Sri Andal's Thiruppavai !! Pasuram - 12 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

In this verse, Sri Andal describes the boundless affection of cattle   towards their calves, the simple thought of their calves’ results in pouring milk from its udder creates pond of milk and the drenched floor remains mucky.  Sri Andal and the ladies marched towards the house of young maiden who was fast asleep in her bed without the knowledge of daybreak and invites her to join with them in the worship of Lord.   Sri Andal insists the young maiden who was not giving attention to the ladies assembled, enthusiastically describes the incarnation of Lord Rama and requests her to join and sing praising the glories of Lord.

Kanaithu Illam Katrerumai Kandrukku Irangi
Ninaithu Mulai Vazhiye Nindru Pal Sora
Ninaithu Illam Serakkum Nar Selvan Thangai
Panith Thalai Veezha Nin Vasar Kadai Patri
Sinathinal  Then Ilangai Komanai Chera
Manathukku Iniyanai Padavum Ni Vai Thiravai
Inithan Yezhunthirai Yeedhenna Perurakkam
Anaithu Illatharum  Arindhelor  Empavai
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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