Thathva Gnanolpaththi – Srimad Narayaneeyam / Srimad Bhagavatham !! Lyrics & Its meanings

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, people who are absorbed in shuddha/pure and Nishkama Dharma/desire less action with the help of prominent preceptor, understands the aspect of You as flawless, beyond the bodily senses, excels in the Universe and numerous patterns etc.. the Gunas  are enforced on you, just like the brilliance of blaze varies as Mahath/excellent, Anutha/small, Dheepthatha/bright, Shanthatha/moderate, according to the quantity of wood added to the fire.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The perfect knowledge takes place when the Preceptor represents as Adharasya Arani/burning flame which ignites the woods that represents the disciple, placed on top of it.  The blaze originated would burn the tendencies born out desires due to past action and misconception about the body and Universe will also be destroyed as forest fire.  Eventually the fire also subsides and a state of unison in you will take place.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Instead of realization of you, the other means like Krishi/agriculture, medicine, Shadgunya/six gunas, Shadkarma Yoga/six types of Yoga etc…remain ineffective in the eradication of sufferings.  The prescribed rites are extremely difficult to practice, suppose if the fruit of the action is obtained, it will create excessive arrogance in the individuals and makes them completely forget about you, and eventually haul into endless sufferings.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Padmanabha, There is no fearless abode in the Universe other than Vaikundha, at the end of two Paradhas situated the Sathyaloka where Lord Brahma resides in fear and lack of peace, Oh! Krupabandho, what to comment about the humans who accumulate sins by unrighteous means Oh! Kripapoorasindho, we earnestly pray to protect us from the worldly bondages.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Vibho, The fact is that whoever merged in you certainly would attain freedom from bondage and ultimately achieve salvation, the two major aspects of delusion and knowledge which is manifested in you are like state of dreaming and awakening, whoever bonded to delusion will float with their body and experiences the fruit of senses, and the other one remains Nirvyarththa Athma/non-suffering soul.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, what is the use of an impure minded individual to talk about the concept of Liberation which is far from the reach, Oh! Lord Vishnu, I realized that the purification is possible only through the devotion to you, I shall surrender to you and earnestly pray to provide us intense devotion, surrendering the fruit of action to you, all along with the instructions from Preceptor, I may achieve God realization and eventually oneness in you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Divyaleelavathara, Oh! Vishwabhirama, Oh! Skalamalahara, There are people who are completely wrapped up in reciting Vedas and Scriptures without the knowledge of you, Alas! it is an fruitless effort just like having a possession of a cow which is incapable of bearing a calf.  I will not read any of the texts which are not mentioned about your magnificent and most enthralling incarnations which are capable to remove all the impurities of the Universe and reveals the supreme consciousness of you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, Oh! Bhooman, I have no knowledge about your nature or pattern or any of the things, Oh! Cchaidhyavairin/slayer of Shishupala, I shall worship you sincerely without any second thought, then I possibly will get a chance to witness your glorious image and will be fortunate to touch the feet of zealous devotees of you and remain in the association of virtuous who are passionately devoted at your lotus feet, venerate you and prostrate before you, singing and praising the glories of you and constantly remembers the glorious deeds of you with utmost devotion and dedication.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, I shall surrender to you, I am your servant, whatever may come I shall be at your perpetual service with intense devotion, like cleaning your sanctum, I shall worship your magnificent form with four arms in the Sun, Fire, Brahmin and Soul/Athman, I venerate you with intense love and melting heart that would stream towards you.
Oh! Supreme Lord Guruvayurappa, The oneness with you is difficult to obtain by performing charity, sacrifice, austerities, discipline and penance or by the methods of Sankhya Yoga. Oh! Krishna, The Gopikas who are the most fortunate attained supreme bliss with their intense love towards you, there are many passionate devotees but the Gopikas remained highly admired by you.   Oh! Krishna, The devotion of Gopikas strengthens my devotion to you. Oh! Vathalayesha,  we earnestly pray to eliminate our sufferings. 
