Sri Andal Thiruppavai !! Pasuram - 17 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

In this verse, Sri Andal and the young maidens assembled in the early hours of dawn in the Palace of Nandagopa with an intention to wake up Nandagopa who copiously offers food, clothes and water as charity to his subjects during the times of severe drought and Yasodha who relentlessly serves the entire womenfolk of Ayarpai and alleviate Krishna as Trivikrama who measured the three worlds with his tiny feet their difficulties.  Sri Andal fervently praise the incarnation of Lord and prays Him to wake up.   Sri Andal requests to Baladheva, the elder brother of Lord Krishna who brought prosperity and enormous auspiciousness as Sangharshana by birth is immersed in the service of His younger brother Lord Krishna to wake up.

Ambarame Thannire Sore Aram Seyyum
Emperuman Nandagopala Yezhunthirai
Kombanarkkellam Kozhundhe Kula Vilakke
Emperumatti Yasodhai Arivurai
Ambaram Oodaruthu Ongi Ulakalantha
Umbar Komane Urangadhu Yezhundhirai
Sempor Kazhaladi Chelva Baladheva
Umbiyum Neeyum Urangelor Empavai
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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