Pradosham on 10th June, 2014 !! Bhaja Govindam composed by Sri Adishankaracharya !! Lyrics & Its meaning!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Oh! Foolish mortal, recite the glorious names of Lord Govinda and worship him, learning the rules of Grammar /Vykarana will not save you at the time of death.  Its absolute foolishness to crave for the accumulation of wealth, immerse your mind into the knowledge about the reality and be satisfied with what may come as fruit of past Karma.  Oh! Mortal, do not forget that the lustful features of a women, her bosom and navel are just a matter of flesh; don’t get drowned in to the world of illusion.  Life is uncertain like droplets in the lotus leaf, understand that the whole world is a prey to grief, sorrows, illnesses and ego.  An individual will be treated with respect and love as long he provides wealth to the family, but once he is afflicted with the illnesses due to old age no one will be there to show kindness to him.  When a person is alive, the whole family members will enquire about his welfare, but when his soul depart from the body, even his wife will be scared to stand beside him and will be treated as mere corpse.  The childhood days are wrapped up with the playful acts, adulthood days are lost in the lustful thought about the women, old age passes with various thoughts, it’s pathetic to know that hardly anyone immerse in the thought of ‘Brahmam’.  This Samsara/material life is bizarre, who is your wife? Who is your son? Who are you? Where did you com from? Ponder over these ultimate truths.  The detachment comes from the association of Satsang/people who have Sathvik thoughts; detachment causes freedom from delusion which leads to inner peace, ultimately into the state of liberation.   When will you understand the fact that the lust lingers on until the time of youthfulness; a waterless lake has no use, a wealth less person will have no relatives of his own in this world, Oh! Mortal, understand the ultimate truth and free from your illusion, do not praise about your wealth or friends or your youth, it is perishable in any moment.   The time plays its major role, just like the daylight into darkness, dawn into dusk, winter into spring, but the storm of our desires never ends.  The above enthralling twelve verses were advised to a grammarian by Srimad Shankara Bhagavadpada.
Oh! Foolish mortal, why are you so absorbed in the thought of accumulation of wealth?  Is there no one to guide you?  There is only one thing that protects you in the three worlds from the ocean of material world/world of Samsara, get yourself into the ferry of association with virtuous people /Satsang.  Some people may wander with matted hair locks, some with clean shaven head and some are clothed in saffron colored attire or various colors to earn livelihood, some people never understand the truth and remain fools.  The charm and strength leaves the body of an old person and evident mark of old age appears like head becomes bald, toothless and physically weak to move etc.. But his attachment towards the material life remains the same and yearns for fruitless desires.  Though an individual warm up in the night hours to protect from the cold, consumes food given as alms and relax under the shadow of the tree, but his heart is always a miserable puppet in the hands of passion.  An unintelligent cannot attain salvation even at the end of hundredth of births, though he performs holy bath in the river Ganga, undergo fasting and perform abundance of charities without the knowledge of Brahmam.  An ascetic who sleeps in a shrine or under the shadow of tree, who attired in deer skin and sleeps on the ground embracing mother Earth, who gave up all comforts and luxuries and lives a life of austere would never fail to attain contentment.  