Parivara Kshetram !! Swamimalai Sri Swaminatha Swamy Temple !! (Lord Subramanya )

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Vetrivel Muruganukk Ara Aro Ara !!


Thiruverakam / Swami Malai / Parivara Kshetram  is one of the famous Six Holy Abodes of Lord Muruga. Swaminatha Swamy Temple is situated in the town Swamimalai which is 5km away from the west of Kumbakonam on the river banks of Cauvery.  This temple is situated at a height of 60 ft from the ground level with stairs of sixty stone steps leads to hillock.  This is one of the oldest temples built by Pandya Kings.


The majestic Rajagopuram at the main entrance of the temple is facing on the East. The temple has three praharams with exquisite murals includes Lord Muruga’s Pranavopadesham to Lord Shiva.  The shrine of Goddess Meenakshi Sundareshwarar known as Kizh Kovil, here Goddess Meenakshi can be seen in her Thirukalyana kolam in the presence of Lord Vishnu giving away his sister’s hand to Lord Shiva. 


Presiding deity: Swaminatha Swamy / Bala Murugan.  The idol of Lord Swaminatha Swamy is 6ft height.  In this temple,  Lord Swaminatha gives dharshan to his devotees as ‘Acharya’, holding a ‘Dhandam’ (wooden stick) on his right hand, a shunt on the back of the head, flower garlands on the chest and the left hand rests on his thigh. 


Significance of this temple: Lord Muruga performed ‘Pranavopadesham’ (The meaning of the Pranava Mantra ‘AUM’ to his father – Lord Shiva) and Saint Arunagirinathar had dharshan of Lord Muruga in this temple.


Mangalasasanam: Tamil Poet Nakeerar sung many songs praising the glories of Lord Muruga in his work ‘Thirumurugatrupadai’ and Saint Arunagirinathar also sang nearly 95 sacred verses praising the glory Lord Swaminatha in this temple.

Sannidhis: Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Kovil, Netra Vinayakar, Karthaveeryarjuna, Idumban, Subramanya Swami, Lord Natarajar, Saint Arunagirinathar

Sthala Vruksham – Amla Tree

Pushkarani – Vajra Theertham, Saravana Theertham, Netra Pushkarani and Kumara Theertham


Festivals : Krithikai, Car Festival in the month of April, Vaikasi Visakham, Navaratri, Skandha Shashti, Thiru Karthikai, Thaipoosam, Panguni Uthram and Thirupadi Poojai


The legend has that Sage Brighu underwent severe penance and got a boon that whoever disturbs him while meditation would forget all their knowledge.  Once Sage Brighu was engrossed in meditation, a sacred fire started to radiate due to its vital force as a reflection.  It ingested the entire universe.  The deities were worriedly approached Lord Shiva and prayed to resolve the severe issue.  In order to save the deities from the hazardous situation Lord Shiva created an obstacle to Sage Brighu’s meditation and it caused Lord to repudiate all his wisdom and knowledge.  Later the lost wisdom and knowledge was regained through the ‘Pranavopadesham’ from his son Lord Muruga in this temple.


Another legend has that Lord Brahma was imprisoned by Lord Muruga for unaware the meaning of ‘Pranava Mantra’ ‘AUM’.  Therefore, the ‘Creation’ has stopped in the Universe; all the deities approached Lord Shiva to resolve this serious issue.  Lord Shiva pronounces Lord Muruga to release Lord Brahma.  At this moment, Lord Shiva courteously asks his son to reveal the meaning of ‘Pranava Mantra’.  Lord Muruga declares his willingness to reveal the meaning of ‘Pranava Mantra’ with certain specific condition.  The prerequisite were Lord Shiva should pay all respect to Lord Muruga and accept him as Acharya.  Swami Malai is the divine abode of Lord Muruga where Lord as an Acharya performed the ‘Pranavopadesham’ to his father - Lord Shiva.

Vetrivel Muruganukk Ara Aro Ara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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