Life of Sri Goswami Tulsidas !! Part III !

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tulsidas married to Ratnavali, a chaste woman and the newly wedded couple settled in Rajapur.  In due course of time Ratnavali conceived with a child.  She gave birth to a stunning boy child and named him Tarak, unfortunately the child was died at early years. Tulsidas was extremely devoted to his wife.   Afterwards the excessive attraction towards his wife became the reason for the transformation of him as a fervent devotee of Lord.  Once, his wife left to her parental home Tulsidas’s extreme obsession towards her persuaded him to rush behind her.  Tulsidas hurried to her during a night hour crossing the river Yamuna.  His wife sharply criticized his passion for lust, it nailed down the fascination and turned into pure devotion to Lord.



Tulsidas sacrificed the materialistic way of life and turned into ascetic.  He gave up his home and his wife, and travelled extensively throughout India and visited many holy shrines that were just the beginning of the birth of his divine nectar like composition ‘Ramacharita Manas’.



Tulsidas once again arrived in the holy land Varansi, shortly at the divine command of Lord he returned to Ayodhya, there he took the initial step for the composition of immortal epic ‘Sri Ramacharita Manas’.  At his arrival, he founded a secluded place of grove under the banyan tree was already prepared for him.  In the year 1575, on an auspicious day of ‘Sri Ramanavami’, the day exactly when Lord Rama’s birth took place in Treta Yuga, Tulsidas begun his marvelous work of composing ‘Sri Ramacharita Manas’.  It took him to complete two years, seven months and 26 days.  Finally, it was completed on   the day of Lord Rama’s celestial marriage with Sita in the month of Margashirsha.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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