Mahabharath !! King Pandu’s marriage with the Princess of Madhra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The great epic Mahabharath was composed by Maharishi Veda Vyasa/Krishna Dwaipayana, son of Sage Parasara and Sathyavati, a woman from fishermen clan.  Mahabharath describes the legend of Bharatha Dynasty.     It was written in 18 Parva such as Adhi Parva, Sabha Parva, Vana Parva, Virada Parva, Udhyoga Parva, Bhishma Parva, Drona Parva, Karna Parva, Shalya Parva, Soupthika Parva, Stri Parva, Shanthi Parva, Anushasana Parva, Ashwamedha Parva, Ashramavasika Parva, Musala Parva, Mahaprasthanika Parva and Swargarohana Parva and each Parva has divided into many Upaparva and has chapters in detail.    Adhi Parva depicts the life of King Dushyantha and his wife Shakunthala and their son Sarvadhamanan, who was famously known as Bharatha, a righteous ruler of Bharatha Empior.


Lord Brahma created deities, Sages and Prajapathis.  It was the beginning of the growth of human race from the sixty daughters of Daksha Prajapathi.  Pururavass,  Yayathi, Puru,  Dushyantha,  Bharatha, Shanthanu were born in the family of Dithi, one of the daughters of Daksha Prajapathi. 
King Pandu's marriage with Madhri:

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates to King Janamejaya about the legend of his ancestors.  After few years of marriage of Pandu with Gandhari, it was Bhishma thought about a second marriage for Pandu.   Bhishma with the Vedic Brahmins, Sages and Rishis and the enlightened in the assembly proceeded to the Kingdom of Mathura/Madhra ruled by King Shalya.  Bhishma was received with great honor in Madhra and King Shalya earnestly enquired the reason for his visit.  Bhishma graciously answered that his purpose of visit to Madhra was to receive the most beautiful and intellectual Madhri, sister of King Shalya as his daughter- in-law and wife to King Pandu and also stated that both the families are perfectly suitable to be united.  King Shalya hesitatingly revealed his opinion about the proposal and the customs which was carried out by them; it was the practice prevailed in their family to receive plentiful wealth in the form of gold, precious jewels, elephants, horses, chariots, grand royal attires, precious stones, grand houses from the bridegroom as a return gift.   Bhishma who was well aware of the same which was already narrated by Lord bhrahma, graciously agreed to follow their tradition and provided copious wealth to King Shalya on behalf of King Pandu.  It was received with utmost reverence by King Shalya and courteously gave off his sister Madhri’s hand for marriage to Pandu.  Bhishma pleasingly returned to Hasthinapur with Madhri.

On an auspicious day the wedding ceremony of Madhri, the most beautiful and intelligent princess of Madhra with King Pandu was performed.  Kind Pandu showed equal love and attention to his both the wives, lived a blissful life.  It was after thirty days of marriage of with Madhri, King Pandu decided to go to war field in order to expand the strength and resources of Kingdom of Hasthinapur, and it was duly approved by Bhishma Pithamaha and the assembly.  King Pandu prepared to leave Hasthinapur, he paid initial obeisance to Bhishma Pitamaha and elders of Kuru, bade farewell to Drutharashtra and the members of the whole family and resumed the journey with a huge army of men accompanied on elephants, horses and chariots.  King Pandu won over the neighboring cities and proceeded through Panchala Desam, entered in a battle with the King Dhirga of Magadha and won over him, further moved to Vidheham/Mithila, Kasipuram/Kasi,Sambha, Pundra etc… King Pandu won over his enemies with his remarkable war tactics and marvelous strength of the army.  The cities won in the battle were come under the rule of Kingdom of Hasthinapur and they had to pay exorbitant wealth in the form of elephants, horses, camels, precious stones, jewels, as tax to Kurus.  King Pandu was treated as the most valiant on the Earth, rulers of the other Kingdom were reverentially stood before King Pandu to follow his instructions and gifted abundance of wealth in the form of precious stones and jewels, gold and silver,  horses, elephants, camels, chariots etc…. King Pandu returned to Hasthinapur with all those wealth, the people of the Kingdom were overjoyed and praised the valor of their King.  Bhishma and the entire royal family members were cheerfully received King Pandu, admired him for the abundance of resources he had brought in the form of elephants, horses, camels, cows, chariots etc…King Pandu paid obeisance to Bhishma and the elders, Bhishma shed tears of joy and affectionately embraced Pandu.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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