The knower of Brahma attains extreme bliss whether he is a yogi or bhogi, attached or detached.   An individual who recite a little portion of Gita, or consume a drop of water from the holy river Ganga and venerate Lord Murari once in life time will have no fear of Lord Yama.  Oh! Lord Murari, I have been born again and again in the mother’s womb and have gone through the endless hardships in the ocean of Samsara, alleviate my miseries with your boundless compassion.    There is no scarcity of attire for a monk, who lives in the constant communion of God, abandon the vice and virtues, immersed in the self-knowledge and supreme knowledge remains unblemished and enjoys the bliss; he remains like an innocent child in a state of ecstasy.  Who am I? Where did I come from? Who are my parents? Ponder over the above and it will seem to be insignificant, eventually gives up the world as an idle dream.   Lord Vishnu dwells in all our hearts, anger and impatience are groundless; all we need to have tranquility to attain the status of Lord Vishnu.  Do not waste your energy on winning your love or fighting against friends and foe or children and relatives, witness the supreme soul in everyone and give up the feeling of duality.  The fools are forbidden to have the self-realization, ultimately cast into hell and suffer the hellish tortures, so give up lust, greed, anger and infatuation, ponder over your real nature.  Engage yourself in reciting Gita, meditate upon Lord Sripathi and chant his thousands of glorious names take pleasure in the association of noble and holy and distribute your wealth to poor and needy.  The one who succumb to lust and gratifying sensual pleasures would leave his body as a prey to illnesses.   Though the death brings an end to life, the Karma/fruit of action continues.  Remember, wealth is not everything, it’s not the joy or welfare, a wealthy person frights the threat from his own son, this is how the wealth plays its role in life.   Practice the custom of Pranayama and Prathyahara with extreme care, remain unaffected by the evil influences, aware of the real and the fleeting things, control your mind and recite the glorious names of Lord.  Meditate upon the lotus feet of your Preceptor; you will be free from the world of material life instantly and experience the presence of Lord in your heart with controlled mind and disciplined senses.  Thus a silly grammarian who had narrow vision was purified and attained the light of wisdom by the disciple of Adishankara.  Oh! Mortal, don’t be a fool, venerate Lord Govinda and recite his glorious names, it is the only solution to cross the ocean of material world.
Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam
Govindam Bhaja Moodamathey |
Samprapthey Sannihithey Kaley
Nahi Nahi Rakshathi Dukrijnkaraney ||
Mooda Jahyahi Dhanagama Thrishnam
Kuru Sadbhuddhim Manasi Vithrushnam |
Yallabhasey Nija Karmopatham
Viththam Thena Vinodhaya Chiththam ||
Nari Sthanabhara Nabhi Desam
Dhrushtva Maga Mohavesam |
Yethanmamsavasadhi  Vikaram
Manasi Vichinthaya Varam Varam ||
Nalinidhalagatha Jalamathi Tharalam
Thadhvajeevithamathisaya Chapalam |
Vidhvi Vyadhyayabhimana Grastham
Lokam Shokahatham Cha Samastham ||
Yavadhvithoparjana Saktha:
Sthavannija Parivaro Raktha: |
Paschajjeevathi Jarjara Dhehey
Vartha Kopina Prucchathi Gehey ||
Yavath Pavano Nivasathi Dhehey
Thavath Prucchathi Kushalam Gohey |
Gathavathi Vayai Dhehapaye
Bharya Vishayathi Thasminkaye ||
Balasthavath Kreedasaktha:
Tharunasthavath Tharunisaktha: |
Vruddhasthavath Chinthasaktha:
Paramey Bhramani Kopi Na Saktha: ||