Shuddha Nishkama Dharmai: Pravara Gurugira Thathswaroopam Param They
Shuddham Dhehendhriyadhi – Vyapagatham Akhila – Vyaptha Mavedhayanthey |
Nanathva Sthoulya Karshyadhi Thu Gunaja Vapu – Sangatho Dhyasitham They
Vahner – Dharu Prabhey Dheshu Iva Mahadhanutha – Deepthatha Shanthadhadhi ||
Acharakhya Adhara Stharani – Samanumila – Cchishya Roopoththarara –
Nya Vodhodh Bhasithena Spudathara Paribodhagnina Dhahyamaney |
Karmmalivasana – Thathkrutha – Thanu Bhuvana – Bhranthi – Kanthara Pure
Dhahya Bhavena Vidhya Shikhini Cha Virathey Thvanmayi  Ghalvavastha ||
Yevam Thvath Prapthithonyo Nahi Ghalu Nikhila – Klesha Hanerupaya:
Naikantha Thyanthikasthey Krishi Vadhagadha – Shadgunya – Shadkarmma Yoga: |
Dhurvaikalyair Akalya Api Nigamapadha: Thath Phalanyapya Vaptha:
Maththasthvam Vismarantha: Prasajathi Pathane Yanthyananthan Vishadhan ||
Thvallokadhanya Loka: Kva Nu Bhayarahitho Yath Parardhdha Dhvayanthey
Thavad Bheetha: Sathyalokepi Na Suga Vasathi: Padmabhu: Padmanabha ! |
Yevam Bhave Thvadharmmarjitha – Bahu Thamasam Ka Kadha Narakanam ?
Thanme Thvam Chinddhi Banddham Varada ! Krupana Bandho ! Krupa Poorasindho ! ||
Yadharthyath Thvanmayasyaiva Hi Mama Na Vibho ! Vasthutho Banddha Mokshou
Maya – Vidhya – Thanubhyam Thava Thu Virachithou Swapna Bodhopamou Thaou |
Banddhey Jeevadhvi Mukthim Gathavathi Cha Bhidha Thavathi Thava Dheko
Bhuknthey Dheha Dhrumastho Vishaya Phalarasan Naparo Nirvvyadhathma ||
Jeevan Mukthathvam Yevam Vidhamithi Vachasa Kim Phalam? Dhoora Dhoorey
Thannam Ashuddha Buddhey: Na Cha Laghu Manasa: Shodhanam Bhakthi Thonyath|
Thanmey Vishno ! Krishishta: Thvayi Krutha Sakala – Prarppanam Bhakthi Bharam
Yena Syam Mankshu Kinchith Guruvachana Milath – Thvath Prabodhasthvadhathma ||
Shabdha Brahmanya Peeha Prayathitha Manasa: Thvam Na Jananthi Kechith
Kashtam ! Vandhyashramasthey Chiratharamiha Gam Bhibhrathey Nishprasuthim |
Yasyam Vishwabhirama: Sakala Malahara: Dhivya Leelavathara:
Sacchith Sandhram Cha Roopam Thava Na Nigadhitham Tham Na Vacham Bhriyasam ||
Yo Yavan Yadhrusho Va Thvamithi Kimapi Naivava Gacchami Bhooman
Yevam Chananya Bhava: Thvadhanu Bhajanamey Vadhriye Chaidhyavairin !
Thvallinganam Thvadhanghri Priyajana Sadhasam Dharshana Sparshanadhi:
Bhooyanmey Thvath Prapoojan Athinuthi Guna – Karmmanu Keerthyadharopi ||
Yadhyallabhyetha Thaththa Thava Samupahrutham Deva ! Dhasosmi Theham
Thvad Gahomarjjanadhyam Bhavathu Mama Muhu: Karmma Nirmmaya Meva: |
Sooryagni Bhramanathmadhishu Lasitha Chathur Bhahu Maradhaye Thvam
Thvath Premardhrathvaroopo Mama Saththam Abhishyandhatham Bhakthi Yoga: ||
Aikhyam They Dhana – Homa – Vratha – Niyama – Thapa – Sankhya Yogair – Dhurapam
Thavath Sangenaiva Gopya: Kila Sukruthi Thama: Prapuranandha Sandhram |
Bhakthveshanyeshu Bhooyassvapi Bahu Manushey Bhakthimeva Thvamasam
Thanmey Thvad Bhakthimeva Dhrudaya Hara Gadhan Krishna ! Vathalayesha ! ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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