Sri Andal Thiruppavai !! Pasuram -22 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

In this verse, Sri Andal emphasize the essence of surrender to Lord Krishna, who was worshipped by the Emperors who lost their glories; massive wealth and enormous pride in course of time capitulate to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna with a great feeling of final place of protection.  Sri Andal and the young maidens assembled in the early hours of dawn earnestly prays to Lord Krishna who has beautiful eyes resembles the lotus bud, bloom into flower and grace His divine glance upon them.   Sri Andal praises Lord’s one has the coolness of Moon which has the eagerness to show mercy upon the righteous and the other eye has the blaze of Sun to turn the vicious into ashes, the single glance of the Supreme Lord would cures all the incurables and freed from the grief and miseries.

Anganma Nyalathu Arasar Abhimana
Pangamai Vanthu Nin Palli Kattir Keezhey
Sangam Iruppar Pol Vandhu Thalaipeithom
Kingini Vai Seitha Thamarai Poo Pole
Senganchiru Chiridhe Yemmel Vizhiyavo
Thingalum Adityanum Yezhundar Pol
Amkan Irandum Kondu Yengal Mel Nokkuthiyel
Yengalmel Sapam Yizhindelor Empavai
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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