Parsva/Parivarthini Ekadashi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Brahma Vaivarta Puranam describes the glories of Parsva/Parivarthini/Vamana Ekadashi which occurs on the waxing period of moon. 

Lord Krishna explains to King Yudhishtira about the significance of the Parsva Ekadashi.  King Yudhishtira requests Lord Krishna to shed light on the austerities should be followed on this day and the pieties received by observing Parsva Ekadashi.

Lord Krishna narrates, the pieties earned by observing the Parsva Ekadashi will eradicate all the sins committed in one’s life and it also provides ‘Salvation’ to the worshipper.  Listening to the glories of Parsva Ekadashi  would makes one sins burn into ashes, faithful observance of Parsva Ekadashi also bring the devoutness of Vachapeya Yagna and one thousand horse sacrifice.   Worship of Lord Vishnu and His fifth incarnation as Vamana on this day provides liberation from the cycles of birth and death.   The significance of the Parsva Ekadashi is that Lord Vishnu while in His cosmic sleep turns from left to right on this day, thus the Ekadashi came to known as ‘Parsva’ Ekadashi. 

King Yudhishtira praying to Lord Krishna,  to clarify his qualms regarding the cosmic sleep of Lord Vishnu, observance of Chathurmasya Vrata and the purpose of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Vamana .  The compassionate Lord elaborates the Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu to King Yudhishtira.

There was a King Mahabali in Treta Yuga, an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.  Though he was born in the lineage of demons he was leading a righteous life.  He engaged in performing sacrifices, respected and honored the Brahmins with alms.  Mahabali defeated Lord Indra and conquered the three worlds.  All the deities and Rishis approached Lord Sriman Narayana and revealed their helpless situation.  Lord Vishnu took incarnation as a Dwarf (Vamana) and approached Mahabali in the sacrificial arena. At the sight of a Brahmachari the most pleased Mahabali offered him wealth, land, gold, jems as alms.  But, Vamana graciously refused the above and requested for the three footsteps of land with his tiny feet as alms.  King Mahabali and his wife Vindyavali proceeded to perform give away alms to the Brahmachari as requested by him.  To everyone’s amazement, Vamana started to grow bigger in size which was indescribable.  He covered the entire Earth with one foot step and the Heaven with the other.  When Vamana asked for the land where to set his third footstep, Mahabali respectfully offered his head with folded hands.  The most compassionate Lord, blessed Mahabali and advised him to rule the netherlands with his clan. Later, King Mahabali installed the deity ‘Vamana’ in his kingdom on the day of Parsva Ekadashi to worship and pay homage.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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