The Great Epic Mahabharath – Reunion of Lord Anjaneya with Bhima !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The great epic Mahabharath describes the reunion of two brothers Lord Anjaneya with  Bhima, although they both were belonged to different Yugas, Satya Yuga and Dwapara Yuga correspondingly.  Lord Anjaneya was born to Lord Vayu and Anjali Devi in Satya Yuga and Bhima was born to Lord Vayu and Kunti in Dwapara Yuga respectively.

Pandavas during their exile arrived at the peaks of Nara and Narayana – today’s Badrinath.   They found the hermitage of Sage Nara and Narayana.  The place was filled with the Rishis who were engaged in chanting Veda Manthras.  They had foreseen the arrival of Pandavas, which brought good omen.   As soon as Pandavas arrived in the holy land they realized that they are freed from all worries, hunger and thirst.  The hermitage was seen like the Abode of Lord Indra and they experienced the Supreme Bliss.  The sight of Mainaka Mountain and Vindya Lake fascinated them with its mesmerizing beauty.  Pandavas happily spent six days in Badrikashram while waiting for Arjuna’s return from the Abode of Lord Indra.

One day, while Bhima and Draupadi were having pastime a sudden wind brought a Lotus with thousand petals.   She was excited to see the rare flower and requested King Bhima to get one for her. Bhima most willingly went in search of the flower so as to fulfill her desire.  He proceeded towards the wild forest with the speed of a hurricane.  He roared ferociously to drive out the animals on his way, the terrified wild animals parted their ways. 

Bhima arrived at a place where Lord Anjaneya was relaxing.  He was in deep sleep; the vicious noise woke him up.  Lord Anjaneya moved his tail in discomfort, it made a thunderous noise.  Bhima approached Lord Anjaneya, he was very displeased to see a huge monkey blocking his way.  Bhima growled at him, Lord Anjaneya heaved a sigh and stared at Bhima unpleasantly.  Bhima ordered Lord Anjaneya to give way so that he could resume his journey.  Lord Anjaneya informed Bhima in a strict orderly voice that he could not move any inch further.  He also informed Bhima that the further part of the forest is too dangerous to explore and asked Bhima to return home after relaxing for some time.   Bhima was dissatisfied at the reply of Lord Anjaneya and yelled back ‘I am the son of  Lord Vayu and Kunti, I am capable to face any peril on my way.  If you are not willing to listen to me, you may have to face the consequences of it.’

Now, ‘Sollinselvan’ Anjaneya changed his tone and informed Bhima that he is seriously ill and have no strength to move an inch.  If Bhima could raise his tail at least, that would make a big difference.  Bhima revealed that he had no intention to leap over him, exactly the way Hanuman had crossed the great ocean Lanka. At this, Lord Anjaneya asked to explain the greatness of Hanuman.  Bhima was searching for words to express his admiration for Lord Anjaneya, he started to explain the great accomplishments of Lord Anjaneya and his remarkable intelligence and strength.  After explaining the glories of Hanuman, Bhima ordered him to move away from his way. 

Bhima carelessly took hold of Anjaneya’s tail with his one hand; he found it was so strange that the tail was too heavy to hold with one hand.  He used his two hands and tried to pull it.  No progress at all, it was so tough task for him; his continuous attempts resulted in failure.   Bhima started sweating profusely.  At last, he openly declared his helplessness and hung down his head in shame.  Bhima graciously requested Lord Anjaneya to reveal his identity.

Hanuman earnestly revealed his identity to Bhima.  He further explained that he had a boon from Lord Ram that he continued to be present on the Earth as long the Great epic Ramayan remains and worshipped.  Wherever the worship of great epic takes place and chant faithfully with utmost devotion, he would be there listening to glories of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita Devi with tears in his eyes.

Bhima repeatedly paid obeisance to his brother.  He expressed about his long cherished desire to meet Lord Anjaneya, a self-less and devoted servant of Lord Ram.   He also expressed his wish to see the magnificent form of Lord Anjaneya described by Maharishi Valmiki in his ‘Srimad Ramayan’ .  Bhima exposed sincere gratitude and happiness to his brother.  At this, Anjaneya took his gigantic form, he assumed to grow bigger and bigger.  Finally, Lord Anjaneya exposed His Vishwaroopa Darshan and stood before Bhima.   It was like an enormous size of Vindyachala Mountain.  Bhima looked at the form of Lord Anjaneya awestruck.   Lord Anjeya once again assumed his original form and spent quality time with his brother Bhima enquiring each others.  When the time has come to depart, Anjaneya hugged Bhima that’s how restored all his energies on his brother Bhima.  Lord Anjaneya revealed his willingness to provide any kind of help to regain the Kingdom Hastinapur and re-establish righteousness.  He promised Bhima that he would be assisting them by settling on the flag of Arjuna’s Chariot while the Kurushektra war takes place.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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