Maha Shivaratri on 27th February, 2014 !! The legend of Lord Nandikeshwara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Lord Nandikeshwara is superior amongst Siddhars who is well – versed in the philosophy of Shaiva Siddhantha/Shivagamas.  Nandikeshwara attained the highest of the pieties to become the celestial vehicle of the Supreme Lord Shiva.  It is evident in all shrines of Lord Shiva that Lord Nandikeshwara positioned before the main deity, the lungful air which represents the Dharma/righteousness/Veda released through the nose of Lord Nandikeshwara creates powerful waves that immerse in the navel of the supreme Lord as life support and it should flow immaculately without any hurdle.  Therefore, it has become a strict practice that the worshipper should not cross these powerful waves during their temple visit.    The holy texts and scriptures praise Lord Nandikeshwara in different names such as Rudra, Shailadhi, Agniroopa, Mrudanga Vadhya Priyan, Shiva Vahana, Karunakara Murthy, Veeramurthi, Dhanapriyan, Kanakapriyan, Shivapriyan etc..


Sage Vedahavya committed a sin during his childhood; he mischievously tossed stones in place of alms in the vessel of a devotee of Lord Shiva.  Later, Sage Vedahavya realized with his yogic powers that it was predestined after his death he should spend another birth in the form of a rock to get released from the sin committed, so he determined to remain rock/motionless in present life, consequently Sage Vedahavya famously known as Sage Shiladha.  Sage Shiladha was remained ascetic for several years, due to this he lacked successor to perform homage to ancestors.  Later, he was married to a chaste woman Chithravathi to have a progeny to please his ancestors; unfortunately this couple had no offspring for quite some time.  Sage Shilada was distressed at the thought of lack of offspring.   He was a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva in Thiruvaiyar /Ayyarapar.  Sage Shiladha underwent severe austerities and worshipped Lord Shiva to have a virtuous offspring.  Lord was pleased at the devotion of sage Shiladha, a mysterious voice instructed Sage Shiladha to conduct Putrakameshti Yaga to have a child like Lord Shiva, also proclaimed that the child will live only up to sixteen years.   Sage Shiladha was delighted at the compassion of Lord, he arrived at the hills of Srishailam following the divine instruction of Lord Indra, while preparing the land for Yaga arena an marvelous golden box emerged from the Earth,   it was contained a striking child, it has four shoulders, three eyes, matted hair locks embellished with the crescent moon has the resemblance of Lord Shiva.  Sage Shiladha was in a state of ecstasy prostrated before the child.  Instantly a mysterious voice commanded Sage Shiladha to close the box at once and open.  Amazingly, this time Sage Shiladha and his wife Chithravathi witnessed a stunning boy child in the box, they named the child Nandi,provider of eternal happiness.  The couple was extremely delighted at the birth of Nandi.


Nandi was brought to the temple of Lord Shiva at Thiruvaiyar/Aiyyarappar and naming ceremony was performed and called Jepeshwar.  The divine child of Lord attained profound knowledge in Veda/Vedanta and Sastra in the early years of childhood.  In the meantime Mithra and Varuna visited Sage Shilada and reminded him that Nandi has another year to live on Earth.  Sage Shiladha was devastated at the misfortune of young Jepeshwar who was extremely intelligent and charming.  Jepeshwar pacified his parents and left to the temple of Lord Shiva/Aiyyarappar.  He took holy bath in the temple pond and underwent severe penance worshipping Lord Shiva and prayed for long life to serve his old parents, his penance continued for several years and the water creatures started to consume his body little by little.  Lord was pleased at the austerities, devotion and dedication of Japeshwar and appeared before him and blessed him with long life as he was desired, eventually Japeshwar regained his health and mesmerizing features with the brilliance of Lord Surya.


Sage Shiladha desired to get Japeshwar married to virtuous young maiden, Swayamprakasha who was the Granddaughter of Sage Vashishta, daughter of Sage Vyagrapadha, and sister of Sage Upamanyau.  The grand marriage ceremony was held in Thirumazhaippadi, one of the prominent temples of Lord Shiva on an auspicious day of Panguni – Punarvasu in the presence of Lord Aiyyarappar with his consort Goddess Sri Aramvalartha Nayaki.  Finally, Japeshwar with his severe austerities, devotion and dedication to Lord Shiva attained highest of the merits such as the celestial vehicle of Lord Shiva & Goddess Sri Parvati, supreme amongst the mentors of Shaiva Siddhantha and chief of Lord Shiva’s Ganas honored with the title Nandikeshwara.


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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !! 

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