The Great Epic Mahabharath – Birth of Jarasandha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Lord Krishna explains to King Yudhishtira about the story of Jarasandha. 

There was a righteous King named Brihadratha ruled the Kingdom  Magadha.   He married to the twin daughters of King of Kashi.   He married to the twin daughters with a promise to love them dearly and equally.      King  Brihadratha had no offspring’s for long time.  He was deeply depressed at the thought of no heirs to his throne.  He performed many sacrifices in order to please the deities by this means get blessed with a virtuous child. 

There was a sage Chanda-Kausika visited the Kingdom Magadha.  King Brihadratha and his wives received the Sage with due respect and honor. King Brihadratha explained the disheartening situation without any offspring.  King pleaded Sage Kausika to bless him with a child.  Sage Kausika pleased at the devotion of the King Brihadratha and his wives and offered them a boon.  Sage offered a sacred mango fruit to his wives and asked them to share equally.  With a great joy the twin sisters shared the mango fruit equally between them.  As a result, they conceived a child.  It brought a great joy in the Kingdom Magadha.  King Brihadratha was impatiently waited for the arrival of the new born. 

In due course of time, the queens of Magadha gave birth to their child.  Alas ! it brought a great shock to everyone.  The queens gave birth to their child in equal halves, in its place of two children.  The two new born had one eye, half nose, half mouth, one hand, half of stomach, one leg etc..respectively. The queens were frightened at the sight of the portion of bodies and ordered to throw them immediately.  As per the instruction of the queens the bodies of the baby were thrown out of the palace. 

During the late night hours there appeared a demon named Jara in search for flesh.    She happened to get hold of the flesh of the two portions of a baby and it made her happy.  Out of curio she combined the equal halves of the infant together, Alas !! The two portions of the baby matched well and combined, which turned out a perfect baby by all means.  The child was healthy and it was heavier for the demon Jara to hold on her hand.  Soon the child started crying out of hunger.  The maternal love of queens prompted them to rush towards the cry of the child.  The change of scene made Jara to flee from the spot.  The queens took the child to the palace, King Brihadratha felt happy at the turn of events.  Thus, the baby was named ‘Jarasandha’, as the child was properly unified by the demon Jara.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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