Panguni Uthram !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Vetrivel Muruganukk Ara Aro Ara !!

Koovi Azhaikka Koodatha…..Kumara Gurupara Sivakumara Adimai

Ennai Pavi Endru Neeye Thallinal Paril Veru Pukal Ethayya

Kodiya Noikal Alaimothum Bava Kadalil Veezhthuyir Thuditheyney

Vadivel Piditha Karamodum Punnagai Mugaravinda Modum

Anjel Endru …Koovi Azhaikka Koodatha

Kalanidam Ennai Kattikodukkamal Kanith Adinizhalil Avava Endru

Koovi Azhaikka Koodatha……..Murugaaaa

Panguni Uthram is an auspicious day commemorates the divine marriage of   Lord Subramanya with Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivayanai.  

Lord Subramanya married to Goddess Sri Deivayanai daughter of Lord Indra and Goddess Sri Valli daughter of Nambirajan to reveal the Truth of Equality.  He had chosen Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivayanai from entirely different status.  The highest and most honorable position was Indra and the lowest amongst all was a hunter.   Goddess Deivayanai was married to Lord Muruga in Thiruchendur immediately after beheading the demon Soorapadman.    Lord Indra was impressed at the valor of Lord Subramanya and offered his daughter.   Goddess Valli’s marriage to Lord was taken place completely at the will of Lord.  He approached Goddess Valli with a keen desire to save her from the material world.  She was living a life of an ordinary young woman in the tribe and she was totally engrossed in her responsibilities as a daughter.

Sage Shiva underwent severe penance and when he opened his eyes saw a deer standing before him.  Sage was attracted to its allure and looked at it affectionately.  Immediately, the deer got conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.   The deer left the baby in the backyard.   Nambirajan was a hunter who had no offspring for a while; he was working in his farm of Sweet Tapioca Plants found this stunning baby.  He brought up her affectionately and named her Valli.   She was grown up into a beautiful young maiden, lived among the flock of hunter tribe like an ordinary  girl.

Lord Vishnu's daughter Sundaravalli was preferred to marry Lord Subramanya.  She underwent severe penance and prayed to Lord Subramanya.  Lord Subramanya pleased at her devotion and commanded her that she would be born as Valli on the Earth.  He promised her the he would come in search for her and marry her in an appropriate time.   Accordingly, Goddess Valli was born as an ordinary hunter girl in the family of Nambirajan who was the chief of the Tribe.   The Hunter family had a custom of assigning the duty of protection of the farm to the teenage girl in their family.   Therefore, Valli was assigned the task of taking care of their farm during the night.  At this point of time, Lord Subramanya approached Valli as an ordinary human being and won over her.   Lord Subramanya with the assistance of his brother Lord Ganesha made her realized the purpose of her incarnation on this Earth.  Finally, Goddess Valli and Lord Subramanya’s marriage took place.   The above episode reveals the compassion of Paramatma – Lord to save Jeevathma – Goddess Valli from this material world.

Vetrivel Muruganukk Ara Aro Ara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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