sri Kamakshi; it was one of the brilliant moments to watch Her amazing beauty standing very close to Her.  Later, the temple priest handed us with Prasadam and the Pavadai that was adorned on the Sri Ardhameru Chakram for few minutes; He instructed us to deposit the Pavadai to the Temple Administrative office.  We holded the Pavadai in our hands with greatest admiration and afterwards deposited to the office. 


Azhagukku Oruvarum Ovvatha Valli
Arumaraikal Pazhaki Chivantha Padhambuyathal
Panima Mathiyin Kuzhavi Thirumudi Komalai Yamalai Kombirukka
Izhavuttru Nindra Nenjey Irangel Unakku Yen Kuraye?


The legend has that Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva was having their pastime in Mount Kailash.  In a playful mood Goddess Parvati closed the eyes of Lord Shiva for a moment.  Immediately, the entire universe fell into darkness.  Goddess Parvati felt ashamed of her playful act and requested for forgiveness.  Lord Shiva instructed Goddess Parvati to undertake severe penance on Earth in the midst of fire called ‘Panchagni’ in Mangad.  Goddess Parvati underwent severe penance in Mangad, folding her right leg and standing on the right leg in the middle of Panchagni and holding a Japamala - Beads just above her head as instructed by Lord Shiva.  In this temple, Goddess Parvati – Kamakshi can be seen on the above posture.  Lord Shiva pleased at the devotion of Sri Kamakshi and married her in Kanchi.  When Sri Kamakshi left Mangad, the fire remained open.  Due to the unbearable heat, the people of this place started to suffer.  Later, Sri Adi Sankaracharya visited this place and installed a ‘Sri Ardhameru Chakram’in order to save this place from scorching heat.  In the sanctum sanctorum Sri Ardhameru Chakram also can be seen just in front of the presiding deity Goddess Kamakshi.  Kumkum Archana is performed on the Sri Chakram.


Nindrum Irunthum Kidanthum Nadanthum Ninaippathu Unnai
Yendrum Vanaguvathu Un Malar Thal, Ezhuthamarayin
Ondrum Arumporuley Aruley Umaye Imayathandrum Piranthavale
Azhiya Mukthi Anandhame

The important festivals of this temple are Chitra Pournami, Vaikasi Visakham, Ani Thirumanjanam, Thiruvadi Puram, Navaratri, Annabhishekam, Karthikai Deepam, Arudra Darisanam, Thaipoosam, Masi Makam, Sivaratri, and Panguni Uthram.  Another significance of this temple is that the ‘Golden Chariot’ with the idol of Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathy are drawn through the wide praharam of this temple on all evenings from 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM.  ‘Annadhanam’ also provided to the devotees on daily basis.

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday the temple remains open from morning 6.00AM to 1.30 PM and 3.00 PM to 9.30 PM in the evening.  As this temple attracts huge crowd of devotees on the auspicious days known as Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays the temple remains open from morning 5.00 AM to 10.00PM without any break. 

This temple enshrines the sannidhis of Lord Ganesha – Sri Varasiddhi Vinayakar, Lord Surya and Navakanyakaigal.

Poothavale Bhuvanam Pathinangayum Poothavannam Kathavale
Pin Karanthavale Karai Kandanukku Moothavale
Endrum Moova Mukundarkku Ilayavale Mathavale
Unnai Andri Matror Deivam Vandhipathe


Jai Ambey Ma !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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