Mahabharath !! Birth of Karna !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The great epic Mahabharath was composed by Maharishi Veda Vyasa/Krishna Dwaipayana, son of Sage Parasara and Sathyavati, a woman from fishermen clan.  Mahabharath describes the legend of Bharatha Dynasty.     It was written in 18 Parva such as Adhi Parva, Sabha Parva, Vana Parva, Virada Parva, Udhyoga Parva, Bhishma Parva, Drona Parva, Karna Parva, Shalya Parva, Soupthika Parva, Stri Parva, Shanthi Parva, Anushasana Parva, Ashwamedha Parva, Ashramavasika Parva, Musala Parva, Mahaprasthanika Parva and Swargarohana Parva and each Parva has divided into many Upaparva and has chapters in detail.    Adhi Parva depicts the life of King Dushyantha and his wife Shakunthala and their son Sarvadhamanan, who was famously known as Bharatha, a righteous ruler of Bharatha Empior.


Lord Brahma created deities, Sages and Prajapathis.  It was the beginning of the growth of human race from the sixty daughters of Daksha Prajapathi.  Pururavass,  Yayathi, Puru,  Dushyantha,  Bharatha, Shanthanu were born in the family of Dithi, one of the daughters of Daksha Prajapathi. 
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates the birth of Karna.  King Shoorasena was a righteous ruler of Yadava Dynasty had a son Vasudeva (father of Lord Krishna) and a daughter Prudha (Kunthi).  Prudha was the most beautiful woman in the Universe, her features were incomparable.  King Shoorasena led a respectable life, it was one of his virtues to stick to the promises he had made to others.   As promised earlier, he gave away his daughter Prudha to his friend and next of kin (father’s sisters son) King Kunthibhoja who had no offspring.  King Kunthibhoja took good care of Prudha as his own daughter.  Prudha was merrily brought up in the palace of King Kunthibhoja, she had possessed all the qualities of her father Shoorasena.  Prudha grown into a beautiful maiden with exquisite persona, she served the Vedic Brahmins, Rishis and Sages visited the palace.  Once, Sage Durvassa visited the palace was received with utmost reverence, everyone knows about the anger of Sage Durvassa,  Kunthi was assigned to take care of the needs of Sage Durvassa, she relentlessly served the Sage Durvassa who was a Trikalajnani ( one who is aware of past, present and future), he  was pleased at the dedication of Kunthi and offered her an exceptional boon.  As a Trikalajnani, Sage Durvassa was aware of the outcome of Kunthi’s married life with Pandu, who had a curse from Sage Dindim that the death happens when he enters into physical relationship with his wife.  The remarkable boon she had obtained was a glorious chant that would help her to invoke any deity as desired and they will provide her a virtuous child. 

Kunthi overjoyed at her fortune and invoked Lord Surya with the hymn advised by Sage Durvassa, to her sheer surprise Lord Surya appeared before Kunthi and enquired about her wish.  Kunthis was mystified at the appearance of Lord Surya; she nervously answered to Lord Surya that it was a boon she had received from Sage that she wanted to experiment the power of the hymn.  Lord Surya was not satisfied with her response; he continued that he was already known about the intrinsic worth of the hymn advised by Sage Durvassa, so it is his responsibility to abide by power of it.  Further, advised Kunthi to be prepared to receive a child from him.  Kunthi was hysterical; she revealed her status as an unmarried daughter of King Kunthibhoja, she does not want to bring shame to his father by having an illegitimate child before marriage.  Lord Surya advised her that it will not be a sin to have a child from him, moreover she will remain virgin after receiving child from him, and eventually a child was born to this couple with the brilliance of Lord Surya.  This child born with a golden ear stud (Swarna Kundalam) which added the brightness to his face and a safety shield to protect from all the evils hence he was famously known by the name Karna.   Kunthi was in a dilemma after seeing the face of newborn, her heart did not want to discard the child but she had to make a sagacious decision for the family she belonged.  Finally, she decided to abandoned the child in a river; the infant was safely vested in a box and mournfully drifted in the water.     Shortly, this child was found by a childless Sudra couple Radha and Sushena, charioteer of Kurus.  They brought up the child affectionately and named him Vasusena, as he was born with the Golden ear stud and golden shield.  Vasusena had the resemblance of deity with an astonishing physical features and immense physical powers; was an excellent archer and extremely proficient in Astra Sastra and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Surya.  During the time of worship, if anyone requests Vasusena for any kind contributions were abundantly provided.  Once Lord Indra disguised as a Brahmin and requested Vasusenan for his ear stud with an intention to protect his own child Arjuna.  Vasusenan readily offered his ear stud to the Brahmin.  Lord Indra was pleased at the devotion of Vasusena and honored him with the title ‘Karna’ and also provided him with a powerful weapon capable to kill a person whoever from the deities or demons or anyone from the  race of human, Yaksha, Gandharva or Naga desired by him.      
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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