Sri Hanumath Jayanthi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Sri Anjaneya !!
Anjananandanam Veeram Janaki Soka Nasanam
Kapeesamaksha Hantharam Vandhey Lanka Bayangaram

Hanumath Jayanthi commemmorates the birth of Sri Hanuman, The Monkey God - an incarnation of Lord Shiva  was born to Anjana devi and Lord Vayu.


Sri Anjaneya was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and a faithful messenger too.   He was a  passionate devotee of  Lord Rama, he had the spirit of  selfless service and power of celibacy.    He is worshipped as the symbol of Intelligence,  benevolence and braveness.  He devoted his life to serve Lord Rama and  the dedication to  Rama was out of pure love.  Sri  Anjaneya was humble, brave, wise and altruistic.  Srimad Ramayan - Kishkindha Kandam describes Lord Rama's meeting with the Monkey King Sugriva and his powerful warriors Anjaneya, Angadha, Jambavan etc... and they formed a strong friendship with each other the moment they met.  Sundarakandam narrates the valor of Sri Anjaneya who was  assisgned the task  to locate Sita Devi when she was abducted by the demon king Ravana and  Anjaneya successfully completed the mission and brought back the news 'Kanden Seethayai' to Lord Rama .   Anjaneya was  well known for his proficiency in the languages, it made him identify as 'Nava Vyakarana Pandit'/  'Sollin Selvan'. 


In Srimad Ramayan -  Sundarakandam describes the enormous efforts taken by  Sri Anjaneya to locate Goddess Sita Devi in Lanka.  While crossing the ocean, Anjaneya met Mainaka (The mountain) and affectionately turn down his invitation to stay.  Anjaneya did not want to spend his precious time  on staying as a guest ( A lesson from the Management Technique - Prioritize the work - Work on the important things) of Mount Mainaka.  The next hindrance was a demon Surasa (Nagamatha), wanted to swallow Anjaneya, the argument between the two resulted in Surasa grown into an enormous  size and Anjaneya too, the challenge  continued for quite sometime .   At last, in a fraction of second Anjaneya reduced his size in to a particle and safely got out of her mouth.  It shows Anjaneya's undeviated attention at his work.  The third hindrance was a   demon Simhika.   She wanted to eat Anjaneya and both of them had a big fight, she gulped own Anjaneya.   Instantaneously, Anjaneya got out by tearing her stomach apart.  It shows Sri Anjaneya's physcial strength as well as the mental courage. 


Whoever worship Sri Anjaneya, fasting on this auspicious day and engage in chanting the glories of Lord Sri Rama would avail the blessings of Him.

Yathra Yathra Raghunatha Keerthanam
Thathra Thathra Krudhamasthakajalim
Bashpavari Paripoorna Lochanam
Maruthim Namatha Rakshasanthakam


Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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