Sri Govindashtakam by Sri Adi Shankaracharya !! Lyrics & Its meaning

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of perpetual bliss; he is the personification of eternal wisdom, truth, persistent and boundless in nature.   My salutation to Lord Govinda, who effortlessly crawl in the cow sheds, he is the solution to the troubles and he is beyond any tribulation,  My salutation to Lord Govinda who is the consort of Goddess Sri Mahalakshi,  Lord of the Universe appears in numerous forms or formless due to illusion.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of perpetual bliss, mischievous child of Yasodha who consumed mud and besieged with the punishment of Mother Yasodha, exposed visible and invisible part of fourteen worlds in his mouth, he is the pinnacle of the three worlds, exists in visible and invisible form and he is the Lord of the Earth.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of eternal bliss, killed several mighty demons, who were the enemies of Suras, in order to reduce the burden of Earth.  He alleviate the sorrows and illnesses in daily life, remains always detached, consumes butter in abundance, eats nothing other than the Universe,  shines in the crystal clear mind of devotees but cannot be exposed, he is the personification of  peace.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause eternal bliss, protects all the living beings in the form of a mischievous cow herd, he protects whoever take good care of the cows. He good-naturedly lifted the Mount Govardhana and made the Gopis dance and Gopas delightful.  Oh!  Lord Govinda, you are unapproachable for the ignorant, oh! Lord Govinda you are the protector of cows and have many names.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of eternal bliss, present in every bunch of Gopis, appears in various forms and impossible to tell apart.  Oh! Lord Govinda, your magnificent form is completely covered by the dust raised by the hooves of cows.  You are approachable through sincere devotion and dedication of mind of the devotees, you are unreachable and your supremacy can be conceived only by the virtuous individuals in their thoughts.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of perpetual bliss, carried away the clothes of beautiful young maidens of Vraja while they were having bath in the river, and settled on the tree, shortly commanded them to come forward and collect their clothes without any clothes on their body.  Oh! Lord Govinda, who has perfect control over senses, you are the destroyer of sorrows and passion, you are intellect, and you are the personification of wisdom.
My salutation to Lord Govinda, who is the cause of perpetual bliss, you are gorgeous, you are the cause for all the causes, you are primordial with no beginning and no end, you have marvelously danced on the hoods of serpent Kaliya in the river Yamuna.  Oh! Lord Govinda, who is dark complexioned, omnipresent and destroyer of evil effects of Kali era, he is the cause of passage of Time from past to future.
My salutation to Lord Govinda who is the cause of perpetual bliss, dwells in the sacred land of Brindavan is being venerated by the deities, his nectar like smile has the resemblance of jasmine flower, and he is the provider of happiness to his associates.  Oh! Lord Govinda, whose two little feet are worshipped by great Sages and righteous people, Oh! Lord Govinda, you are the ocean of virtues which is venerated by all.
Whoever recites this splendid verses of  Sri Govinda Ashtakam and pronounce the various glorious names such as Govinda !  Achyutha !  Madhava ! Vishnu ! Gokulanayaka ! Krishna would be drenched in the nectar like devotion to Lord Govinda, all his/her sins will be washed off and eventually attain the abode of Lord Govinda which is the supreme abode of eternal bliss.
Sathyam Gnanam Anantham Nithyamanakasham Paramakasham |
Goshta Pranganaringana  Lolamanayasam Paramayasam |
Maya Kalpitha Nanakaram Anakaram Bhuvanakaram |
Kshamaya Natham Anatham Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Mruthsramathsihethi Yasodha  Thadana Shaishava Santhrasam |
Vyathitha Vakthralokitha Lokaloka Chathurdhasha Lokalim |
Lokathraya Pura Moolasthambham Lokaloka Manalokam |
Lokesham Paramesham Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Thraivishta Paripuviragnam Kshithimaragnam Bhavarogagnam |
Kaivalyam Navanithaharamanaharam Bhuvanaharam |
Vaimalyaspuda Chethovruththi Visheshabhasam Anabhasam |
Shaivam  Kevalashantham Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Gopalam  Prabhuleelavigraha Gopalam Kulagopalam |
Gopikhelana Govardhanadhruthi Leelalalitha Gopalam |
Gopinirgathitha Govindasphutha Namanam  Bahunamanam |
Gopigocharapathikam Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandham ||
Gopimandala Goshtibedham Bhedhavasyam bhedhabham |
Shashvadhogura Nirdhoodhothdhrutha Dhooli Dhoosara Soubhagyam |
Shraddha Bhakthi Grihithanandham Achinthyam Chinthitha Sandhravam |
Chinthamani Mahimanam Pranamatha  Govindam Paramanandham||
Snanyakulayoshi Dhvasthramupadhayagam Uparoodam |
Vyadhithasanniratha Digvasthra Dhyupudhathu Mupakarshantham |
 Nirdhootha Dhvaya Shokavimoham Buddham Buddheranthasyam |
Saththa Mathra Shariram Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandam ||
Kantham Karana Karanamadhim Anandhim Kalamanabhasam |
Kalindigatha Kaliyashirasi Muhurnruthyantham Nruthyantham |
Kalam Kalakalatheetham Kalithashosham Kalidhoshagnam |
Kalathraya Gathihethum Pranamatha Govindam Paramanandam ||
Vrudhavana Bhuvi Vrudharaka Gana Vrudharakhyam Vandhe Aham |
Kundhamamala Mandhasmera Sudhanandham Suhrudhanandham |
Vandhashosha Mahamuni Manasa Vandha  Nandha Padhadhvandham |
Vandha Shosha Gunabdhim Pranamaatha Govidam Paramanandham ||
Govindhashtakam Yedhadhadheethey Govindarppitha Chetha Yo |
Govinda Achyutha Madhava Vishno Gokulanayaka Krishnethi |
Govindangri Sarojadhvayana Sudhajalaghouthasamasthadho |
Govindam Paramanandham Amrutha Mantha:syam Sa Thamabhyethi ||
|| Ithi Srimath Shakaracharya Virachitha Sri Govindashtakam Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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