Kathey Kantha Kasthey Puthra:
Samsaroyamatheeva Vichithra: |
Kasya Thvam Ka: Kutha Ayatha:
Thathvam Chinthaya Thadhiha Bhratha: ||
Sathsangathvey Nissangathvam
Nissangathvey Nirmohathvam |
Nirmohathvey Nischala Thathvam
Nishcala Thathvey Jeevan Mukthi: ||
Vayasigathey Ka : Kamavikara:
Shushkey Neerey Ka: Kasara: |
Ksheenovithey Ka : Parivara :
Jyathey Thathvey Ka: Samsara: ||
Ma Kuru Dhana Jana Youvana Garvam
Harathi Nimeshath Kala: Sarvam |
Mayamam Ithi Akhilam Hithva/Budhva
Bhrama Padham Thvam Pravisha Vidhithva ||
Dhinayaminyai Sayam Pratha:
Shishira Vasanthou Punarayatha: |
Kala : Kreedathi Gacchathyayu:
Thadhapina Munjathyasavayu: ||
Dwadhashi Manjarikabhirashesha:
Kathitho Vaiyakaranasyaisha: |
Upadhesho Bhudhivdhanipunai:
Srimad Shankara Bhagavadhccharanai: ||
Kathey Kantha Dhana Gathachintha
Vathula Kim Thava Nasthi Niyantha |
Thrijagathi  Sajjana Sangathiraika
Bhavathi Bhavarnnava Tharaney Naika ||
Jadilo Mundi Lunjithakesa:
Kashayambara Bahukrutha Vesha: |
Pashyannapi Chana Pashyathi Mooda;
Udharanimitham Bahukrutha Vesha: ||
Angey Jalitham Palitham Mundam
Dashanavihinam Jatham Thundam |
Buddhey Yathi Gruhithva Dhandam
Thadhapina Munjathyasha Pindam ||
Agrey Vahni: Prushtey Bhanu:
Rathrey Chubuka Samarpitha Janu: |
Karathalamikshastharuthala Vasa:
Thadhapina Munjathyasha Pasha : ||
Kuruthey Ganga Sagara Gamanam
Vruthaparipalanamayava Dhanam |
Gnanaviheena: Sarvamatheyna
Mukthim Na Bhajathi Janmashathena ||
Sura Mandira Tharu Moola Nivasa:
Shayya Bhoothala Majinam Vasa: |
Sarva Parigraha Bhoga Thyaga:
Kasya Sukham Na Karothi Viraga: ||
Yogaratho Vamogarathova
Sangarathey Va Sangavihina: |
Yasya Bhramani Ramathey Chiththam
Nandhathi Nandhathi Nandhathyeva ||
Bhagavad Gita Kinchithadhitha
Ganga Jalalava Kanikapeetha |
Sakrudhapi Yena Murari Samarcha
Kriyathey Thasya Yamena Na Charcha ||
Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jadarey Shayanam |
Iha Samsarey Bahu Dhustharey
Krupaya Parey Pahi Murarey ||
Ramya Charpada Virachitha Kanya:
Punya Punya Vivarjitha Panya: |
Yogi  Yoga Niyojitha Chinthey
Ramathey Balonmaththava Deva ||
Kasthvam Koham Kutha Ayatha:
Ka Mey Janani Ko Mey Thatha: |
Ithi Paribhavaya Sarvamasaram
Vishvam Thyakthva Swapna Vicharam ||
Thvayi Mayi Chanyathraiko Vishnu:
Vyartham Kupyasi Mayyasahishnu: |
Bhava Samachintha: Sarvathra Thvam
Vanchasyachiradhadhi Vishnuthvam ||
Shathrai Mithrey Puthrey Bandhou
Ma Kuru Yathnam Vigrahasandhou |
Sarvasminnapi Pashyathmanam
Sarvathrothsruja Medha Gnanam ||
Kamam Krodham Lobham Moham
Thyakthvathmanam  Bhavaya Koham/Pashyathi Soham |
Athmagnana Vihina Mooda:
They Paschyanthey Naraka Nigooda: ||
Gayam Gita Nama Sahasram
Dhyeyam Shripathi Roopamajasram |
Neyam Sajjana Sangey Chintham
Dheyam Dhinajanaya Cha Chintham||
Sukhatha: Kriyathey Ramabhoga;
Paschadhvantha Shareerey Roga: |
Yadhyapi Lokey Maranam Sharanam
Thadhapina Munjathi  Papa Charanam ||
Arthamanartham Bhavaya Nithyam
Nasthithatha: Sukhalesha: Sathyam |
Puthradhapi Dhana Bajam Bhithi :
Sarvathraisha Vihitha Rithi: ||
Pranayamam Prathyaharam
Nithyanithya Viveka Vicharam |
Japyasametha Samadhividhanam
Kurvavadhanam Mahadhavadhanam ||
Guru Charanam Ambuja Nirbhara Bhaktha:
Samsaradhachirangava Muktha: |
Sendhriyamanasa Niyamadevam
Dhrakshyasi Nija Hrudhayasyam Devam ||
Mooda: Kaschana Vaiyyakarano
Drugnjakaranadhyayana Dhurina:|
Srimad Shankara Bhagavad Shishye
Bodhitha Aasicchodhitha Karana: ||
Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam
Govindam Bhaja Moodamathey |
Namasmarana Dhanyamupayam
Nahi Pashyamo Bhavatharaney ||
|| Ithi Srimad Shankara Bhagavad Virachitha Sri Bhajagovindam Sampoornam||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

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