Mahabharath !! Arjun attains Brahmastra from Dronacharya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates, all the disciples withdrawn from the ordeal of Dronacharya without success.  It was Arjuna remained impassive; Dronacharya received Arjuna with a smile and advised him to be prepared to shoot an arrow on the neck of the bird.   Dronacharya commanded Arjuna to get ready with the bow and arrow aimed at the object and wait for further instructions.  Dronacharya asked Arjuna whether he could witness the bird or tree or Acharya.  Arjuna firmly replied that he could not witness anything other than the bird.  Dronacharya enquired whether he could observe the neck of the bird on the tree and explain the same.  Arjuna answered he could observe only the head on the neck and have no thought about the body of the bird.  Dronacharya was extremely happy at the dedication of Arjuna and it made his hair stand upright on his body.  Dronacharya ordered Partha/Arjuna to shoot on the bird.  Arjuna released his arrow the moment he received the order from his Master.  The arrow took to the air and hit on the object, the head of the bird cut off from its body and fell down on the Earth.  Dronacharya in state of ecstasy rushed to Phalguna/Arjuna and embraced him.  The very moment Dronacharya affirmed to himself that Drupada and his men will be trampled in the war field.

Once, Dronacharya and his disciples arrived on the banks of river Ganga and instructed them to have holy dip in the river.  Dronacharya got into the water and felt immense pressure on his thigh, immediately a huge crocodile seized his thigh,  although it was possible for Dronacharya to save himself from the mouth of death, he called out for his disciple to save him from the crocodile.  The disciple were alarmed at the sight and hesitant to move further, Vivastu/Arjuna shot six sharp arrows aiming on the crocodile and killed the carnivore instantly.  Dronacharya was extremely pleased at the valor of Arjuna and declared him as the outstanding disciple.  Shortly, Dronacharya called for Arjuna to teach him about one of the superior and divine weapon Brahmastr and Arjuna learnt the usage of the powerful divine weapon Brahmastra and its intricate knowledge about the same.  Dronacharya warned him that the powerful irrepressible weapon should not be used against humans or weak opponent, if not it would cause the destruction of entire Universe into ashes.  Further narrated the terrible nature of the divine weapon that there is no greater weapon exist other than the Brahmasthra in the three worlds and advised him to remain extremely cautious in the usage of the same, Brahmasthra is intended to kill the opponent other than human in the war field, eventually Vipatsu/Arjuna reverentially obtained the divine from Brahmasthra from his Master.  Dronacharya highly praised Arjuna that he will remain the most influential archer in the Universe and will remain unconquerable.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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