Rama Ekadashi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Brahma Vaivarta Puranam describes the glories of  Rama Ekadashi or Krishna Paksha Ekadashi.    Lord Krishna narrates the grandeur of Rama Ekadashi  to King Yudhishtira .

King  Muchukundha was a righteous ruler and  a zealous devotee of Lord Sri Hari .  He was great ruler who always speaks the truth and follows righteousness.  His Kingdom and it people were blessed with perpetual peace and prosperity.  King Muchukundha had a daughter Chandrabhaga who was married to Shobhana, Son of King Chandrasena.   There was a custom prevailed in the Kingdom of Muchukundha  that  the King's men will inform the public about the forthcoming Ekadashi by beating  drums and the people in his kingdom should compulsorily follow the austerities of the same.   

Once, King Shobana with his wife Chandrabaga visited his father- In- law's kingdom during the period of Ekadashi.   King Shobana was surprised to the sounds of doldrums; he enquired his wife about the importance of it.   She explained the usual practice introduced by her father for informing the people of his Kingdom to observe the austerities of Ekadashi.    She explained that not only the people of their Kingdom but also the birds and animals were not served with grains or water on the day of Eakadashi as it was dedicated to the remembrance of Lord Sri Hari.   King Shobana was in a dilemma after listening to the thoughtful words of Chandrabhaga.  Unfortunately King Shobana was not in a good health to observe the austerities of Ekadashi, but he does not want to disgrace the customs introduced by his father-In-law for several years now.   Finally, he decided to observe the Ekadashi fast that resulted in a disastrous death of him.   King Muchukunda sorrowfully performed the funeral rites of his only son-in-law.  Soon, his only daughter widower Chandrabaga moved with her father.

The devoutness King Shobana had attained through the observance of Ekadashi made him to took birth in a royal family and became the King of Mandarachala Mountain. His kingdom was made of precious gems with the close resemblance of Vishwakarma's creation.  King of Mandarachala had all the luxuries in life and he was served by celestial dancers and singers all around him.

One day a brahmin named Somasharma, who was a member of King Muchukunda's court happened to meet the King of Mandarachala on his way to a pilgrim place.  He immediately realized that the King was none other than the son-in-law of King Muchukunda in his previous birth.  The Brahmin hurriedly approached the King with lot of anxiety.   The King rose from his seat and paid obeisance to the Brahmin.   He enquired the well being of the Brahmin and King Muchukunda.  The Brahmin earnestly replied to all the queries of the King.  The King narrated that he has got this heavenly kingdom to rule as a merit of fasting on a Rama Ekadashi.   He solemnly continued, the Celestial Kingdom may not survive for long because he had observed the Rama Ekadashi without any faith or devotion.   He genuinely wanted to correct his past mistake and appealed to the Brahmin to inform the whole experiences to his chaste wife Chandrabaga.  The Brahmin returned to Chandrabhaga and informed her about King Shobana and his celestial Kingdom which is brittle at any moment.  Chandrabhaga requested the Brahmin to guide her to reunite with her husband and make his Kingdom stable with all the intrinsic worth she had acquired by observing Ekadashi fasts in all her life.  On the way to Mount Mandarachala they visited Sage Vamadeva’s hermitage and explained her painful stories to him.  Shortly,  Chandrabhaga once again united with her husband with the blessings of Sage Vamadeva.

Lord Krishna continued, whoever observes Rama Ekadashi or listens to the glories of it with utmost faith and dedication would be free from all the sins committed and attain Salvation.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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